Thursday, September 30, 2010

weekday update

feeling better. had a talk with Wes and while it did not sink in, he still said it and i need to hold on to that. he told me he loved me and it does not matter if the dishes are done or if he had a bad day at work or if the kids teeth are not brushed, that will not change the way he feels about me and he wants to marry me.

deep down it is what i want to hear and believe but i do not believe and not sure what will get me past that point. more therapy probably. he said he loves me and wants to walk with me through this therapy because he knows it is a terrible feeling to feel alone and unloved.

they say faith is blind, for me it is also deaf. i know i have faith, but i do not always hear or see the truth right in front of me. it takes me a while to catch up. it is like my heart does not hear the good. even if my head hears it my heart has this wall that takes longer to get the message.

today i am working a program of complete abstinence, but i ate an oreo, just one, it was not as good as i remember. then i called the doctor and found out that my A1C's were down to 6.0, that was the best news i had all week!! i need to get them down to 5.6 so in 3 months i will be diabetes free!! as long as i continue to go to the gym and stay away from starch and sugar!! it is working so far and i am very very pleased. also the doctor called me on July 8th. that was when i found out about diabetes. i took my A1C's on June 28th. so a whole week i was still eating sugar and starches. i dumped the sugar and sweets, dumped the bread and hit the gym. there was one week i did not go as the girls were sick. so all i have to do is stay on track, no more snacks as o have also dropped 5 more pounds this week. i stopped munching on almonds, and i know it is tough but i am OK and i know i can do this. if i drop 30 more pounds then i will be at my goal weight!!

went to the gym this morning and it feels good. now i am going to take my girls outside to play in this wonderful weather we are having. thanks for all your wonderful thoughts, i will stop by tonight and get some comments in. just didn't feel much like writing the past day or two.


Dulce said...

happy to hear that...!

kristi said...

That is so awesome! I have lost 37 lbs so I am halfway there!

Syd said...

I am hoping that you will work things out with Wes. If marriage is what you want, that is great. If you simply want to be with him without marriage, that is also great. Follow what your heart and head tell you.