Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday- First Amendment

Every Friday, write a short story, poem or limerick
and then report it to the G-man!!

"The First Amendment gives us freedom,
of religion, press and of speech.
Thank GOD our system deemed child
pornography unfit for this protection.
Do you think this a moral country when our
own Supreme Court is undecided on dogfights?
do you think our Founding Fathers would think,
Is this really what they wanted to protect?"

Here you go G-man, I know it is kind of sad, but it is on today's issues and headlines. I will find something a but more upbeat next week. This story just makes me infuriated. people using our first amendment to hide behind. And our own system allowing this, where is the moral in this country? I ask you with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and their so called "morality" you would think even they would have something to say about this, but they are too busy trying to split this country in half with their own agendas. I think it is time for us to take a stand, we know what is right from wrong. Posting dogfights, and crush videos is sick and wrong.
People who live that way should get more then just a fine, they should be put in jail and put under psychiatric care. So should the lawyers who defend this sickness.

So an update on my diet. I am hungry. I went to Satan(aka walmart) last night and looked at those meal replacements. My doctor suggested i just eat less carbs, more protein and exercise. Well I have tried to do this and I know me, if i don't have a structured plan in place, I will do what ever. But I looked at slim fast and one shake has 24 grams of carbs, the second ingredient is sugar!! no shit. excuse my language, I know i am safe with the first amendment if they allow dog fights. anyway my doc says there is not enough protein in those and I would just end up with the runs. So there I am in the "diet" section and I am getting furious. No wonder Americans are so FAT. Really I looked across the diet aisle and saw Hostess Bob Cakes!! Bob from Aliens vs. Monsters, the kids movie, you know the blue blob thingy, yeah these were like those snow balls they sell only blue!! Blue is not even a natural color and this is for our children!! Then I am looking around and almost everyone I saw was way, way over weight!! Then i am in the line to pick up a prescription and this lady in front of me was picking up 16 prescriptions!! 16 and she was probably 100 lbs. bigger then me!! I pictured me in her spot, she as my future self if you will. So then I start looking at the diet pills!! Am I really the only one who struggles with this as an issue? I mean this is not something I get much support with in meetings. Most people joke and say things like, "yeah well I don't want to live forever anyway!!" or "One cookie won't hurt I am not a slave to my body, it is just another addiction." Really nobody want to talk about being healthy in meetings. Not in my area anyway it is so frustrating and when i talk to Wes about it he just doesn't hear me. He thinks i don't want to eat healthy. This morning i had to force a glass of water down, if I don't tell myself this is something i Have to do then I won't do it. For most addicts, they prefer a suggestion, they don't like to Have to do anything, it makes them not want to do something if they are told they have to. for me though if i don't have some structure some rules to follow I won't. and i will justify it being ok because my health is fine, but i don't want my health to just be fine, I want to weigh less, like at least 75 lbs less. that would put me at a respectable weight of 140. i am 5'8 I think that would be healthy, i don't need perfect abs, just less weight. So i left the so called Diet aisle.
So last night i picked up some shrimp because i even looked at the diet meals in the freezer and they all had some form of pasta in them!! So I got some shrimp, some veggie burgers, a brick of cheese, some cottage cheese. My doctor told me to eat eggs in the morning, but if i eat eggs with out bread I get sick to my stomach. I felt that way after lunch and i didn't eat all my breakfast, now I am hungry. I am keeping a diary of my food and water intake as Shadow so graciously suggested thank you for that, I am willing to work for this. What i liked about the shake idea, or meal replacements, was portion control, i have never had that and I don't know how to start with it. So i guess i am starting that and i should be hungry, since my intake has been less today. I will drink some water and have some fruit or a shake, i am coming to accept this as a necessary feeling to get through to getting used to eating less. I also went to the gym today!! that made me feel a lot better too.

OK, my kids are going crazy now no time for a gratitude list, will get a gratitude list up tomorrow afternoon, we are going to Topeka on Saturday and i have service commitments on Sunday. So for todays thought; "Just For Today I will begin a new pattern in my life; the regular maintenance of my recovery."- Just For Today Meditation book for October 8


Anonymous said...

Great and timely 55. Agreed with all you said.

As for the weight, I can SO understand where you are with that. It is difficult to find the support in a "diet aisle" of WalMart, in particular, in my opinion. I actually have a phobia of the store and stay away at all costs.

I also need structure and routine in my life, as much as I resist in the name of being an independent thinker, or some other BS I've made up in my head! Writing down everything that goes into your mouth is a GREAT suggestion. Make sure you count all the glasses of water too. I'm terrible at drinking enough liquid, so I bought myself a "super size" water glass/jug. The thought of having to get up 12 times a day to fill a glass just didn't appeal to me. I got my big ole 7-11 super gulp style jug full of ice and water and only had to refill it a few times to get the water I needed. I lost weight.

Do you cook at all? If you do, I suggest making several meals at once and freezing them in portion controlled containers. I used to do this for clients of mine that were on a weight loss plan. Helped with their time in the evening and also gave them the portion control. Just another idea.

E-mail me for more if you'd like.

Hugs and be gentle on yourself. The losing weight is one day at a time too, of course.


Oh, my 55 is up too.

Check it out.



G-Man said...

Inspiration comes in many forms My Dear!
Our Judicial system is the cause of much inspirational writing.
Excellent 55!!!
A little far from your normal upbeats gratitudes, but it only goes to show your talented versatility.
Have a Worry-Free Week-End

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love your 55. SO true. Who is being protected?
My issues are who are parenting these sick kids who have no family morals or values???? WHO????

Brian Miller said...

thanks for dropping by and welcoming me to 55. nicely played. i oft wonder if our forefathers are rolling in their graves as we continually diverge from their ideals. that is growth and change though and our voice helps shape that in how we use it with our votes and our concerns. thought provoking 55. hope you have a great weekend.

anthonynorth said...

Very well said.

Alice Audrey said...

I tell you, it isn't just harder to eat healthy, it's more expensive too.

Dr.John said...

I stand with you. A moving 55

I have finished my 55.
You’ll find it


Susan at Stony River said...

I **love** your 55, and am so glad you're helping to raise awareness for a truly horrible crime (I won't call it a sport) The worst part of it here in Ireland is that little pet dogs are kidnapped to be thrown to the fighting dogs to help 'train' them; it's awful beyond imagining.

Meanwhile, I'm on a diet too and thinking it's going to kill me. I might go back to the low-carb diet, because when I tried it once I did lose almost 20 pounds... I just worry about how unhealthy it is, so I keep going off it. Don't you love how doctors say, 'eat less, exercise more' ... as if we aren't doing that already, but it's not that simple! I think if someone walked by right now with a Hershey bar I might kill them to get it. Just kidding. I think...
Have a great weekend!

Fandango said...

We dragons agree with you. You humans do terrible things in the name of freedom.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I used to be 278lbs. I know the struggle of which you speak. I went to EXTREMES.. not necessarily recommended but it was the best decision I could make back then and it did teach me a lot.

There are protein supplement drinks that are sugar free, you have to go to health food stores to find them, and most of the time the stores have sample packets so you can try a few to find the one that's best for you (the flavors are very different based on brand) I also recommend ... OA meetings. They specifically gear themselves to carb free eating. I wish you were closer to where I am, there's an amazing conference (recovery related) coming up in December here where the keynote is a PhD specifically working on these issues in recovery.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with you on this wonderful 55. Well done :)

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Your 55 may be sad but it is so important. I believe our forefathers are rolling over about many things that are happening today.