Friday, January 9, 2009

This Adventure called Life

I just cannot express my gratitude to everyone out there who has left me well wishes. Thank you J for blogging about my birthday, it was very awesome. My cup runneth over. So we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Saigon in Wichita Thai food very yummy, and I ordered my usual no. 49 it was fabulous. Then we went to the meeting and I picked up my key tag. This morning I spent up at the hospital, my friends son underwent surgery and there were some new complications so he will be in the ICU unit tonight and they may transport him to KC for a more complex surgery. I mentioned him before he is the miracle that survived being squished by a big piece of machinery, well he has been having trouble breathing and I think the doctors until recently just thought it might be his lungs again, well his tracheae became surrounded with scar tissue and they were going to rebuild it so that he could breathe. That part went well and they saw the lungs and they are fine. However, his esophagus has almost completely closed up and he will need that rebuilt and on top of that he has developed a fistula I think in his esophagus so they will need to remove that so the surgeon said that this would be a 6 hour surgery and take a lot of surgeons working on him at the same time. Until he gets the surgery done he will need a feeding tube because eating just compounds the situation. So I will be heading back up to the hospital shortly. Adrianna is due home any minute and I need to take my Haley, little miss diva pictured in the last blog, to get her monthly blood draw, and we are back to business as usual for today. I have been real busy so I have not had time to think about mom though she is on my mind a lot. I was reading a blog called Enabling Love and it was really nice to see some insight from a mothers point of view. It is a very good read and I know that a lot of readers already follow it, if you are an addict it is good to get a perspective from the other side. My daughter is home now so I have to go and be with my friend. I will probably post again this evening, it is so overwhelming to watch a friend whose child is hurt. It is very humbling to be powerless and want to help. So today my thought is as follows; And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. -Abraham Lincoln


Gabriella Moonlight said...

I am so glad that J let us know...Happy Birthday. I have just found your blog and will be adding you to my blog roll.

Many more years and a big hug!

Fireman John said...

thanks for all the great comments!
sounds like your plate is quite full;
stay on your path of hope, service and gratitude.
you are an inspiring young lady!

Shadow said...

prayers to your friends son.