Tuesday, June 30, 2009

just a rambling addict

so busy, so busy. i apologize for not stopping by i really have been busy. just a quickie to let you know what is up. well after some thought i realized that dawn dish soap is not organic, it is safe though so i may not have an entirely organic garden but i am grateful to report the mealy bugs are gone!!

trip this weekend was wonderful, kids love their grandma and Wes really enjoyed meeting his family. the reunion was quite small and come to find out there are only 3 male Simon's left in the family, that would be Wes and his two brothers. sorry so scatterbrained, i am in the middle of making lunch and blogging at the same time.

i am going to work on a resume today i tried to contact Libby but she was out of the office, if she will let me use her as a reference and point me to some places that need help that would be awesome. i don't know if i am ready for her to start paying me but i will see about that as well.

oh and the new harry potter movie is coming out next month!! so excited so i asked Wes to order some advanced tickets for me and "A" to go. well let me tell you DO NOT EVER BUY MOVIE TICKETS FROM "movietickets.com. they are thieves and they are slimy sleazy business people. the local theater here in Wichita is the warren theaters, they are pretty big and have great theaters, we do not go because it is so expensive, well this is a special occasion for us so we were going to pre order. well the website takes you to this movitickets.com place and you put in your area code so i am assuming they are a nation wide deal. well we put in the order, and we always use safe shop from Bof A, they generate a phantom credit card and it is only good for one use so your information does not get stolen. well we ordered the tickets and i turned on the printer to print the receipt and after the sale went through it says, in order to pick up your tickets you need to bring in your credit card. so Wes called them because we did not have a credit card to bring in. they told him that then there was no way he would be able to pick up the tickets at the ticket window. they would not take a printed receipt of the transaction, they would not take a photo ID and since we could not produce the credit card we could not pick up the tickets!! so he asked them to just mail us the tickets, they said they could not because it was an electronic transaction, hear is the worst part, they then said under no circumstances would they refund the money!! so we paid for nothing!!!! 17.00 is a lot of money for nothing!! so Wes contacted the bank to cancel the transaction and get his money back that way. but i repeat never, ever use movietickets.com they are swindlers and absolute losers!! go online, it doesn't even say that in the terms of use, it doesn't say anything about producing a credit card as the only way to pick up your tickets. until after the sale. so buyer beware...

ok so my gratitude list i need to stay in today;
1. today i am grateful i am a great cook, i just made Chinese food for lunch, broccoli chicken with fish sauce, yummm
2. today i am grateful for my family, they are nuts but they are mine and i love them very much.
3. today i am grateful for my children, they bring me much joy everyday.
4. today i am grateful for my conscious contact with my HP i know i am in contact when i am filled with joy.
5. today i am grateful for my skills to be updating my twitter account, my blog, my facebook and my email. i have a lot of contacts today, so i am not alone, this is good.
todays thought;
When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.

--Helen Keller


Syd said...

Glad that you solved the mealy bug problem. So far so good on the garden although the heat isn't good for tomatoes. At least there have been thunder storms.

Prayer Girl said...

Thanks for your 'ramblings'.

It's good always to hear from you. Glad your trip this weekend was such a nice one.


Patrick said...

I was going to suggest canceling the transaction, but you already got it. Good deal. You can almost always reverse a cc type transaction if you did not get the service, item, or it was not as agreed upon.

Steve E. said...

Should we "dress" for dinner? When?

Shadow said...

such gratitude in the face of busy, i salute you. may there be more like you that can take the icky with the good, with such gratitude...

Lou said...

I'm grateful for my blog family. They are nuts, but they are mine..ha,ha!