Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My summer

We saw the 6th installment of Harry Potter at the midnight release. I want to go see it again it was amazing.

Haley had oral surgery and her mouth was swollen for a couple of days. Very hard to watch, and then she broke one of those porcelain caps and had to go have it fixed.

Here you can see she got her lovely smile back!! Hooray!!

Someone vandalized my window. I remember how calm and collected Wes and his friend were and I had to call my sponsor and cry for a minute. i did take it personally at first, but it was fixed with in 12 hours, so that made it easier to let go of.

Gillian made wishes all summer long!!

Adrianna got her hair done then uploaded pictures to her facebook to show her friends!! I know what a nut!!

Wes's family reunion, Here i am with the youngest and oldest living Simon's in the family. Gillian at 2 years old and her cousin at 92 years old. They were 90 years apart from each other!! 90 years, wow I had to get this picture even if bean was scared, don't know if this gal, who i forgot her name, will be there next year!!

I grew my very first garden!! I love looking at these healthy pictures, my garden has definitely seen better days. i get bit up all to pieces every time i go out there and i can see a lot of my tomato plants are dying out there, my peppers are thriving really well. my zucchini died early in the summer from the squash bugs, and my cole plants are getting all ate up and the BT spray doesn't seem to be working. I think the bugs in my garden are some kind of mutant bugs from another planet. Because everything organic I have tried is not having any effect on them. So I am going to study up and see what I can grow next year and how I can better plan for my 2nd garden.

Kids with gratitude, i just love it. Have had a very busy summer, we had a campout as well. I know there is so much to review I just wanted to get a post in. Last night my home group had birthday night, my sponsor said she would try to go because she was not going to her home group, as she had to work. But she never showed up. I even called both her home and cell phone no answer no call back. My friend lost her sponsee to cancer on Sunday. It was very sad and I really feel for the family, i know how hard it is to care for someone with cancer when you don't have the right medical insurance to get help.
I am worried the medical reform bill is going to die in congress. Republicans are dead set of stopping the public option so that the insurance companies can win. If that happens i am going to seriously consider going back on medicaid for the kids. The state will pay for them if I file separate taxes from Wes with my daycare. The cost of prescriptions is free, doctor appointments are free emergency room visits covered. Even dental and optical. With the co- pays right now we are out of pocket over 4400. We looked into other insurance options for next year but this is the only plan that has a domestic partner clause in it. So we are stuck with this. We cannot get married until I clear up my debt, and spending all this extra money on medical bills has put my bad debt on hold so we can not pay it off yet.
But at least the republicans can scare the public into being afraid of a public option long enough to let the bill die, then we can all go back to welfare. I mean that is government run medical and it is cheaper than what I am paying now and technically i can qualify for it, who cares that your tax dollars are paying for my children right! I mean with the public option it would at least be paid for by me instead of by your taxes but why should i try to save you money when you are killing my family and giving all the profits to these middle men who do nothing but take our money.
i have done what i can to help the health care bill. I have fear that it won't pass, obviously. i am being very sarcastic here but it is not nearly as insane as some of the crap the media is spewing out. I can't believe some of the comments that come from these political analysts. Thank god we live in a country where it is OK to call our black president a racist. and put images of him as hitler on poster board and walk down the streets with it.
If we lived in Iran those people would be shot on the spot. Those commentators would be publicly tortured and then beheaded for such disrespect. Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck both would have never made it as far as they have because if you are a known addict, you will be executed. NA meetings are run in secret and the punishment is death if they are caught.
So I guess it is good that our President can be mocked and ridiculed, as long as he is a democrat and the republicans run the air waves.
So i need some gratitude;
1. today I am grateful for this wonderfully adventure filled summer.
2. today i am grateful for my country, with all it's faults i still have hope for this diverse nation of immigrants, remember we all are immigrants, not just the Mexicans.
3. today i am grateful for my Mexican heritage.
4. today i am grateful for the memories of my father.
5. today i am grateful for 1,726 days clean.
6. today i am grateful for this blog and the community of people who take time to write, read and leave comments. I have spent over an hour already just on this post. So i understand how much time it takes.
thanks to all who stop by and read my thought. Happy Humpday!! Almost forgot today's thought!!!"From what we get, we can make a living; What we give, however, makes a life."- Aurthur Ashe


Dad and Mom said...

Taking an hour out of your life to celebrate the good things that happened over the summer is an hour well spent.

Gin said...

What a summer you had! Love the pics!

Chic Mama said...

What lovely pictures apart from the one of poor Haley- ouch that looks so sore.
Your healthcare is very very worrying. I hope you manage to sort it all out. X

Ms Hen said...

What a great post... !! Thanks for the update. Tears are good at times. (it is okay to cry over the car; you are human). I cry too at times and think it is good to get my feelings out. I'm just making better decisions... but tears are good.

Syd said...

I liked the recap of the summer. I don't understand why the public option is such a problem for some. It seems like a good idea to me. Anyway, time will tell. I feel that I am powerless over what is happening right now.
Good idea about planning the garden for organically grown plants. The monarch caterpillars are eating my parsley. Oh well...they will make more butterflies and that's whats important.

Patrick said...

Nice pics, and loved the recap of summer.

Shadow said...

life in progress. that's what your pictures say. i love it!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

What a summer!

I love the Harry Potter movie too, all of them actually but this last one I saw on an IMAX size screen so it was out of sight!

I have no opinion on the health bill... God's either in charge or he isn't. I have huge amounts of debt and bills from my bad decisions in the past, I'm glad I have insurance now through a good job, but even it still doesn't stop more debt from accumulating...

God can and will... that's all I've got to go on now.