Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tuesday thoughts

got up early today, actually had some quiet time with my bloggers and had a chance to comment. i feel better then yesterday, i went to the gym last night and it felt good. i haven't lost any more weight but i haven't gained either. there is a man on my roof right now checking for hail damage.

my bean did not cough last night!! hooray, we are heading to the gym as soon as breakfast is over. then i have to mail my newsletters out and get some laundry done. i need to mow the yard and get some dinner out for tonight.

Haley had a nightmare about 3 in the morning and screamed "DADDY!" he jumped out of bed in a flash!! bless her heart she needed daddy to get the monsters. we will go to the library this week to look up on books about monsters. mercer mayer has  great selection of what to do about monsters.

need to go make oatmeal now and the insurance man is off my roof, at least he used the ladder!!

todays thought; "If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results."- Jack Dixon


Brian Miller said...

we gave our son a spray bottle with monster spray in it...salt and water...but i put the salt in an envelope and brouhgt it home with me so he could mix it...also added a dash of febreeze to give it a scent...no more monsters...

clean and crazy said...

wow, we will be getting some of that because today she even won't go in her room because there is a monster in there!! thanks so much!!

Dulce said...

Yes dads get monsters away better than moms... why

Syd said...

Nice how dads can chase away those monsters. Now that I am a grown man, I rely on my HP to help chase them away.