Monday, October 12, 2009

monday highlights

so "A" has influenza A we tested her today, they say they cannot rule out the swine flu. now my haley has been running a fever and complaining of a tummy ache and head ache.

the bean and i went in today and got our flu shots, not the swine flu though so time will tell which one "A" has. but now she is out of school for a week and is beside herself. with all honors classes and she is going to miss college this week she is very upset.

we had area on sunday and i left there very frustrated. for this addict i seem to focus on the negative and i need to turn that around. one group in particular that i am frustrated with, their report felt like a real cheap shot at me and i don't think i am wrong about it, but there is nothing i can do about it either. so acceptance is the key, learn to accept close mindedness and let it go.

my diet, i had a burger and fries at red robin on saturday and on sunday i had a dinner roll with lunch other then that i am still being good during the week, i told myself i could have carbs on the weekend and indulge some, just not over eat though. i am still writing everything down

my doctor said it would take 6 weeks for my body to get used to less food so i am still hungry but i am drinking more water. the bean and i will go to the gym tomorrow since we are not sick and "A" has to stay home for a week. hopefully haley will feel better soon too. right now all she wants is for me to hold her and sing to her. that is ok with for todays thought; "Learn to be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not."- Henri Frederic Amiel


Noelle said...

I really like the quote that you have up today!!

Tall Kay said...

I am so sorry to hear that your children are sick. I think I would rather be sick for weeks rather than watch one of my kids go through a day of it. I hope your daughter got some drugs to start fighting those bugs. Sending you prayers and get well wishes!

Prayer Girl said...

I count calories. It is the only way I can stay at my weight or maybe even lose some. I have been trying to do some exercising as well.

It has taken a while to adjust, but most days I do pretty good. I allow myself one day a week to not count.

Good luck,

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope everyone gets well soon. Good job on the diet!

Patrick said...

I is absolutely the worst when the kids aren't feeling well, hope everyone is well again soon....and on the healthy eating, aka diet, I think it is good to have a free day, otherwise you are in a constant deprivation mode.

Shadow said...

nice quote!!! and even when you diet, don't deny yourself completely and all the time, but be aware to only do it sparingly... and keep it up, you'll do great!

Ms Hen said...

You have such a great attitude.. you have 3 children? Two little one and one in college. I hope they are feeling..well A and Bean (hugs).

I did yoga twice today.. an easy routine I saw on t.v. .. it was repeated again at 6PM so I did it twice... very very very easy.. but a start.

ms hen