Thursday, June 4, 2009

summertime fun

This is from last years campout, my Haley got to feed the ducks, we caught some good sized channel cats, we had lots of NA cars there and the beautiful sunset, I photo shopped the picture for a slide show i did of the campout.
This years campout has a new name, no more "addicts on grass" but the new name rocks too- "The First Tradition Campout" you can go to to find the full itinerary of this weekends event.

Today I have a gratitude list,
today I am grateful, my diabetes screening was perfect, no diabetes!!
today I am grateful, I am not brimming with the fear of a newcomer, I even went to a meeting last night.
today I am grateful for this blog, after the last post I felt much better inside writing truly helps the soul.
today I am grateful to be able to hold my beautiful girls and love them with all my heart.
today I am grateful for surrender, i surrender my will and let life happen, instead of getting in the way and trying to control the outcome today.
today I am grateful, the campout is this weekend and there is a special place in my heart for this campout. it brings the most unity to our area, every group gets involved, all the meals from Friday nights dinner to Sunday morning breakfast will be provided. If you find yourself in the area stop on by, we will be at Lake Afton in Goddard Kansas Shelter 5. We have tye-dye workshops, foolish Olympics and so much more truly a blessing to get together and fellowship with clean, loving people. Campfire meetings are just amazing. All you pay for is your tent site at 7 bucks a night!!
As you can see i am excited and I am going to take my farmers tan to the lake this weekend and try not to burn!!
My MRI results for my back are in and my Dr. tells me that I have several bulging disks in my lumbar and a cyst. I told you my back hurt, i was afraid to take pain meds because i didn't want to relapse and now at least i know I was not making the pain up in my head. So we will see what is next, i have an appointment with a neurosurgeon July 11, yeah it is a little way out, but my back only really hurts at night, the gardening really helps stretching it out so I will be OK till then, at least I have some serenity knowing there is something wrong other than the osteoarthritis.
Today i am grateful, it is summertime!! Campouts and smore's and FISHING!!!! if you can't make it to our campout look on a website for a fellowship near you and go have some fun, life is too short not to enjoy this beautiful weather and wow FISHING I just can't wait!! I will post my 55 tonight, right now I need to get my newsletter done and off to the printer and make some signs for the tye- dye workshops this weekend, hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having a nice high of 70 is just delicious!! today's thought; If I choose to live a life where I refuse to open my mind to new ways of thinking and new experiences then I will remain in the same place I am now - nothing will change.You're never fully dressed without a smile!- Anonymous


G-Man said...

Look at that Ictalarus Nebulosus!!

Susie...? 55?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your gratittude list and hope that your back gets better with no big 'issues'
Your camp out sounds like a lot of fun!!

Syd said...

You sound great. I hope that you enjoy the campout and all the associated fun. It is a great time of year to enjoy being out doors. How's the garden doing? We ate two batches of green beans from the garden.

Steve E. said...

"If I choose my mind to new ways of thinking and new experiences then I will remain in the same place I am now -

If I do not make mistakes, there is no way I can grow. It's not like you just put fertilizer around my feet!

Shadow said...

upu're practically bubbling with excitement, enjoy the camp-out!