Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This post is brought to you today by the letter "B"

OK here we are playing the game again. Thanks steveroni for letting me play. Hey everyone look what I learned how to do!! A link I hope the one at the bottom is correct. It is one of my favorite songs and I hope you can enjoy it too. This was a very hard letter, Icould have used all food words but I know my friend Woody over at Sobriety may need an extra nitro pill so I managed to limit the words to just one food item. Enjoy.

1. Bacon- 'nuf said. OK if you want I will elaborate but the word itself sends the beautiful aroma of bacon into your nostrils. Calm down Woody, we don't have any real bacon but I bet your craving some right about now. Your thinking of that commercial, the one with the dog saying "It's Bacon!!!!" yummie.
2. Believe- the dictionary says the meaning of this is to accept as true. I love this word it is very powerful and has helped me with acceptance on seeing a lot of truths in my recovery that I never had the capability to see before.
3. Brave- The dictionary has several definitions for this I like the one about courage. To be brave enough to work the steps to live a new life, that is where I am at today.
4. Bubbles- I love bubbles they are fun to blow with the girls on a warm day. Or to have them in the bath and make funny beards. Bubbles are very magical in a doctors office, they calm down an impatient child and can even make the hurt go away just by using the magic wand. I believe in bubbles.
Did I say Bacon, bacon bacon bacon...
5. Beaches- not the movie but the real thing. I grew up in California and the only thing I miss about it are the beaches. The hot sand between your toes, the smell of the salt in the air, the feel of the warm waves as they crash on your legs. I love beaches. They are a precious gift and a bit of what I think may be in heaven.
6. Begin- To go into the first part of an action, that is where everything starts at the beginning. If we didn't have a beginning we wouldn't know where we came from. I love thinking about beginning which is progress for me because I used to dread it. Today to begin something is exciting for me I am grateful for the word begin.
7. Beacon- A source of light or inspiration. As in a beacon of hope. This is a wonderful way to describe my program of Narcotics Anonymous as my beacon. It has taught me to find the good in things when my whole life was negative. Beacon is, today one of my favorite words, not to be confused with Bacon.
8. Beautiful- I couldn't have a list of fave's without this word. The most beautiful thing about this word is the actual meaning is not what I had grown up thinking it was. The dictionary describes this word as; exciting aesthetic pleasure. I love the exciting pleasure part. It gives the word a whole new poetic sort of meaning, not just looks but a whole new beauty I never knew. Nothing in life was exciting except getting high, today I find excitement in almost everything around me. And I love my beautiful life today.
9. Befriend- To become a friend is a wonderful gift that I have been given in my recovery. I cherish the women in my life today and the fact that I can trust and also be trusted in return. This is definitely a top ten word.
10. Bell Bottom Blues- Thank you Eric Clapton for this wonderful song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI56fXtOwFc


steveroni said...

You did WONDERFUL with "B"...but ya know, I thought it was an EASY letter, that's why I handed it off to you. Honest!

Didn't listen yet to Eric...too late now!

Steve E.

Mike Golch said...

came to visit from 74Wixygrad's site.I hope that you are having a blessed day.

Mike Golch said...

thanks for the link,I enjoyed the tune.

cw2smom said...

Good job!!! Bunches of beautiful words and explanations! You grew up in California? Where? And...I haven't forgotten my letter V!! I am behind in my blogging as I've been a little busy! I hope I can do the letter V justice after seeing how well you've done TWICE!!
Blessings! Lisa

Shadow said...

aaaah, bell bottom blues, haven't listened to that in a while. how nice a reminder, thank you.

and absolutely nothing wrong with your b's. except that i now feel like a bacon sandwich, while sitting on a beach, watching the beautiful scenery, while the bean blows happy bubbles.....

74WIXYgrad said...

Another "B" would be blog. I'm grateful I've discovered yours.

Syd said...

Good bunch of B's. I like Bell Bottom Blues too. And beaches, well, this area is full of them as well as a few beacons from lighthouses.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

mmmmm bacon!!!!!!!! ok bye

child is ill said...

HUH????? For us new bloggers explain what the heck that is!!!!