Sunday, January 18, 2009

A good Day

Wow what a weekend, I am so excited about Tuesday!!! I have finally received a letter from my wayward little brother, it didn't say what I wanted to hear, but I can always talk to my sponsor about that, we are going to take the kids to the zoo today!! I can't wait to get some pictures of my girls feeding the animals. It is so nice outside you would think it was spring time.
I am extremely sleepy right now and I am fighting it like mad but I think I just need to take a little nap.
The Merchandise chair for our convention resigned today and I told the committee that I would step up at the convention to help, one of the duties of the merchandise chair is to sell merchandise at the convention, technically I am not even on the committee but I have been doing all of the arts& graphics plus ordering the merchandise, I love our regional convention and I love to be a part of helping to put it on, you know me the little service junkie. Next week we have our area's annual Celebration of Recovery going all day starting at noon with workshops on NAWS discussion topics, this years workshops are called "Our freedom, Our Responsibility", and "Building Communication", which I have personally felt for a long time that our area is in serious need of and I just learned that our Regional Delegate will not be attending due to a family illness, his son is Colby, the one who needs surgery, but all is well the alternate will still be there.
So we went to the zoo today and it was so wonderful, the zoo in Hutchinson does not have an entry fee like the one in Wichita and you can take food in there so we were all set for a wonderful picnic with 60 degree unusual weather and it was so much fun. I really enjoy spending time with my family and my girls are so very cute. I have a lot of gratitude today and that is just where I am at for todays thought; "We are all angels with only one wing. We can only fly while embracing
each other."
--Luciano De Crescenzo


Lou said...

I don't know the story of your brother, but it sounds like it may be interesting!

Shadow said...

days like these, with kids at zoo's, exhausting but delightful. glad you had yourself a good sunday.

Woody Jr said...

Sober naps rock! I am glad you had a nice day with your family. Your recovery is an inspiration for us all!

Millennium Housewife said...

What a lovely way to spend a day, thanks for writing about it MH

steveroni said...

Hey Klean and Krazy, thanks for stopping by today, and you remember that line: "I never thought of using the word 'understand' in place of "HATE"?...well, I never thought of it before either--until writing the comment! So THERE! -grin

It happens (strange???) that I know several people who comment on your blogs--although we have never met f2f...that means I REALLY know them?

And...your letter IS i. (Sounds like "EYE" not like "ONE")

A single-winged angel--and even that wing has holes in it!
Steve E.

LarryG said...

gratitude is so cool, and having family fun is awesome, keep it up girl.