Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday

Every Friday write a story of 55 words
no more, no less and then report it to the g-man!!

"Life full of Mysteries and Enchantments Unknown
Fireflies and Dandelions for Wishes one makes Alone
Butterflies Dance through the garden so Magically,
Whispering their Secrets on wings so Happily
Laying in the Grass and Gazing through the Trees
Watching the Sunlight Sparkle through the leaves
Makes My Life feel so Innocent Here in the breeze"

Today has been kind to me.I have played with my girls all day and it has been good. The Stovers people came out to look at why there was water standing on top of their magnificent liner. Thank goodness Wes was home i just get completely irate when i think about this issue with our crawl space. Anyway Wes said the first thing the guy said was "did you get your leaky pipe fixed?"
Oh, i am sooo glad i was not out there. We just installed brand new pipes in the whole house. The company knows this they are just trying to not admit their product doesn't work. I am ready to file papers and go to court to get our money back. Wes has a little more patience. He told the man that what ever the problem was we have already shelled out over $4000. for this and we were not spending any more money.
For a little back ground we had a leaky pipe, the plumber said you need all new pipes, we said ok. Then he said you gotta get that water out of the crawl space and have the crawl space dry before we can do the work. So i called everyone who did this kind of work. Lots of fun, lots of interviews. The one we chose of course was the only one that offered a permanent solution to recurring ground water. This liner that would keep water out or at least underneath until it drained out. Like a reverse swimming pool. OK so we went with them they showed us this big old brochure and it says right there on the brochure "Installer guarantees liner to be free from groundwater on top for 25 years." then it says it will not cover any rips or damage caused by homeowner. No body has been down there in ever. This thing keeps getting water in it.
They came out last time about 2 months back and had us call the plumber twice, saying there was a leak. we paid 2 $75.00 service calls just to prove to them there was no leaks!! We have new pipes. NEW. Can you tell I am frustrated? So anyway Wes dealt with them and they promised to fix this and told us to call them next time it rained hard so they could see where the groundwater was coming in from. Then here is what really pissed me off, the owner took a knife and cut a hole in my liner to drain the standing water in it and said he would be out to fix it tomorrow. I could have come unglued when Wes told me this. I said "He did WHAT?!" that is a 3000 dollar liner that will not be covered under warranty if someone rips it!!! He could have gotten a shop vac to pick up the water. I don't appreciate my liner being purposefully torn so they could drain the puddle of standing water!!
Then Wes saw what I was talking about but he kept trying to calm me down. You know all we needed was the dang sump pump not this BS liner that doesn't work, now they may be able to say we won't cover that since it is ripped?!? UUGHhh.. I hate snake oil salesmen!!! And this all with me really keeping all these frustrations in i did not get upset at all. So now i need a gratitude list;
1. today i am grateful for my love of cooking, i made some excellent "no sodium" Chinese food tonight.
2. today i am grateful i did not over eat once today.
3. today i am grateful for the fall winds blowing in, hoping to see some color in the trees soon, no frost yet.
4. today i am grateful for my beautiful children and their infectious smiles.
5. today i am grateful Haley's mrsa is almost gone, soon we can go back to the Y.

I got a letter today from my niece in boot camp. she told me about her training, they use live ammo, live grenades, live machine guns and even went into a gas chamber. she was excited about it, i thought, she is just a kid and she is going to be shipped out. i know her recruiter promised her college to be a JAG officer, but they are going to ship her out first. This is a sinking feeling in my gut. She has no idea where she will go after boot camp, the army hasn't told her.
The other day "A" said she was going into the army after high school to pay for college. Just like that out of the blue, i said excuse me? when were you going to talk to us about this? she said when all the paper work was said and done.
KU has JROTC and it is Air Force. I told her that the Air Force was better then the army, and even had a friend in the program who is becoming a doctor and in the air force talk to her about the difference. I know we need soldiers, but i don't want my girls to be soldiers i asked her to go to college first then if she still wanted to join she could be an officer. so much going on and here i am rambling my thoughts again. Sorry this post is so long, i will leave with this thought for today;
"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them- everyday begin the task anew."-Saint Francis de Sales


Susan at Stony River said...

What a wonderful 55 -- you make me wish I was there!

God bless any kids these days going into the Army. It's a great career choice, but my God the dangers. My father signed up in wartime and survived; my great-nephew went in and died. All we can do at home is pray for them and ourselves too. Their courage and endurance are far more than I could ever manage.

Good luck and God bless-- I hope H. keeps getting better and you all have a wonderful weekend!

G-Man said...

Very uplifting 55 My Dear!!
Thank you so much for this Light and lively piece of Poetry!
You have a Rockin Week-End...G

Syd said...

The liner thing sounds like a mess. I hope that it gets resolved. Hang in there.

Busy Bee Suz said...

your 55 is so awesome. as always.
I know you are going through lots of things with your family right now.
I hope you are doing well.
Can you email me one on one? I will be gone for a couple days, but then home again.

Anonymous said...

Loved your spirit words in your 55...calming and peaceful. I also share gratitude for my love of cooking, not overeating on any given day and my childrens infectious smiles. I hope your niece remains safe when she's shipped out. An honorable choice, but so frightening for us back home.

Have a joyous weekend.

I've done two 55's this week. Here they are. Enjoy them.

Chef Kar

jabblog said...

Loved your light and fresh 55.
Sorry about your tribulations - if only worry could keep safe those we love.
As for the liner - why is it that everyone you consult knows better than the one before? Hope it's resolved satisfactorily.

Dr.John said...

Great 55. It gives one a feeling of peace.
In the kind of world you go on to describe we need moments of that feeling.

Shadow said...

thank you, your 55 sure aided the slid into a happy friday!

Cat said...

Your 55 read like a lovely fairy tale that I want to live in!

Monkey Man said...

Your 55 made me smile. A great way to kick off my morning. I know I will keep coming back.

Gin said...

Love the 55!!! I'm with Cat, sounds like a place I would love to live!

Mama Zen said...

What a pretty, whimsical 55!

Mona said...

That's the spirit of life and living! keep it up!

Alice Audrey said...

Feeling innocent in the breeze sounds like a good thing to me.

Mine is here.

Fandango said...

Your 55 could have been written by a dragon. That's the way we see life.

Prayer Girl said...

I put myself into your 55 and it felt really good.


Ms Hen said...

Very nice 55..

And I always especially LUV your Gratitude list.. puts a smile in my heart.

Lou said...

You are right about the Air Force, and it can be a great deal. Travel, education, and a great retirement. But I would not want a daughter in a war zone, I don't care what they say about equality. She has lots of time to think about her options, maybe she was just saying that because kids do that.