Tuesday, October 13, 2009

dawn patrol

haley woke up at 4 am screaming with a head ache and burning with fever, of course she woke up the bean and daddy, in fact the only person she didn't wake up was "A", the other invalid. hard to sleep so i am very, very tired, don't know how Wes is up and working but bless his heart he is.

so far so good, the bean and i do not seem to have symptoms, hopefully we will be able to get through this without contracting anything. it is very gloomy and cold outside. the sky is gray but you cannot make out the clouds. i like this cozy weather, and i have my 3 beautiful babies home to cuddle with. the bean and i are heading to the gym after some coffee, i love that my honey is a home roaster we just got in some sumatra yesterday. i love the coffee and the fresh roasted flavor, he is so careful not to over cook the coffee. i have learned that when you see the beans in the store and they are shiny, it is because they are over cooked. i will have to upload some pictures to show you, this is his biggest hobby, he has a drum that can roast up to 4 pounds of coffee at a time and the beans are green and split, they almost look like split peas when you see them. and they are all different from the different regions. i am sooo spoiled with good coffee. starbucks is so bad anymore, you know they don't even fresh brew or grind the coffee any more!! might as well go to quick trip for a cup of hot chocolate instead of waste time on non coffee. so i have a pot of Uganda Begisu brewing, i don't think i spelled it right but it is pronounced "be-gee-soo" and it is yummy, that is a very technical coffee term you know, yummy.

so rolling well with the diet, i had some beef and eggs for breakfast, i am going to boil some eggs for later, we are having chicken for supper i think i will saute it with some spinach and tomatoes from the garden. a little garlic and olive oil and yummy too, another technical term. we can have some melon with it as well. i need to call the stovers people again because they have not come by after the last time and they were supposed to come out yesterday and did not. i also have a flickering light problem so we need to call the electrician as well. so for my gratitude list;

1. today i am grateful for this weather, it may seem gloomy to some, but it is peaceful and inviting to me.
2. today i am grateful for my health, and the fact that i am not sick yet, i hope to not get sick if i do oh, well it will pass.
3. today i am grateful for my family, home, and secure feeling. i do not always feel this secure and for this i am grateful.
4. today i am grateful for my faith, it is replacing an overwhelming fear that has been holding me hostage these past few weeks.
5. today i am grateful for the changing of the seasons, be gone flies and mosquitoes!! until we meet again!!
6. today i am grateful for the time to blog and check up on my fellow bloggers, there have been so many times i have not been able to get posted, blogging makes me feel less isolated.
thanks to all for your wonderful thoughts and for taking the time to read my random thoughts. if you haven't noticed my wellness badge, i signed up for some award this is supposed to get my blog more readers, so far all i got was some lady asking me to let her send her pictures to me, i don't know what for but i am not really finding a good experience using this thing, so maybe some of my peeps can go over and vote for me and see if this thing is really worth the time to use. i would appreciate your votes, i know shameless plug, had to do it. so for todays thought; "If you are humble nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are."- Mother Teresa


Susan at Stony River said...

Good luck in the sick house this week -- I'm glad you have good coffee to help you through it! My youngest has had a cold for two weeks and it seems like a miracle we don't all have it.

Stay well and God bless!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

MMMMM coffee...mmmmm fresh roasted....mmmmmm

I voted :)

Syd said...

I like overcast days as well. They are relaxing. Enjoy your day. Hope that the young one gets better soon.
Did you consider a blog on your weight loss goal?

Chic Mama said...

Oh you've had nothing but sickness lately in your house, poor you.
The coffee sounds great, I will be looking out for shiny coffee beans now.
Pleased your diet is going well and as usual a fantastic gratitude list.
Keep well. x

Ms Hen said...

The coffee sound magnificent..

You can roast it yourself .. wow.. that is interesting..

I am addicted to coffee. I need to learn about this..

I'm going to look up on the computer..

A drum and I roast it myself.. ??

Prayer Girl said...

I have come to love overcast weather. It tends to dampen down the heat. I wouldn't want a steady dose of it though, but a little is a good thing.


Busy Bee Suz said...

sorry you have 2 sickies at home...hope they get better real soon!!!
your fresh coffee sounds WONDERFUL. I never buy starbucks..I think they are way overrated. :)

G-Man said...

I for one am glad to see you out and about so much.
Wash your hands often!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Sick kids are not my idea of a picnic. I'm glad that when my kids are sick, I can send them home.

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