Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Gratitude Speaks!!

In Loving Memory,
Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy
1932- 2009

there really is not much i can say about this man that isn't already being published out there nation wide. i do know that when i heard of his passing this morning i sobbed for a bit. i have felt that his endorsement of President Barack Obama really helped to get him elected. i admired how much he was there to support health care reform. this is something i have developed a passion for. today i am involved in service to my fellowship. i think about the service this man has done for this country, and i am sad to see him pass on to the next life. his service to his people and to our government is matched by no other politician, maybe that is why it is so hard for me to call him a politician, because he was of service and very few Senators and Congressmen can say the same. I've read today so much about this man and his accomplishments to this country and selflessness in his efforts. i remember the blemishes to his name, the scandals, the accident that left an aide dead, it reminds me of what i see in my fellowship of service members.

we too have blemishes on our records, things we will have to live with for the rest of our lives. we have step work to teach us how to make amends and to give back what was so freely given to us. i see a likeness to that of Senator Kennedy's service to this country. he had some failures and heartbreak and he still kept coming back and doing the next right thing. in doing so his little accomplishments added up; no other Senator has been able to cross the lines between democrat and republican as well as Kennedy and this type of service work has led to so much progress in our country and i think that is why he was known as the "Lion of the Senate" he played a major role in the civil rights act of '64; the voters rights act of '65 the list really does just go on. i read a story today about a Russian family who had an infant daughter with an eating disorder. basically this baby needed formula and none was available in the Soviet Union and of course everyone remembers the Iron Curtain. It was Senator Ted Kennedy who went to speak with the leaders of the country to ask that this family or at least this baby be given permission to defect from the country in order to survive. his patient efforts succeeded in getting this family to America and saving this child's life.
My thoughts are with the family of Senator Kennedy who served an unprecedented 46 years in the senate and it is with great honor that i dedicate this post to this man and all his work for this country. May he rest in peace.


Susan DeAngelis said...

What a beautiufl testimony to Mr. Kennedy...

And don't apologize, friend -- I know busy :) Thanks for stopping by today, sweetie.

I haven't been 2 a f2f meeting but have been doing online one (even a BB study)

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Beautiful tribute to a well deserving man. It is indeed a sad day today. The country has lost one of the finest elected officials ever.

Gin said...

It made me a little sad today seeing pictures of him with his brothers. It's the end of an era, that's for sure.

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is nice.
take care, suz

Syd said...

Thanks for posting this moving tribute to a man who dedicated much of his life to service for his country to make things better for so many people. He was a man of wealth but he chose to work for the middle class. He championed many great causes. He will be missed for his wisdom and ability to work with others.

Shadow said...

a nice tribute. he has left a mark, i can tell.

Wanda's Wings said...

Wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.

Ms Hen said...

The Kennedy Family had a lot of dysfunction.. kind of sad, they did so much in the political world but women were hurt and used for sex such as Marilyn Monroe. The women allowed it too. But this went on with many presidents with their mistresses and others children throughout the history. I am confused by men at times. They'll come in 1945 and end wars and than rape the women they saved. I read it countless diaries of women.

Men do so much Good but Men cause so much War and Havoc and Crime. Kind of opposite poles....

just my humble point to make.

I think Obama is a good man. I think he won't be involved with scandals. I think he is a good husband and that counts too; the peace of them together is beautiful and holy. I hope he does not change being in power.

Women throw themselves at men too in power.. like those sexy Obama songs some women were doing.. very disrepectful to him and to his wife.