Monday, January 25, 2010

out with the old...

well we've been nursing the old RCA for the last 6 months now. bought it about 15 years ago and now the tuner is shot. the girls are stuck smacking the sides to get a clear picture the old tube likes to go sideways at times. remember how the line the black bar would roll the frame up and up and up and you could almost follow the picture? yeah we were going there. and the noises were shhhblshhh, so we have been waiting for the big Super Bowl Sale of the Century!! and some money in the bank.
we know we love the samsung, a freind of ours paid $2,000 for a sony bravia 2 years ago and it was in the shop over Christmas getting refurbished for $250. so we were not going to get something just cause it was on sale. we know the brands we looked at CNET reviews and compared prices online for the last 2 weeks. then we found the one. well we each found one we liked. i like the 37 inch 650 series 1080p for 1,100 on sale for 654.00, i thought the contrast ratio at 1,000,000;1 was absolutely amazing but Wes thought the 40 inch 6,000 series at 2,000 on sale for 999.00 was the best deal. it is the low end of their higher resolution models and the sucker was gorgeous!!! but then i asked him if that was something we could really afford, and yes we could we do have the money and we do need to replace the old tube. so off to the store we went!! and it was packed to the hilt with gorgeous televisions, giant televisions , pictures so clear you could reach out and be there!! viewing rooms on my!! i tell ya electronic stores are a sanctuary from the real world!! i could put a hot tub in the middle of the store and just sit and watch my brain cells melt into oblivion watching all the lcd's and going numb!! so we looked around and there was one in the ad that we specifically wanted to look at and about 10 minutes later still no one would help us. so we helped ourselves and both decided on the same model..
we wanted the 40 inch 1,000,000;1 contrast ratio b6000 series for 999.00 we purchased the 32 inch 720p b360 for 365.00. so while we could have gotten the big flat beautiful model we chose to keep the money in the bank for savings and spend less then half the money we were going to and get the more reasonable, and sensible model. it is a flat panel just like this last picture and while the picture is not as good as the other model it is a bazillion times better then the old RCA and now you can call me a red neck!! because my new tv is sitting over my old tv on the entertainment center!! and my little ones are amazed at their new television!! to them it IS a big screen and it IS special!! and they don't have to hit the tv to see their pbs shows any more!! because we don't have cable it costs too much but they love curious george and clifford the big red dog!! and word world i could go on but they need some oatmeal for breakfast now.

i guess this post is about growing up and making choices that are sensible for my family. and when we are in a situation where we are more comfortable with spending the extra money for a bigger tv, we will have this one to put into someones room and it is a really nice model. so i need a gratitude list, i haven't done one in a while,

1. today i am grateful for the new television in the living room.
2. today i am grateful for the financial security i have for me and my family.
3. today i am grateful for having health insurance, even though this country is divided on making sure everyone has it.
4. today i am grateful i sold 5 of 6 pictures i made this weekend and 8 birthday cards.
5. today i am grateful for my recovery and working on step 8.
6. today i am grateful my little girls are best friends.
7. today i am grateful for my temporary permit for daycare.
8. today i am grateful for an open mind.
9. today i am grateful for my higher power.
10. today i am grateful for the willingness to settle for less when i want more.

one of the things i struggled with in the store was 'splitting the baby' you know not going for the more expensive one but not the cheapest either. we settled for a pc when we should have gotten a MAC and now i get the blue screen of death because i have so much on my computer it can't handle all the workload. we really need a MAC and cannot afford it, yet. i didn't want to do the same with the tv, we see other people with 55 inch televisions in their living rooms and they are complaining that their cars are about to be repo'ed!! do we want a big screen, hell yeah!! are we going to get one? not at the detriment of our financial security, if it is something we cannot pay for up front, then we cannot afford it!! i am not going into debt over a television that is for sure. so for today's thought; "Gratitude releases us from the 'Gimme's'. If there is to be any peace, it will come through being, not having."- Henry Miller


Ann said...

I definitely will not call you a redneck! LOL I still dont even have a flat screen so you are light years ahead of me on technology!!! I still use a big old clunky tv my sister gave me years ago when she "upgraded" hers!!!!! LOL
Enjoy the new viewing!!!!!!!!!

Realliveman said...

Congradulations of another successful day!

Ms Hen said...

Enjoy the happy family moment of watching t.v. together.. that is the most beautiful part of this story.


Betty Ann

Busy Bee Suz said...

congrats on the new purchase. usually in life we have to settle below what we wanted, but find it is good enough anyway!!!!

Midnitefyrfly said...

Congrats on making good sound family decisions and having good priorities. Oh how awesome it must feel!!! be proud of yourself and enjoy that TV with your beautiful family. Congrats on the permit too. You are doing great things mama!

Syd said...

I agree with you totally on the Mac. They are awesome. The TV is something that my wife enjoys more than I do. Glad that you made the decision that feels right.

Noelle said...

glad you went with the 32 inch, I think it's really big enough. I hope you really like it! You deserve it.

Lou said...

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? He would be pinning a medal on your chest, because of the sound financial decision you made. We are a cash family...weird these days, and sometimes people try to make me feel like a freak. If we can't pay cash, we don't buy it..that is what my daddy taught me!

Kim A. said...

Ditto what Lou said. Frugal people ROCK!! We want a big screen too but I am like you. I want to enjoy it when we get it so I am going to keep shopping until I know we have the best tv and the best price.

Good job with the gratitude list too..awesome stuff


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) Sounds like a good day with good decisions and a grateful heart!

Angela said...

You are such an inspiration to me! Your are putting such effort into your recovery, and you give me so much hope.
Congrats on your new T.V. That is awesome:)
Much love

LarryG said...

sweet times you'll ne'er forget -
good move to blog on !
lovin' how you roll!