Monday, September 20, 2010

weekend update

i hate this feeling i have in me right now. i haven't been to the gym in over a week. my bean has had the most terrible cough and i cannot take them to the daycare. my thoughts are suffering from lack of endorphins. i also need a meeting and didn't go last night. i have been doing so much service that i needed a break.

thank god i have therapy today. i also have family therapy tomorrow which means i need a sitter. so i need to call on a friend of mine. i do not want to ask my sister as all the drama that goes on in her house, i do not want my children there.

Adrianna wants a high school ring, i would love to get her one but they are over 200 dollars and with her birthday and senior pictures and yearbook i just don't think we can do everything. this has come up so fast. i do not want to say what her birthday present is as she may read this. but the rings she posted on facebook that she wants are over 400 dollars and i know that is out of the question.

then i talked with pastor Dave yesterday at project safe streets and he is a retired army specialist. i told him that her 17th birthday is coming up and she wants to enlist in the army. her recruiter is telling her if she goes in officer training that she can get paid $1000 per month while she is in school and they will pay for her schooling through her PhD, remember she wants to be a forensic pathologist and work for the FBI.

pastor Dave tells me that recruiters lie and there is no way this person can promise my daughter $1000 per month without her having taken the asfab test. i told him apparently she can sign up when she is 17. without mom's permission. i don't know how to look this up, if i call the recruiters office they will just blow sunshine up my butt. i know this is her life but if she signs on the dotted line and it is not what she thinks then it is too late and she will be property of the us army. i don't want my baby in this mans army. period. there i said it. i don't want her in for any reason, not the army , air force, navy or marines. she is better then that damn it.

and i know it is her life and she will have to make her own decisions, very soon.i would rather go somewhere to talk with someone who is not trying to boost their numbers. i just don't know where to start, i want to help her with this and not just be a brick wall telling her no. if she signs up i want to make sure she is in the right program that will help her career. if she were to go to west point, that is an engineering school, the best in the country. she is not wanting to be an engineer. she knows she needs to go to pre-med. so she can get an M.E.'s license to send her on to forensic pathology she has told me this at length. the girl knows what she wants to do. she does not want to be strapped to a gun and sent out on the front lines, she has told me this as well.

the first thing is she needs to take her asfab test, the military test that will decide if she is officer material. then we will go from there. i would rather go into debt to help pay for her college then to allow the army to lie to her and not give her what they say they will. i think she is too stubborn to allow mom to help her in that fashion.

my sewing machine is giving me trouble, i start to sew and then it gets the lower thread all tangled up. i need to take it in to the shop and see what i am doing wrong. i know it is something simple. oh and my couch is here!! it is huge and beautiful!! i need to get some pictures and load them on to blogger so you can see. the damn thing weighs like 180 pounds!! it has a reinforced hardwood frame with eight way hand tied coil construction and such a pretty fabric. we gave them a picture of a couch we saw online and they totally made it like the picture. it is awesome and so worth the wait. the couch is actually an old 1963 broyhill frame. we stripped it and rebuilt it, better, stronger, beautiful. one less couch in a landfill.

my laundry is calling.. anyone want to fold for me?


kristi said...

High school is expensive!! My daughter is a freshman, so my time is coming.

Syd said...

I agree with you about the military. I have not been a flag waving pro military person and that's not likely to change. I don't believe that war brings peace. And the wars that we are in now are just draining on the economy and human lives. Enough.