Thursday, September 16, 2010

holy cow that was close!!!

heck of a day in the mid west yesterday!! just beautiful and sunny all day my honey comes home and BAM!!! RAIN, HAIL, TORNADO'S, BROKE DOWN VAN, SIRENS GOING OFF!!!

it was wild, i got dinner made and had to go open the meeting hall up, it was pouring but i didn't think anything of it, then went to pull out and my van wouldn't turn, no steering. so i pulled back in and tried again, same thing. got Wes and told him my van wasn't turning so he checked it out and it worked. So i get in and pull down the street. couldn't see out the fogged up windows so i turned the air on to defrost the windows, and the wheel wouldn't turn. if my defrost was on i couldn't turn the van. it was muggy as a bog out and i couldn't see. i proceed to try to get down the street and crack a window for air. i am pummeled by hail and water and cannot see. i hit the traffic light and turn on the defrost so i could see. then turn east on Pawnee and this truck decides to pass me and he is pouring so much water on me as he is passing me i have to come to a complete stop, i cannot see anything. then my battery light comes on. i call Wes and tell him my wheel worked but my battery light just came on and the rain was horrible. he told me to come home, that we were in a tornado warning. i get to the  street to take me home and hit straight winds!! lots of debris. then i turn to go down the street i live on and my wheel stops working all together and i am in the middle of the street in 2 foot of water trying to turn a 2000lb vehicle with no power!! i get her home and get out the van and ping pong balls start hitting my van!! really, if i had my camera i would have took some amazing pictures!! so i have "A" put pants on the girls and get their mattress out into the hallway. we have no basement and if there is a tornado my girls are going in the tub with a mattress on top of them. yeah so we watched this storm hit, HARD. we were lucky though there was a tornado hit about 5 miles south of us and then another 10 miles to the east. my whole front yard was one big pile of hail!!.

the truck has a few hail dents in it, and we called the insurance adjuster to start the process of fixing that and getting the roof checked for leaks. it got hit hard at one point something hit the roof of the house so hard the whole house shook. the tornado sirens went off a few times but i sat on the porch watching mostly to see a funnel cloud form so i could get my kids to the tub if necessary. this lasted about 2 and a half hours.

i am grateful today. my van doesn't work and i couldn't open the meeting last night and i couldn't go to my service commitment today. but my family is safe. that is all that matters.

today i will play with my sewing machine again. it worked yesterday but i am loading the lower thread wrong. it keeps tangling up.  my lovely neighbor is going to come over to see if she can see what i am doing wrong in loading the bobbin. think i just need a bit more practice. funny my girls saw me pull it out and expected me to have their capes done immediately. they are like 'mom is our cape done yet?' i don't even have the fabric, just learning the machine. ah well today we have nothing but time. together.

be good to each other, today's thought: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, Hope for tomorrow."- Albert Einstein 


Mama Zen said...

Whoa! Glad you guys are safe!

Akelamalu said...

Crikey and we complain about the weather here - it's nothing to what you get!! So glad you're all safe.

Dulce said...

WOW girl you really ran a risk by going out... We do not get that type of weather here...anyway I would have never left the house in the first place, no matter how important the meeting is... our lives...physical lives- go first

Anyway, amazing adventure!

I am glad you are all safe

hugs C&C!


Busy Bee Suz said...

WOW. I am so glad you were all safe!!!

Dad and Mom said...

They have been showing video of Wichita here on the KC news.

Glad you lucked out and no one was hurt. Roofs and dents can be fixed. You and the kids OK, that the good thing.

Syd said...

It looked like a mess out there on radar. Glad that you are safe!