Wednesday, September 8, 2010

quick hello

oh wow i hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend, she says on Wednesday!! my honey is going back to work today. he had a four day weekend that ends today and we were busy. i spent 3 days cleaning out my garage. had my kids travel to my sisters and back, went to therapy with my daughter, closed down 2 of the Hispanic meetings, was a half hour late to my own therapy and took the kids to the zoo. lets see does that cover everything? oh and Ger Big Sad is sending me some scraps for x-mas stockings and i bought a brother sewing machine!!

OK so the garage was a nightmare but i feel better now that it has been tackled, funny i saw on facebook several other people decided to spend their labor day doing this very task, is it some sort of ingrained labor day ritual to clean out a garage, i don't know if this is what i did last year...hmmm it has been a while since i cleaned it.

oh and my little ones were at their aunts and that did not go well... i was called while cleaning my garage, and asked to come bring underwear as the bean kept pooping, so we went over there and during the time we were there, a half hour at least, we saw the kids did not get dinner until 8:30pm they were eating on the floor, and we were informed that my four year old was left unattended outside and when they went out to check on her she was gone. they called her name and couldn't find her. then they say they found her in a neighbors house having a snack and watching movies. so i took my children home. my sister was upset with me.  yeah, and you know i have to remember it is me who is in recovery. not my family. and in my household this event was not a big deal. when my sister called me because she was not at home when we were at her house, she asked why i was taking my babies home and i told her i was not comfortable with Haley being missing and turning up in a neighbors house, now i know this could happen, but i actually expected a reasonable answer, you know something like 'oh my gosh yes that scared me too, i understand and i am sorry.' what she told me was 'oh my god they were only missing for a minute!' huh. you know 6 years ago this would have been OK with me. i must say i have changed a lot. because i understand that my sister is still in the same mentality of the insane life we lived as children, and i am not. i also understand i cannot reason with a crocodile today. so me getting upset with her and trying to make her understand the gravity of the situation would be futile. and the last part is very, very new to me. so i am not angry with her, i just know i cannot leave my children there. it is kind of cool to not get angry over this stuff. because anger drains my energy.

we closed down 2 Hispanic meetings, which sucks, but we are still alive. can only keep trying and we are. i also decided the kids deserved some fun on this weekend since they were upset that i took them from their beloved aunties home, so we went to the Hutchinson zoo and the coolest thing, it is free, and we saw every animal that was seen in the 'baby bear book' you know the one that starts off 'baby bear, baby bear what do you see?' that is their favorite bedtime book and we saw a red fox, a flying squirrel, a mule deer, a rattlesnake, a screech owl, a prairie dog and a blue heron at the zoo!! it was awesome!! my little ones were pretending to be the baby bear and of course i was mama bear.

therapy is going wonderfully and it was OK that i wrote the time down wrong. and i love my new sewing machine!! it is still in the box. it is so pretty!! in the box!! the one i bought was 100 bucks, i could of got it for 70 online or at walmart but i went and spent the extra on the local dealer who gave me instructions and great service. so that was good. cause i know if i have any questions i can bring in my machine and they will show me.

i am so excited about Halloween, my vampires are going to be so cute!! and i hope i can make my Christmas stockings!! we will see. i am going to be sewing like a madman/woman!! OK i gotta feed my girls and get my big butt to the gym!! haven't been to weight watchers in a month, we are going to close down our account. i can keep portion controlling on my own, but the recommended foods they have are not conducive to my diabetic needs and i am trying still very hard to lower those A1C's so we will see at the end of this month if i have succeeded. then i will come up with a new plan for diet, because right now i am still in purge mode, which does not mean i am puking, no it means i am not allowing myself any starches or sweet drinks. yes that means my coffee has no sugar. wild huh.

i will try to allow some in if my sugars are low enough at the end of the month, for now though everything i am eating is higher in calories and there is not much i can do about it but go to the gym and maintain my weight loss. i will stop by and comment during breakfast. take care everyone!!

 todays thought; "Success is relative. It is what we can make of the mess we have made of things."
- T. S. Elliot


Prayer Girl said...

I would have taken my kids home too.

Thank God you have a program of recovery. Good for you AND your kids.

I started cleaning out my garage about a month and a half ago, but the task will take months. I finally gave up till it turns cooler. With heat indexes well over 100 I decided that was not a good way to take care of myself. BUT I vow to get back to it again when the weather November maybe? :)


Dulce said...

But Hallowen... OMG is still sixs weeks to go!

lovely post lady dear!

Kim A. said...

All I can say is "Whew"! And congrats on the new sewing machine. I know exactly how excited you are. I just got a new iphone ;-D I went to the dollar store and the summer stuff is in an aisle next to Halloween and fall stuff which is next to the Christmas isle. It is September 8, I feel like I am in a parallel universe!


steveroni said...

You make me ashamed of my lack of "doing" things over this holiday weekend.

Somehow, in retirement, holidays do not have the same meaning...impact. But today is the start of a "doing" week, what's left of it.

So glad to follow you and your activities--reminds me, we ARE all alike--mostly.

Jingle said...

feel free to use the poem, images to do celebrations.

G-Man said...

Hi Susie-Q
My garage needs YOU!!!

Syd said...

Not cool about the missing child. I'm glad that you took the children with you and then found a good activity to enjoy.