Wednesday, September 22, 2010

do we really need all these social medias


remember that Huey Lewis song? sometimes i feel like the Internet is my new drug. i started this blog a couple of years ago and when i did i tried new things, i went and got a twitter account, i started writing on wellesphere, i even opened a facebook account. there is also a place called 'in the rooms' where i dabbled a bit. all of these social media sites are there to help us feel less isolated.

silly but i guess going outside would do the same thing, if i ever got my butt off the computer chair and did just that!! so how could i possible be less isolated? well i stopped twittering i kept getting girls wanting me to check out their hot new website. i still have the account though. i stopped posting on wellesphere. i thought it was a health blog site but everyone who wants to be my friend is single and wants me to send them a picture of myself. to get to know me?!? then i felt like the 'in the rooms' was a total violation of the 11th tradition and blowing anonymity way out of the water. i don't go there any more.

lately i have taken to facebook, i used to just read up on my friends and then call them to see how they were doing. i think my big mistake was allowing too many people to be my friend. people i know because i met them once at a meeting or convention. what i have learned in the last few days is people on facebook spend way too much time on there and they are very, very judgemental. it is like a social sound board where the anonymity of being on the Internet allows you to be a complete ass.

in the last couple of days i have deleted 2 friends and reset my settings to private where only my friends can see my information. i am thinking about closing my face book page down completely. people go there to bash others and make them feel bad, cyber bullying is not reserved for young kids and that is repulsive to me. it is like people go there to behave badly to each other. i just don't like it.

these normal rational people that i know face to face become these really nasty judgemental imbeciles online. you know that brad paisley song  'i'm so much better online' not in kansas baby!! i even have had people be critical of what i posted on there, and not in a constructive way. and i think wow this person doesn't know me but just judged me. here is an example;

i posted that i was going to get my diet back on track, no snacks so what i ate that day was morning; protein shake, lunch two shrimp wraps with low carb tortillas and for dinner turkey burgers and creamed veggies. and someone commented to me that tortillas are high in fat. i thought well obviously this person does not know me, because i am using no starch and fat free tortillas the only ones in this state i have found that are one point on weight watchers, mama lupes low carb tortillas. they are fat free and have 3 net carbs.

you know i just don't have to explain that on this blog. my readers, 99 percent of whom i never even met, you don't judge me, you help me with your insights and cheering me on to lose weight and give me 'atta girl!' and if i don't like what you say i simply delete the comment, which i only did to one person but he was a nut job and accidentally once to a real good comment.

i don't know, i think i really like this blog, this is good enough for social media to me. the people who follow me do so because they like what i say. they give me great feedback. they even take the time to catch up if they haven't been around. it feels like a virtual family on blogger, we look out for one another. we send each other things, we pray for each other when we are hurting and we laugh together when we are happy.

you know i personally know 148 people on facebook, i have met them shared with them face to face, i have spent real time with them, and yet i don't feel like i know them when they are on face book. they are not the people i thought they were. i have never met my followers on blogger, but i feel like i know you guys and it feels good. i guess i gotta stop chasing the Internet dragon, i got the good stuff right here.

today's thought; "One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching."- anonymous.


Akelamalu said...

I have a facebook account but very rarely go on it. I much prefer blogging. :)

Prayer Girl said...

I stick with my blog and I know firsthand how addictive it can be. I am careful.


steveroni said...

Clean and crazy, FaceBook had me in its grip, so I got off. To delete, completely delete your account there is no small, nor easy matter, I have found. If you do that GOOGLE how to do it, for good suggestions.

ALSO, I wanted to mention I have met 15 Peeps up-and-down the east coast now (US) and not a single one was other than what I 'knew' and 'expected'...all were JUST as they had presented themselves on the blogs! Isn't that GREAT?!

(Met loads of other recovering Peeps also, BTW, as a fringe benefit of traveling to visit bloggers.)

Love your blog--always have.

Mama Zen said...

I just don't get facebook. That's probably a good thing!

RNSANE said...

I have and use Facebook but it is definitely not an addiction. It helps me keep up with friends in a quick, efficient manner. I use the private messaging more often than not and enjoy looking at photos of friends, etc, but I think you are spot on with much of what you say in regard to people's abuse of Facebook. Being a "friend" there does not give one carte blance to be rude and insulting but I see it happening all too frequently. These "friends", often, are people with whom I have been out of touch for years and with whom I have only been reconnected with because of Facebook.

I agree that blogging is a great social mediuum and I have really garnered so much caring and support from my cyberspace friends in this setting.

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Ann said...

Great post - well said!!!
Love your blog!

Andrew said...

Thankfully I have not had your experience with facebook. However, I rarely post there and use it to keep up with friends and find old friends in different parts of the continent that I have lost touch with over the years.

I do have a few blogs but rarely post on them also. I do like to read others blogs though, and I do like to read you.

Brian Miller said...

my FB is dying a slow death....really got bored with knowing way too much about people...

PattiKen said...

I am on Facebook to keep up with my kids and some of my blogger buddies. But somehow I have never gotten "hooked" on FB the way I have on this blogging world. You are so right. These are great people who are so supportive.

Ms Hen said...

I deleted my facebook except for my 2 sons.. (and only because to contact them when they are online to ask the oldest if he wants to have dinner up here; or to tell my youngest son when he is at his dad's place on the weekend to pick up rabbit or chinchilla food for his pets).lol.

It was mind-boggling; people from high school etc that I don't even remember asking me to be their friends; and invited me to join zoo world and on and on..

I shut my comment off my blog too; well meaning people giving me authoritative comments on what they would do in my case .. (i went to al-anon to learn to say NO to things;.. and not feel guilty; and to set boundaries.. not to be criticized when i do set them ) :)

I do understand about Facebook. (hugs)

ciara said...

i really hated facebook for a long time, then some of the bloggers went there, and i started to use it more often. i've been neglecting the old blog w the exception of reviews. i'm slowly coming back to it though and reading them, too. i actually have something to post for tomorrow. not sure if/when i'll be back in the 55 game yet.