Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Never leave make- up in an unlocked drawer where a Haley may get it!!! look at that face she has "Guilty" written all over it!

Here she is trying to 'splain to me "but mom, i was painting"

Would say caught "red handed" but it is more a light ivory base.

painted legs and 30 dollars of make up poof- gone!!

just a quickie, not too much time here, Wes leaves at 4:am so I am helping get his gear packed and i have a brisket in the oven, some burgers out for dinner going to try Mamahollionis fried zucchini recipe also got stuff to make my own granola, but i am cooking a brisket right now so it will have to wait. my daycare training classes start Saturday there was an issue with paying two different companies, I thought I needed a check for one company, and I should have just had Wes write it to me, oh well we can fix it tomorrow. Need to take "A" to get her bike ready for school JROTC practice starts Monday at 7:am so school will be from 7-6 for her, she will also be doing soccer this year as well. We decided at over 200 dollars to wait until summer to get the Drivers ED. anyway I have to clean out some thermos and coffee maker, Wes will need to roast some coffee tonight and get to bed early. Kids want lunch so gratitude list 5 things;
1. today i am grateful my Haley has a wonderful imagination and loves to paint!.
2. today i am grateful for not caring about my make- up, I have a farmers tan now so that color is too light anyway!
3. today I am grateful for my little helper in my garden, Haley helped soak not only the garden but me as well!!
4. today i am grateful for the hope that i feel inside and i know it is going to be OK.
5. today i am grateful for Bill Clinton and his bringing home Laura Ling and Euna Lee from North Korea, awesome piece of news to watch this morning simply beautiful.

i would like to thank everyone for their kind comments and words of wisdom these last few days, I am truly grateful for all the support I find in this blog. todays thought;
If you can't be a good example -- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.
-Catherine Aird-


Gin said...

Oh I have so been there. My daughter used to love to "paint" with my make-up as well. Actually I have used eye-liner as a pencil before so I guess it runs in our blood. :-)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love your blog...and you know what, that makeup was probably too light, too old, too something, but the expressions on little one's face...priceless...thanks for the smile!

Take care!!!

Di said...

I LOVE your thought for the day!!!!
Haley reminds me of once when I wasn't much bigger than her and I would take naps in my parents' room. I got into my mom's makeup and had lipstick all over me and tried to deny I had gotten into anything!
I just got done looking up Drivers Ed in my area for my son. Here it's $100 for in class plus another $200 for behind the wheel. Sheesh! When I was that age, the school provided it.

Steve E. said...

First couple photos of your daughter resemble what "Cat" (Wait? What?) may have looked like in her "younger" years, do ya think?

When I was a kid, we learned how to drive way back on the farm! Taught by our blind father!

Eli said...

Oh my goodness those are cute pix of your Haley. I absolutely loved my kids' explanations when they were that age.
I like #4 on your gratitude list. This is the way I've been feeling lately. It IS going to be OK!

Shadow said...

how sweet. whether painting or practising, a girl needs to practice you know, heeee heee heeeeee.

Lou said...

Life will be less hectic when you have the daycare at home. You will not have to run around getting your own kids off.
Plus, I think you will be good with the kids.

Syd said...

She looks "busted" for sure. Maybe she will decide to be an artist. I like the farmer's tan. I have a boat tan. I'm also thankful for what Bill Clinton did. He is still a force in my opinion.

Patrick said...

Those pictures are so cute. Great gratitude list!

Cat said...

Ahhh!! How adorable!! Seriously she is the prettiest baby and make up time! Oh my - what a handful for you - what a heartful too!

Cat said...

Oh my goodness - I had to come back - I ahve a photo of myself - at that age and We do look identical!!! I will put it in my profile picture so you can see it.

What a looker she is if I do say so myself! hehehe