Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday's Gratitude List

Gratitude List

1. I am grateful for the sounds of my 2 little girls giggling in the morning to wake me up.
2. For my new found sense of responsibility to my family and the stability and structure I have learned to create in the household.
3. I am grateful for the 12 Steps of NA.
4. I am grateful for the warm sun coming through the blinds right now as I type.
5. For Tyra and Jen for giving me the idea of the Wednesday Gratitude List.
6. I am grateful for today, and being able to sit in this moment and enjoy life.
7. I am grateful for my relationship with Wes, who so graciously took in my family and provided a place for my mother when she needed it most.
8. For my home, I complain about it being small, but it is not in danger of being lost to the bank and I am grateful for that sense of security.
9. I am grateful for my sponsor, who goes through the steps with me. I would not even have a gratitude list without working the steps.
10. That naptime is over and I can play with my beautiful girls.
todays thought; "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." --Erin Majors
What are you grateful for today?


LarryG said...

gratefulness is extra cool!
you got it going on girl!

naptime is over and time to play! that is so awesome.

Lou said...

Oh, this is a beautiful list!

Prince NaKi said...

an awesome list... by the way can you help me how to publish my blogs so that people or crawlers know about my writeups. i dont know how to put sitemaps or webmastser. everytime i check my writeups in goole. nobody displayed out of my writeups. i dont know how?

Laura said...

What a grateful heart and great list!

Shadow said...

wow, what a list, lovely. and the quote? perfect!

Ms Hen said...

.......this was truly uplifting......((hug))..