Sunday, August 2, 2009

live and learn

See these flowers, they are supposed to be oregano and sage i think they are pansies.
i had a bag of seeds that said colored bell peppers, they are jalapenos and the green beans i planted are really black beans.
So let this be a lesson to you aspiring gardeners, no buying seeds from Walmart!!! Seriously i am not happy with my lettuces, the spinach did well and this is my zucchini the last one and it was over 3 pounds!!

So next year i will be ordering my seeds from a catalog, now that i have 6 jalapeno plants and there are over 2 dozen on the front four, does anyone need some jalapenos? so my cantaloupe are doing great as well as my watermelon and i think i even have a butternut squash coming in. Boy it is too bad i lost all my zucchini to those darn bugs, Mamahollioni's Kitchen has a great recipe for zucchini fries!!

So we took "A" school clothes shopping yesterday and with the exception of not getting her some shoes everything went well. we had found a pair online that i thought was supposed to be on sale and when we got there they were almost 60 bucks. we were not going to pay 60 bucks for shoes, now the store had plenty of name brand shoes on sale for 38 dollars but "A" wouldn't have it so she didn't get them, then pitched a fit like a little kid over a freakin pair of shoes!!
we got home, she got all the clothes we had looked at online and a bit more because of the sales they had and i thought we did well with jeans for 46 dollars on sale for 21, i mean she got really nice clothes and went strait to her room to cry. i asked her what was wrong, i know wrong thing to do and she went off on this little episode about how "her friends who flunk classes and stay out all night get 500 dollars for school clothes and they have cell phones and they get to leave school early to go to a vo- tech and start their lives and she is stuck here. why should she keep trying to do everything right when it gets her nothing." we only spent 100 dollars yesterday but that would have been double if it weren't for the sales she got 5 shirts 2 pairs of jeans and some new shorts. i was really hurt by what she said so i called my sponsor and then a freind. you know this song and dance about how she hates her life is really getting pathetic and i am losing patience and i am ready to tell her to get out of my house. i am so tired of her hating me everytime she doesn't get her way. for her birthday last year we decided to get her a new bike. i was just going to get her a Walmart special and Wes wouldn't have it, he wanted her to have something that she could use in college and so we researched for about 2 months and found the brand "Specialized" we ended up getting her a Hardrock Sport mountain bike, entry level and it was still 400 bucks. Really nice bike and she has never ridden it. she just wants to throw it in our face like " i don't care" . we spent over a year in therapy and she wouldn't do anything the therapist suggested so why spend money on something that isn't working? and all i can learn from this is to never ever relapse and put my younger daughters through the pain my oldest went through.I know that just for today i never have to use again and this is a reminder of the damage that will happen if i do. So today we had the day off from babysitting so I took my girls out to the pool where we all got a little too much sun, Wes is off fishing so i pulled out some t-bones, i have some red potatoes and some fresh harvested lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini for a great salad. Enjoy your weekend. gratitude list 5 things;
1. today i am grateful my two little girls have never seen me high.
2. today i am grateful for not losing my temper over the weed whacker that wouldn't cooperate. i eventually got it to work and now my yard is awesome.
3. today i am grateful for the beautiful weather we have here in wichita, a nice 90 degrees perfect pool weather.
4. today i am grateful for my love of fishing, maybe tonight i can go for a bit.
5. today i am grateful for my willingness to live my life to the fullest today.
so much to do i need to go start my potatoes and mushrooms and then my grill, i spent a little time on the"lazy river" at the "YMCA" and i just got off the phone with my sponsor so i need to get dinner on. todays thought;"The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions,
and not on our circumstances."
--Martha Washington


Anonymous said...

WOW... how old is "A"? My daughter pulled the same thing on me and I took every piece of clothing right back to the store. I told her since she didn't grow any and her clothes were in top notch shape from the year before, she could wear those or get a job and buy her own. My daughter still has this attitude to this day and she is 23 with a 1.5 year old daughter. She has fractured all of her ties witht he family. She refuses to take responsibility in anything she does. I pray yours does not go this route. Even if she does, you did the right thing calling your sponsor. Good for you!! And great job doing for your daughter what you did. It's more than some young ladies in the world get. Blessings.

Lou said...

Your daughter sounds kinda like a typical, selfish teenager. Try to look at the good, and ignore her tantrum today.
Just my opinion.

Patrick said...

Yes, good job calling your sponsor. Both our girls went through stages, but now that they are in their twenties we all get along great. I hope 'A' makes this change for the better...sooner rather than later.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those are petunias in the first picture. They are good flowers, but don't eat them. :)
She is being a teenager. Hold your ground. You know what you did in the shopping trip was a good thing. SHE got almost all of what she needed/wanted. Life is not easy, and we don't usually get what we want. Does she need to be reminded of all the kids that NEVER go back to school shopping? A reality check perhaps..visiting a homeless shelter? Just a thought.
Sit tight on the bike, it may come in handy later on.
Don't give up on are doing good. ;)

Steve E. said...

Maybe one day you'd like to use the, tomorrow? -grin!

I might have added one more item to the gratitude list--it came right before your list: "so i pulled out some t-bones, i have some red potatoes..." I mean I could GRATEFUL over that!

Madison said...

Only a handful of young people have fun sitting in classrooms surrounded by unhappy, dysfuctional, tired, gossipy, irresponsible peers. Your garden is probably teaching your daughter more than you know.

Shadow said...

oh gosh, you got lucky packet seeds, heee heeee heeeee

Gin said...

I am dreading when mine become teenagers. I'm thankful that they go to schools where uniforms are mandatory. Sometimes I think all schools should be that way because then there is no competition with the clothing. I'm sorry. I hope today is a better day. Hang in there.

clean and crazy said...

petunias!! that's supposed to be basil!! and "A" is 15 going on 35 and she is an amazing person i just couldn't believe the meltdown and what she spun it into!! thanks all for your wonderful thoughts.

Tall Karen said...

Teenage girls...all I can it gets better...I promise.

You are blessed to be a sober mom, and if clothes are the only thing you ever really fight will also be blessed :)

diane d said...

Ugh. My 13 yr old daughter has been going through something like this the past week also. I'm hoping it was just pms and not the normal for teens. I just had to be reminded that I need to stick to what I believe is good for her. I'm glad you called your sponsor. It's something I need to learn to do.

Syd said...

Those are petunia flowers. I get my seeds from a garden center. Park's has some good seeds as does Burpee. Sorry that the clothes and bike weren't appreciated. I guess there is peer pressure that creates a lot of this. Hang in there.