Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Life's a Blessing

Oh what a wonderful day we are having here in the Wichita Metro Area. We have about an inch of ice covering everything and there is a light snowfall coming down. And I am grateful to be here all warm in my cozy little house. With my sick teenage daughter. Who is crying because her chest hurts. Poor little thing, I am waiting to hear from the doc what to do. We spent Sunday evening in the emergency room because her chest hurt so bad and I just didn't know what to give her, I mean the doc has prescribed 4 different meds one of which has a barbituate in it. With Wes and I in recovery we want to make sure Adrianna isn't being pumped full of dope. Her Primary Care Physician (PCP) gave her two allergy medications to take together last week because she thought that the chest pain was related to the allergies, but the ER doc said it was something else and gave her different meds on Sunday night. I called the PCP yesterday morning to find out about the safety of giving her these new anti- inflammatory and pain meds and to see if A needs to take the extra allergy medicine and she never called me back. So I called again this morning, not right away thinking she must have decided to call us back first thing today so now I am waiting again. My poor baby had me up last night because the chest pain medicine that the ER doc prescribed doesn't work well and her chest is still in pain now my little honors student is missing day 2 of school while we try to figure out what is going on with her. On top of that she sounds like Marlon Brando in the Godfather because the new allergy med she was taking gave her a fiery throat. After "googling" the med online we found that one of the allergic reactions to the meds is an itchy scratching throat so we stopped taking that on Sunday before we went into the ER but now she has no voice.
This is my baby who is still having trouble dealing with the death of my Mom. She has been in counseling for about 9 months now and she has been given medication for stress headaches. One thing I read about the "diagnonsense" the ER doc gave her is that "costochondritis" is caused during times of extreme stress. This is going on when she isn't sleeping at night, she skips out on breakfast, refuses to take a lunch to school and is tripping out over HUD inspection which takes place tomorrow. HUD has to do with JROTC which she is heavily involved with. Her plans are to go to either West Point or the Air Force Academy, provided her eyesight doesn't keep her out else she plans to attend KU and study Forensic Anthropology. This kid is smart y'all, I ain't even joking. She is taking 10th grade math and she is a freshman. She is on the honor roll and is taking Honors English, Honors World history, Biology, Geometry, and I don't know what else but she only had 2 "B's" and the rest "A's" on her report card. She will be a sophomore before the year is out because she is ahead in credits. So for her junior year she is going to enroll part time at WSU as a guest student and get some college credit before she graduates. I recommended taking a legal aide course. It is two semesters and she can go to KU while working as a legal assistant instead of the lucrative field of waitressing. Then she would get work experience while going to college. I mean she is a smart kid guys and yes I am bragging, but who wouldn't!?!
The problem is she is so stressed out she is physically hurting herself. The stress isn't from school, she skates through that the stress I think is from me. You know she is my "using survivor child". And while mommy was out gallivanting around she developed skills to survive the emotions of mommy disappearing. You know the survival skills we all use in times of crisis. The problem though is that she hasn't stopped using those skills. And it is time to stop. And she doesn't know how.She is full of anger and resentment and grief and teenage angst. And it is making her completely sick. So now we may turn to an anti anxiety medication to try to help but I need to speak my concerns with the doctor and see how to proceed.
So while we wait inside this nice cozy house i will watch a scary movie with her during nap time. You guys enjoy your day now, I know I am going to enjoy spending time with my little Einstein.
Todays thought; Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.- Orison Swett Marden


cw2smom said...

Oh I am so sorry that she's feeling so bad! My oldest recently had costrocondritis and it's horribly painful! It's wonderful that you've been blessed with such a smart, goal-oriented child! Grief is so hard, but it sounds like you are ensuring that she properly deals with it, because if she doesn't, that's when some serious issues can develop. My youngest lost her dad when she was 12 and it's been tough ever since. I think she's just now getting better. Blessings to all of you! Lisa

Prince NaKi said...

is she okay now?

Lou said...

At least you understand the sickness is coming partially from stress. She is smart! Hopefully as she gets older she will find an outlet for stress.

Shadow said...

i hope you clear up that nasty bug (or whatever it is). she's lucky to have you for a mom. you know of her survivor mode and are doing something constructive about it. good for you! sending you lots of warmth!!!!!