Friday, January 9, 2009

Tolerance under Pressure

Well we had a short visit at the hospital, my Haley had a rough time with getting blood work done. She has been every 3 months since birth to get lab work done but this is the first time she really knew what was going on, and she didn't want any part of it!! So after that I told her she could have a lollipop, those are her faves and she never gets them because sugar is bad for my baby. But Mommy had to go see her freind across the street first. So the visit was short but I found out more about Colby and the extent of his impending surgery. They are talking about going in and moving the lungs out of the way and all kinds of heavy stuff like that. This is why they need a team of surgeons to work on him and this needs to happen in the next couple of days. So lot's of prayers for Colby, Deb and Tim(Tim and Deb are his parents). Colby is Debs only son and he also has a 4 year old son. This is a very close knit family and all the prayers do help.
In other news this evening I made a big decision. This decision involves this very blog. I know you all have to know how much I cherish your thoughts and support, however I was going through my email and found a comment that I decided to reject. I did not come to this decision lightly, I know that having comments and word of mouth helps get the blog going, but you know the saying "Not all money is good money"? This is not good money. My program of Narcotics Anonymous teaches me to live life on life's terms and not Suzie's terms. It also says when I need to say something to be honest and tactful so please bear with me I am new with the tact. I know that there's nothing like a good controversy to attract attention. But I do not wish to have chaos and mayhem in my life today! I check out the fellow bloggers that leave comments on my blog and this comment this evening was disturbing in two ways, one OK how do I put this gently, well there's nothing gentle about it it came from an anti AA Jesus freak! I checked out the blog and it was just what I described and I have no desire to publish a comment from such a blogger. Sorry I just don't have the same beliefs as you so please understand. Gossip is the devils favorite character defect and I am not about to even go there and tell people about your blog because for the most part the bloggers in the community that read my blog kind of feel the same way that I do about our 12 Step programs and we do choose to come to our own understanding of our HP and we are happy with the lives we have been given and there is no need to go down to your blog and get angry at you. With that being said I will put a prayer in my "GOD" box for you, oh and by the way my god box is my mom's old Nicorette box that she used to try to quit smoking, there's no crucifix or holy scripture on it or a bleeding face of Christ, it is a simple symbol that has a special place for me. And with this, has anyone else ever gotten a crazy comment or a comment from someone who you were uncomfortable publishing? Today I leave you with this prayer that helps me when dealing with difficult people; "God put your arms around my shoulders, and your hands over my mouth!"-Anonymous


Shadow said...

oh i know who you're talking about. he's been around. everywhere. don't even read them. just delete them. and don't think any further of it.

Lou said...

We all get him. Do not give him attention by writing about him, etc. or it will get worse.

Put his email in your spam box or block his IP address. Either one works.

Re: stink eye. It means dirty look or glare. LOL

74WIXYgrad said...

Some people think that they are doing God a favor by spewing such hate from their keyboards.

Anyone reading my blogs find out quickly that I am a Christian. But it's not my goal to shove Jesus down anybodies throat with my blog, and it doesn't honor Him for me to do that.

I think your blog is an inspiration and those who want to blast you because you don't believe exactly the same as they do are the ones with the problem.

cw2smom said...

Oh I bet you are talking about that crazy Aussie guy. He got to me at first too. I had to delete about 30 comments from him with his extremist rants about the evils of 12 step programs. It's his life's mission I guess. I ended up putting my blog comments on moderate and he still pops in once in awhile. I just let it go. My God wouldn't want me to stress over something he posts. Blessings to you! Lisa