Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayers for Amias

Just a quick note on this busy Saturday afternoon. This is a request for prayers for Amias's daughter Mary Elizabeth. You can check out the link next to my blog it is called "The Prayer Hubs". Mary Elizabeth is fighting cancer. Like I said you can check out the link. I just wanted to post that I really have a lot of empathy for this family as cancer runs in mine as well. mom died of lung cancer, her sister of breast cancer, yes in this day and age women still do die of breast cancer. I also have lost a number of friends to cancer and I have a number of friend fighting this disease.
So while I do not know Mary Elizabeth personally or her beautiful family, I know what they are going through and I will be putting a prayer in my "God Box" as well as a request to my fellow bloggers to pray for Amias and her daughter. The power of prayer os mighty strong and i have seen it work miracles. Thanks for reading, today's thought; "We are all angels with only one wing. We can only fly while embracing each other."--Luciano De Crescenzo


Shadow said...

she has my prayers...

steveroni said...

Thank you for a lovely, thoughtful, and spiritual post. It is refreshing to notice so many of the bloggers--when we pray, or ask for prayers--it is for OTHERS.

And I am one of the many of us who believe God DOES listen. He hears the prayers for His suffering children...I KNOW this! Don't know how I know, but I DO.

Thank you C & S .

BTW, I see you have been visiting my own blogs. I thank God for the connections He allows us--in cyber space, and in our hearts. Bless you!
Steve E.

steveroni said...

OK asked for it!

You are hereby assigned the letter "B"

Also, you're not allowed to use the word "blathering" if/when you should ever be using the word "idiot" when describing my blogging! -grin.

Steve E.

PS...I like you, rather, your HUMOR, also, except the Thursday and Saturday posts do not seem to "full of laughs"...but that's all right.

A meeting Saturday morning (Ughhh!, 7 AM) topic was something like: "We are not a glum lot"...BUT we ARE also serious, because this IS a life-and-death disease. So, how CAN we be 'serioso' and filled with glee at the same time?

Well it turns out that Faith, Hope, and Love are good for starters.

74WIXYgrad said...

It's good to be able to go around to all my blogging friends and see the prayer reminders.

I think that sometimes I get better results asking prayer from my blogging family than those that I physically come into contact with.

LarryG said...

add my prayers for Mary Elizabeth!