Wednesday, January 27, 2010

genetics and perserveirance

you know how i said i should have bought a MAC, well it seems i must reboot my pc every time i wish to upload pictures. lovely little world isn't it. see microsoft works in such a way that at first it is good but as you add more software to your computer the s-l-o-w-e-r it gets. and i really do a lot of graphic design on my side and he does a ton of work on his side and the computer has 2 extra external drives, one for my 20,000 pictures and one for other files and yeah like i said, i need a MAC. so this is my little beans left ear...
and this is her right ear, notice, they are not a matching set? one has an extra fold in it, her dad has the other mis-matched set. when she was born that was the first thing i looked for, i thought it was so cute!

so today i got a 23 year card in the mail and a friend is coming to pick up a 22 year card i made, it is so good to see the program work for so many for so long. it is an honor to be able to make celebration cards for members. i have been asked to create a catalog and i do have the software, it would be the same one i design the quarterly newsletter in so i will see how to shrink the files and put a water mark on them so they don't get copied, right now i charge 2.50 per card so if i do a catalog i will put in there that for any order over 20 cards i will drop the price but i am not sure by how much maybe to 1.99. plus shipping of course. that is a totally seperate business from the day care and the moneys go to benefit NA. i am taking the proceeds from this last weekend to order literature in spanish. a friend of mine is coming by to discuss starting a spanish speaking meeting in the area, right now there is not one single hispanic meeting in the entire state, and lord knows there are addicts out there.

so my focus is on getting that started and also i am going to the democratic headquarters to help stuff envelopes, i made phone calls last week to no avail to try to win the Massachusetts senate seat. very disappointed in that election i am also fuming at fox news and those assholes, that is what stephen colbert calls them since they sit there on their fat asses and do nothing but complain about Every single thing the president does, he can do no right everything about him is wrong and it is really tiresome what people are dumb enough to believe. they say he has done absolutely nothing as president one day and the very next hour they claim he is single-handedly dismantling the system. make up your lousy minds will you either he is or isn't doing something!!

i have never seen a news station, if that is what you want to call it, take on such a political stance and use such propaganda and lies to get members of society to believe their cause, and they have a cause it goes along with the supreme courts cause to help the corporate lobbyists and other assholes to take over the country. i have a friend who is in desperate need of health care reform but she listens to rush limbaugh and those assholes and thinks that the president is a terrorist and that the system we have now works. she has a son with a pace maker in his heart and he nearly died last year and he has no insurance and cannot work and is only 19. he will die without medical help. the public option would have helped him. but we don't need it do we. i have been on the public option before and it was really good coverage, better then what i got now it was much cheaper too, you paid for it with your tax money. this time the public option would have a premium, one that i could afford and it would generate income to the government without raising taxes. it would lower the waiting time in hospital emergency rooms and people would not be skipping out on their bills like they do now, ever wonder why so many people have bad credit? it is because they don't pay their outstanding medical bills, the hospital and doctors have to eat it there!! but who cares right we don't need no flipping public option we don't need to tell the insurance companies to cover us even if we have a pre existing condition. see my friends son cannot get coverage because of his pre existing condition, but who cares right as long as we bow down to fox news and the lies they spew about what medical reform really is and they can lie about how many people really don't have medical coverage who cares right.

so instead i will continue to move forward, instead of listening to those who say i can't have a Spanish speaking NA meeting out of fear, i am going to start one, instead of listening to the lies and sticking my head in the sand and hoping for the best, i am going down to the democratic office and volunteer for my community if we cannot have national health care then maybe i can get my state to have state health care like Massachusetts has then i won't worry about the rest of the country, or maybe it will be just one baby step at a time. so that leaves me with today's thought; "The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough."- Randy Pausch
keep moving forward my friends, no matter what your political beliefs are, no matter what your position is on health care, if you don't like how your life is going or the state of the world you see today, do something to make it better it is up to each one of us to make it happen. oh by the way earth hour is coming up again i hope many of you sign up i will post the dates tomorrow on my blog it was awesome watching the world go dark last year!! there were some amazing pictures i will see about loading them up to the blog!!


Ms Hen said...

She has the cutest adorable ears..

I love they don't match..


You are so very blessed.

PMFAddictionTreatmentCenter said...

Thanks for the post.
Yes, taking steps forward is important in sobriety. The more we sit back and stay stationary, the more we build resentment to what else is going on in the world.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love her ears. That will be her claim to fame...until she takes over the world that is!!!

You asked if I got the nasty light switch from my G'ma? No, my Uncle is living in her house...he can keep it. :0
take care, Suz

Susan said...

Hey, what did you need help with linking? I saw your shout out on G-Man. Let me know and if I ca help I will.

G-Man said...

Yay Democrats!!!

Syd said...

I thought that the President spoke frankly and with good intentions for all Americans. I echo what he said about other proposals for health care--if the one proposed isn't good, then come up with something but don't just say NO, NO, NO. It is a shame that so many in this country don't want to see us all united for the good of everyone, not just a few.

Kim A. said...

Those ears are soo precious!! I share your venting and exasperation. My blogging helps me get it out of my head. I may not make alot of sense but I feel better :-D


Scott said...

It is a sorry state. I work in ER and see the disparity daily. The fortunate insured guy gets the insurance company negotiated rate of $150 and only has to pay $50 of that as copay, the medicaid beneficiary pays nothing for a condition that should not be allowed to clog the emergency room, then the working guy with no insurance like myself pays $980. Ask the billing people why such a difference in billing for the same condition and treatment, and (if they are honest) they will tell you it is the only way to make a profit when they loose so much on the insured and medicaid patients. Forgive my rants, on a better note I dig the idea of celebration/birthday cards. Where can I buy them? Coming up on two years myself. God Bless and Take Care!

Scott said...

p.s. great blog, and take care of that little miracle with the beautiful ears!

DivineMistyM's Opinion said...

This is why I use Linux. It's easier than windows and cheaper than both windows or mac because you can get it for free. When I get my bills paid and my internet turned back on I'll send you more info. I use Ubuntu Linux version 9.10 (latest version). It's easy peasy and no blue screen of death.