Friday, August 14, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday- Kevin Spacey

Every Friday write a story, poem or what ever of 55
words no more, no less and report it to the G-man!!

"Here comes Kevin Spacey!! Are you afraid of Kevin Spacey!
From a scary psychopath in "Se7en" to a deranged father
in "American Beauty" to the arch nemesis Dr Evil
And one of his all time scariest of villains
Hopper from "A Bug's Life".
And why my daughters always scream "Look out!
Here Comes Kevin Spacey!!"

Here you go G-man!! I know there are many more movies that I love with Kevin Spacey, but this one is my children's favorite and it is fun to watch them say "Look out I see Kevin Spacey!" I think if they ever run into him they will be completely frightened. I apologize for not being here all week been babysitting, working on my garden I found some broccoli, Cauliflower and cabbage for a fall garden, they are already started so we tilled up the earth and got some stuff to help with the blossom end rot and I have some worksheets on how to space the plants so this really has helped my mood. I spoke with "A's" counselor but did not express my concerns of her letter. I am taking Lou's advise and maybe next week I will go over the letter with my sponsor and see with a humble perspective just how bad the letter really is. Wes however agreed completely with me but this is now my sh%$ and i need to work through it. My daughter is an amazing person who is very goal oriented and very responsible, she does not go out and sleep around she does not go out till all hours she tells me where she is at all times, which is usually home, and she is an honor roll student who is excited about school. I just want to help her not bottle up all her feelings, to work through them. But I am powerless, and those are her decisions to make. I need to allow her the time to do so and not own anything else. I still haven't been to more then one meeting this week and I am highly agitated because of it. I wanted to post last night, but I was so tired I just fell asleep. Today I need to go get milk and creamer get ready for regional service this weekend, I will have to miss Sunday because we have too much to do before Monday. This makes me sad as it is the first Sunday meeting I will have missed in 3 years. I have made quite a commitment to my service work and it has helped me so much in learning how to deal with people and how to handle situations that I normally would fly off the handle over. Like the therapist for instance, what I really wanted to tell her was something like "How the hell can you call yourself an Addiction Specialist when you have never read our Basic Text?!" and a few other choice words but I was cordial and nice and didn't expend any energy on her, I have spent enough anger over the assessment already it is time to look at it with some humility. My photo shop software has crashed so this makes me sad but I know there is nothing i can do about it, I am sitting here looking at about 500 dollars in medical bills and we need to pay them tonight. I got a Penneys' coupon for $10.00 so I will see if Wes is willing to buy those shoes for "A" at 44 dollars, she still needs some shoes for school and we so far only spent about 115 on her stuff so we are under budget. I think it will be OK. I have some hope today I just don't have willingness to attend some area meetings, and I know I need to. So I have to go but I will try to stop by and see your 55's here is my gratitude list;
1. today I am grateful for the words of encouragement from my fellow bloggers.
2. today I am grateful that though I was in a bad space this week, I never had the urge to use.
3. today I am grateful for not giving up.
4. today I am grateful for the sound of my children playing and laughing.
5. today I am grateful for the sounds of my children fighting and crying.
6. today I am grateful for the fellowship and friendships of Narcotics Anonymous.
7. today I am grateful for the change in my perceptions.
8. today I am grateful for my ability to serve my community.
9. today I am grateful for my willingness to want to be happy.
10. today I am grateful for waking up and the ability to enjoy this life one more day.
11. today I am grateful for Les Paul, and I pray for his family and fans as they mourn his passing.
life is so very fleeting, if we take too much time wallowing in the past, we are going to miss living right now. todays thought; "All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience."-Henry Miller


anthonynorth said...

Kevin Spacey spends a lot of time over here in the UK, too. He's artistic director of the Old Vic theatre in London. A very talented man.

Lou said...

American Beauty is my favorite movie of all time. And I'm a real movie buff..
The scene at the end where is at the table, and his life flashes before his eyes, and all he sees are his wife and daughter..OMG, I'm crying over it AGAIN!

Cat said...

Very creative 55 - and I especially like the gratitude list!

Syd said...

I'm glad that you are here. You seem to have so much to do and yet your attitude is great. I am waiting on the fall "sets" to come in and then the fall planting will start.

I agree with your thought about how fleeting life is.

Patrick said...

Great 55 and loved the gratitude list, esp. the kids fighting and crying one. (I have my reasons)

Gin said...

Hopper! I remember him! I'm with your daughters. He was pretty scary.

Lulda Casadaga said...

I LUV KS...I'm not afraid! :)
Nice 55...have a great weekend.

Dr.John said...

Interesting 55.
But I am really thankful for your grateful list.
It never occurred to me to be thankful for the sounds of my grandchildren fighting but now that I think of it it means they are alive and vibrant.

Shadow said...

great 55, and no matter, i love kevin spacey!!!

and your gratitude list ROCKS once again!!!!!

G-Man said...

How about Keyser Soza?
Excellent 55 My Dear....
Thanks for your fine contribution, And I loved your gratitudes..
Have a Kick-Ass Week End!!

Brother Frankie said...

i love gratitude lists... :) :)

ChaiLatte said...

Your gratitude lists are always awesome- just like yourself!!

Susan M DeAngelis said...

Thank you for your beautiful comment. I'm going to follow your blog so we can stay in touch :)