Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday-nap time

Every Friday write a story or poem of 55 words,
no more, no less and then report it to the G-man!!
This week I used pictures to visualize!!

"There once was a little girl named bean.
Of blowing bubbles and making wishes she was keen.

One day she decided not to take a nap,
She became very grumpy and gave her sister a slap!!

We tried to calm her with kisses and care,
Alas nothing worked so she fell asleep in the chair!!

Here ya go G-man, ain't she cute!! I just love it I know it won't last, but it is so much fun to hold her and play. hope she doesn't hate me when she is older for posting her online!!!

Well today was very, very busy, I did not eat pancakes!!! yeah me!! then I worked out and had a protein shake and then the electrician came by, and the stovers guys, and hey there was water down there and these guys took a machine and sucked it all out!! they didn't need to cut it!! So can you hear my sarcasm!!!

Then i called the state licensing and they told me what I needed and so I called to make an appointment with the fire marshal!! I know it is so weird i am moving forward and not sure if I am doing this right but I am going to try. I will get my contracts printed up and my parent packets ready, i will need a script for the phone and hopefully I will be starting work sometime soon.

my children are talking in their sleep right now, it is soo cute. OK so I feel really good about moving forward and i need to do more tomorrow, I need to install a door knob on the bathroom door. this is a "Wes job" but since he is off working to pay bills and then going to school for a better job I guess i can figure it out. There is a doorknob on there now, it just has a lock and the fire marshal will want to see that it doesn't, so we got a new one that didn't lock, now i get to pretend to be a carpenter. Also i think i am going to try and get the kitchen corner painted so I can try to nail the trim back up, it has been a year and he has not scratched that off his "honey do list", so I will pretend to be a painter, I painted my living room I think I can handle that!! As far as hanging the 20 foot ladder in the garage, he really needs to do that.
so i am feeling kind pumped right now, oh I almost forgot some man came up to me in the library and gave me a candy bar to give to my kids!!! I was like trying to coral 2 toddlers at the time so I didn't look up and since i was in my usual NA garb I couldn't be rude so I simply thanked him and walked away. Well they saw the candy bar so when we got home, my teenager was eyeballing it and I told her go ahead but to inspect it first. The dang thing had needle marks in it I swear!! I just threw it out and labeled myself worst mother of the year. The babies were devastated. They don't get sweets often, oh well Halloween is coming heads up ya'll I will be inspecting candy bags!!
OK so my gratitude list 5 things;

1. today i am grateful for the ability to be gracious to strangers.
2. today i am grateful the electrician only cost 40 dollars.
3. today i am grateful we have just enough money to pay our bills and not be in debt.
4. today i am grateful for the time we spend with our family.
5. today i am grateful for the courage to change.

I really have a lot to be grateful for and this journey of recovery has blessed me in so many ways. sometimes it is easy to get mired down in the rat race, but then i see my girls smile and it is off to the races again . they really make it all worth while. so for today's thought; "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Winston Churchill


Brian Miller said...

nice 55. i have 2 boys myself...who are talking in their sleep as well. makes for great breakfast conversation...who said what and all. lol. the list of things you are grateful for as well...very nice.

Chef Kar said...

Love ALL of it today. 55, your adorable photos of your daughter and your gratitude list. A good day.

My 55 is posted here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Chef Kar

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your 55 words. SO cute.
Needle marks in the candy bar? SO very very bad. what is wrong with people?

g-man said...

Yes, enjoy it now!!
And she is indeed a sweetie-pie.
Excellent 55 My Dear.
You are an inspiration to us all.
You Rock.....Galen
Have a Stellar Week-End.!

Dr.John said...

Your 55 brings back memories of long ago.
Cute 55.

I have finished my 55.
You’ll find it

But it’s a groaner.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh my gosh, SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

Dulce said...

Oh dear! This is SO beautiful. I love them so, even when they get on your nerves.
Thanks for sharing and coming by.
Nice weekend to you!

Susan at Stony River said...

I always love your gratitude list, and this one's a good one. Good luck with that doorknob, and the trim!

But your little girl steals the show! What a cutie! We all have to slap our sisters sometime LOL.

anthonynorth said...

I have 7 kids - mostly grown up now - so I've been there many times. Nicely done. Oh, and I love Churchill quotes. Infact, we used to say in Britain that every child, when born, looks like Churchill :-)

Tall Kay said...

This is the sweetest 55 ever! And how amazing are you? You kept trudging and your dreams are about to come true. Give yourself a big pat on the back and hold tightly to the inspiration you are passing on to others. God is definitely right there with you!

Steve E. said...

Great "55"...I really enjoy "A Day In The Life Of..." 55's--with photos

PEACE, Suzie!

Shadow said...

lovely 55. just how them little ones are. no nap, no smiles...

and yay for you for no pancakes! you go girl!!!

Syd said...

I'm so glad that your kids didn't eat that candy. What a terrible thing to do--that fellow must have been crazy.

Monkey Man said...

Poetic 55. I like that. Brings back such memories now that mine are in their teens. Thank you for the gratitude list. Good to have. My 55 is also up.

Fandango said...

You humans get so gushy when it comes to little kids.This 55 gushes and gushes.
Great 55

Lulda Casadaga said...

What a cutie pie...count yourself lucky to have children in your life! Good luck with the shakes! :D

Akelamalu said...

A sweet 55 to go with your sweet little bean. :)

Ms Hen said...

Adorable girl.

I love your 55.

I love even more your Gratitude List..



Nessa said...

Both your 55 and your daughter are cute and adorable.

Death and mayhem in my 55 HERE.

Strumpet said...

Wow, you are one busy bee! I need to take a tip from you and get some stuff done around my apartment.

But, somehow, I know I won't. Ha!

Very cute 55. It's precious. Taking the time to make sure we cherish all the little things in life, and appreciate them, are really what life is all about.

Cat said...

Oh its hard when they dont nap and they get so cranky - adorable babie pictures!

Prayer Girl said...

What a sweet 55.

It also sounds like your plans are moving along at a good pace. Stay pumped. :)


boots said...

OH sweet baby girl! great 55 and yes this time will FLY! Wonderful list of gratefuls I particularly love the last. Gonna have to borrow your W.Churchill quote and share it with my dear hubby!
Thanks for visiting my blog too!

Mama Zen said...

I'm grateful that you checked out that candy bar! Needle marks! What the hell is wrong with people?