Thursday, January 21, 2010


i am so very frustrated right now. i want to do something nice with my sister on her birthday. this is what i can afford 2 tickets to a matinee 12 bucks, lunch at the restaurant 20 bucks a small gift 5 bucks. 37 plus tax for lunch and a movie!!

what is wrong with the world today when i can't even go see billy joel and elton john!! tickets start at 53 bucks plus service fees!! never mind they are sold the fu$% out!! sold out. i thought we were in a flipping recession!! what is up with that. who the H.E. double hockey sticks can afford this everyone lost their jobs!!

here everyone is blaming my president screaming in fear because they don't want healthcare but they cannot go to the doctors them selves because they have no money but they have big screen televisions and are going to see george and reba who are also sold the F out!! what am i missing something is that what unemployment buys these days are people so self flippen entitled that they spend their welfare checks to go see the globetrotters tomorrow night!!!!

and don't get me started on select a seat!! ok i am all warmed up they don't even sell tickets at the box office any more!! now you HAVE to go through these services why!! they are a freaken middle man who jack up the prices by in some cases 20 bucks!!i can't even afford 20 dollar tickets!! because after all is said and done they are over 30 bucks!!

and forget dinner and a movie and how the hell can EVERY FLIPPING person in the free world afford to go see AVATAR!! those evening tickets are 18 bucks a piece!!! For a movie!! no dinner just a movie and popcorn and a drink are 17 bucks !! are you kidding me!! really, i pay 3 bucks for orville reddenbaucher!! AAAUUGHHHHHHHHH i mean fu$%ing AAAUGGHGGGGG

thanks for letting me vent.

good news I got my temporary permit!!! The Tot Spot is officially open for business!!! AAAUUGHHHGGGGG!!! here is my script for answering the phone

"Thank you for calling the Tot Spot, how can i help you?"

cool huh!!! i am a business owner!!! now i need customers!!

we are almost saved up to replace the old tv in the living room. Wes is starting his second semester in college, "A" is looking into the Air Force Academy as her 3rd college choice, that makes KU, West Point, USAFA!!!! She wants so badly to work in the FBI in forensic science something like that. she is truly amazing.

gillian still won't potty in the toilet not much i can do there but love them as they won't be this young for long. they are walking on my brand new furniture now, i need to stop blogging, yesterday i got the garage cleaned up and christmas all put away and my girls got sad and want to know when the tree is coming back. that is so cool, next year they are going to help me bake goodies!!

ok i really gotta go my babies need my attention. i miss you all and i will post a 55 tonight and hopefully be able to stop and check you all out!! thanks for stopping by!!!
todays thought;
"Different people must contend with different trials, but adversities in some shape or other come to everyone." --R. C. McCarthy


Andrea said...

This life can definitely be challenging sometimes. Movie tickets, etc. are most certainly over the top. I also get it about health-care. I don't know the answer, but we need help. I, myself was just denied coverage and my cobra does NOT last much longer. My husband lost his job over a year ago. Thankfully, he was able to retire, but it is still a huge adjustment and NO money for huge medical expenses.
Blessings and prayers,

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

You are right, especially about the concert prices and ticket agents! Maybe make a nice lunch for your sis at home, rent a movie or grab an oldie but goodie you may already have. Try to get some alone time with her, kick back with some popcorn and enjoy each other. Best gift you can give is yourself to her:)

DivineMistyM's Opinion said...

You need to make flyers and put them on every SUV/Family style car you see. I'm pretty good with that sort of thing I could whip one up for ya and email it to you. All you gotta do is have them printed up.

Kim A. said...

ditto your vent. We might go see 2 movies a year and it is a BIG deal around here. We plan it for weeks and make the most of it. You sound like you got a lot done yesterday. I hope to get some done today but made bread and am seeing a nap in my future since it is rainy, cold and a nap kinda day.


Ms Hen said...

The most important thing is that she has YOU; a wonderful sister that is thinking of how to please her... and that you want to spend time with her. How sweet. You two are blessed to have each other..

And 37.00 is a lot of money; you are a SAhm (stay at home mom) which to me is the most important job in the world..

You are a wonderful woman; wife; sister and mom.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very challenging times. It seems everyone has an issue, but the issues are not always the same. healthcare, job, insurance, food money, etc.
Congrats on your forward motion with the business!!

kristi said...

I know, right?? WTF??

And my word verify is affle
just add a b and that is me!

Syd said...

I think that about 1% of the population in the US has 22% of the wealth. The rest of the populace are SOL.
Hope that you have a good time with your sister. Sometimes the simpler things are the best as a gift.

Michelle Dawn said...

I totally agree with your vent. and congrats on the new business.

Midnitefyrfly said...

It is definitely hard to accept the things going on around us. Try to focus on what you do have and be thankful. I am sure your sister would be happy with just your time and love! You have a beautiful family and you are making good choices for them.

Nessa said...

Things are still very frustrating all over.