Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday- the 40 year old virgin

"I'm a little nervous"said Bob 
"Nothing to worry about" replied the nurse
"I've never done this before." he said
"At your age!! Well it's about time!!" she said
"I've been on him for years, you'd think he was a virgin or something 
the way he is carrying on like this"said his boyfriend Joe.

Here you go G-man!! It's that time of year again and I found my muse for Friday night's 55!! October is overwhelmed with pink ribbons every year from company's exploiting national Breast Cancer Awareness month, But did you know that September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness month!! 1 in 6 men will be affected by this disease and early detection is the key. It is a little known fact that Prostate Cancer kills more men then Breast Cancer does to women, why ? because we have raised the awareness to such a level and so much research has been done to help save us, now we need to save our men!! Boys get your butts down to the doctors and have your prostates checked!! I'm talking to all of you, G-man, Syd, Cliff, Old Geezer, Monkey man, Brian, Larry G, Eric Alder, all the blogging men, ladies get them to the doctors and checked out!! now i need to go remind my own honey...


Brian Miller said...

oh my...yes it is...i was looking at the drive in movie website and they are having an awareness night on saturday...not sure how you celebrate that is important to get checked...nice 55.

Annette said...

Thank you for your very wise and insightful and warm comment on my blog today. "Acceptance and surrender".....perfect reminder!

Loved this post too. Made me smile. lol

G-Man said...

Just did Thank You Very much!
I Love public service 55's
You Rock The Planet Susie-Q
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Holiday Week-End

Thom said...

LOL...said his boyfriend Joe. LOL It's something that is not fun trust me. But so necessary. Thanks for sharing and excellent 55 my friend. Have a wonderful Weekend :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

GREAT Job Susie!!!!

Prayer Girl said...

I know from personal experience with a loved one that early detection saves lives.


Jingle said...

your playfulness amazes me,
your 55 makes me laugh, it is kind of funny to read.

absolutely beautiful job!
animated 55.

TALON said...

Awesome 55! Great reminder for all the men in our lives.

lime said...

well done, m'dear. it really is important and there's no good reason not to do it. certainly easier than a pap smear or a mammogram!

Alice Audrey said...

They have a billboard around here that says "My husband died of 'that looks uncomfortable'" to advertise new scanning technology. But I suspect this guy isn't going to be too upset with the old technology.

moondustwriter said...

yep - gotta keep 'em healthy


Moon smiles

joanny said...

Nice 55er good use for saying something that may save someone's life.

My father died from prostrate cancer.

Have a good week end,


Syd said...

My father had prostate cancer so I have gotten "checked". Not my favorite thing to do.

magiceye said...

good wake up call!

Eric Alder said...

This 55 really touches me, but I'm not saying where.

And don't worry about me, I always get my check-ups. Thank goodness my doctor is a little lady - a bit embarassing (em-bare-assing?) perhaps, but less 'uncomfortable' in a more important way.

DEFINITION: I'm not sure, but it sounds vaguely related to this post.

(What a coincidence!)

Tina said...

LOVED the ending. Thanks for trying to put this out there, screening and early detection are so important! My 55 is here. Nice to meet you!

Cheryl said...

Nicely done. I love a post with a message, especially a message I've never heard before. 3 cheers for your 55!

Jen said...

It's difficult enough to get them to see the doctor when they're sick...darn near impossible when they think they're healthy...

Mama Zen said...

I'll remind my husband. Of course, that means he'll have remove his head, if you know what I mean.

Me said...

Early detection is definitely key. My dad is a prostate cancer survivor.

Of course, I've lost two aunts to breast cancer, so that is a worthwhile cause too...!

Great 55!

Jannie Funster said...

No, I did NOT realize prostate kills more men that breast cancer does woman. I'll make sure to schedule my hubby's annual soon. Oh joy, oh bliss for him. :)

Good, helpful 55!


Dulce said...

that for sure must not be nice at all, especially for BOB! No matter how much experience he's had on the other stuff... (lol)

Ms Hen said...


What a great 55..

You are so talented..

Betty Ann

steveroni said...

Clean and Crazy--You ARE crazy, but like an angel is crazy. That P Cancer WILL getcha, guys.

I have been "through the mill", did not mind at ALL the many procedures, including the expensive CYBERKNIFE!
And a hormone shot with checkup every three months.

Thanks SO MUCH for this "55" girl!!!



Thanks for the reminder. I'm due for a check up :-)