Friday, October 9, 2009

gratitude and patriotic pride

Cute smiles all around, my haley and my louie. My sisters kid they are just 5 months apart. they are such great friends it is hard to keep them apart. This years Halloween will be too cute i am working on a sam i am costume for louie and the girls will be thing one and thing two and his older brother is going to be the cat in the hat, i will have pictures of course.

ok my diet update. i am very full right now. i had some chicken with broccoli covered in a home made cheese sauce. there was flour in the sauce, i only had one plate of food and i am full. i think it is not good to be this full in the evening so i need to walk this off. even though i portion controlled it i feel like i ate badly.i have drank a lot of water and i have written everything down today and yesterday that i ate. my hardest part today was a hot pocket. oh my gosh i wanted to eat my daughters left over half eaten hot pocket so bad!! When "A" got home from school i told her to eat it before i did. so i splurged my dinner tonight which means i need to stick with light eating for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. i am not sure if i am doing this right, wes is just going to have a protein shake and some fruit for breakfast, i am going to have eggs and some veggie burger. "A" said the reason i felt sick when i ate the eggs with no bread was because bread soaks up the acid in my tummy and that is what makes me feel nauseated.
so i feel more full then i have in 2 days, my doctor told me the first 6 weeks will be hard because that is how long it will take to train my body not to over eat. God dinner was sooo good. i asked "A" to put it away so i wouldn't graze on it, thank god i am so full. now it is like i am afraid to tell wes i ate carbs, not that he would say i did something bad but my mind has turned him into this parental figure in my head, sick huh! We start counseling on tuesday.
So even though i said i would relax my diet on the weekend i think i will continue to write everything down, it seems to help me see that i have had enough to eat, and to not eat more. ok my gratitude list;
1. today i am grateful the International Community sees our President as such a positive figure and an inspiration that they awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize.
2. today i am grateful I am trying to be healthy with my choices for myself.
3. today i am grateful we are going to see Wes's mom tomorrow, lots of stuff to do still.
4. today i am grateful i got to exercise two days in a row.
5. today i am grateful we got to go out and pull all the green tomatoes from the garden before the frost came.
6. today i am grateful i am in better spirits, i think being full gives me mixed emotions.

I was so proud this morning when i heard the news, then hurt by all the negative assholes out there who just hate. there is no other word for it, they hate him for losing the Olympic bid, "boo Obama lost a bid he can't do nothing right!" then the hate him for being honored with this prize, "boo Obama doesn't deserve anything!" to all you HATERS out there i just want to say this, we had 8 years with a man who create more division in the international community, decided there was no such thing as global warming, announced we won the war, bombed the wrong country, deregulated Wall Street and allowed financial institutions to practice predatory lending that lead to a mortgage crisis and handed this mess over to our current president. Who has not taken lobbyist money and has proposed a wonderful health care plan that works for the people, not the insurance companies, he mandated equal pay for women in this country, he put into effect new carbon regulations for car companies to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent and other regulations to help our environment, he has called for us to be responsible in helping put this country back together, and his diplomacy has created an atmosphere of hope and unity in the world. Our past president was called "the devil" by other world leaders. I need to say if the rest of the world believes in our President, maybe we should open our minds, take a look at the facts, thats FACTS not FOXNEWS, and maybe we should have some patriotic pride and just be grateful. I mean what is wrong with you guys? are you really that bigoted and scared of change, well life is change the only constant in life is change. I mean the propaganda being spread out there today rivals that of Nazi's who would broadcast that they won just to make the prisoners lose hope. Today was a huge day for our country and if you can't see that you have blinders on!! So for today's thought; "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people.."The International Nobel Laureate Committee


Mama Zen said...

My absolute downfall is my daughter's leftovers. When I eat my own meal, I exercise portion control. But, then the child leaves half of a cupcake on her plate or something. I'm only human!

Busy Bee Suz said...

The kids are really cute. Can't wait to see the put me to shame. Good luck with your eating. Try not to over think it, for it will gobble you UP. :)

Chic Mama said...

Yay for the diet! Once you start reaping the benefits you'll feel so good!
Glad you're getting counselling.
You've reminded me I forgot to do my gratitude list. Once again yours is inspirational.
Take care.

Syd said...

I am also glad for the Peace Prize being awarded to President Obama. He has helped change the world's attitude towards the US in a very short time. I believe that our image as a nation has been helped by him. He has committed America to a series of policies designed to resolve conflicts and to deal in a non-unilateral fashion with key issues. I think that is quite a great thing.