Saturday, June 20, 2009

smiles and gratitude

"Too many people miss the silver lining because they're expecting gold."

--Maurice Setter
I love these pictures, i love my camera, i try to capture my girls at least once a week, they grow so fast. i have a tremendous amount of back pain this morning. i started out on the couch, Haley woke up crying and came out to lay on me. it was uncomfortable so
i took the recliner. then the bean woke up so i put her in the living room, on the floor. she got up and climbed into the recliner. i love cuddling with my girls, they won't be doing it much longer. but my back was hurting so i went into the bedroom. i haven't slept on the bed in months. it hurts my back something terrible. wes went to moline around 3:30am for some fishing, before he left he woke the bean up on accident and brought her in the room with me.
so my back is really hurting this morning. i still need to go pick up the film from my mri, that showed several bulging discs and a cyst, not to mention the osteoarthritis. the only thing that helps is getting up and moving around.
my haley is singing twinkle, twinkle little start right now and getting the words wrong, she is so dang cute. i love being with my girls they are amazing. i am heading over to a 9:30 morning meeting after a cup of coffee. today is "refugee day" i am not sure but i don't think it is a happy thing, but it is an awareness thing. i am grateful my daughters were born to this wonderful country we take for granted.

I also found out some facts about the health care reform, it is going to be done in parts, i think. the first part, which the president already signed into law was to make healthcare available to all children nation wide. i live in kansas where if you don't have medical coverage, your children do. period. i didn't know until the free dental clinic that we have every year that other states did not have this for their children. people drove from across the country to bring their children here for the dentist!! so for that i am grateful.

my sister is in texas, i tihnk amarillo right now. that is all i know.

we are having a thunderstorm right now and my garden is getting watered by GOD. cool huh.
so that is what is going on in a nutshell and i wanted to show you some of the smiles i get to wake up to every morning, now for my gratitude list to keep me where my feet are.
1. i am grateful for the smiles that wake me up in the morning.
2. i am grateful that my surrender to the program of NA has replaced my denial to character defects.
3. i am grateful for half and half, it goes great over cheerios.
4. i am grateful for the blessings my garden has brought to me.
5. i am grateful for my ability to reach out into the community and try to help make a difference.
todays thought; "Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean."--Christopher Reeve


Mike Golch said...

Great posting.

Lou said...

Thanks for your comments yesterday. I really hope I did not alarm you about Mexico. Of course, thousands of people go there every month with no problems. It's just that the lawlessness seems to be spreading with the world in economic crisis. I'm sure you're sister knows to be aware of her surroundings.
And I'm always glad to read of your passion for life, and what is happening in the world. We cannot be complacent!

Syd said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. They look like happy young ladies.

No rain here today so if it doesn't rain tomorrow then I'm going to have to irrigate the garden. It is really hot here. Enjoy your day.

Shadow said...

your girls are soooo adorable! and you're right, i was thinking back this week how much my bean has grown, and changed, and the little things that he used to do, that he doesn't any longer...

Gin said...

They are toooooo cute. I love that age. You are so smart to enjoy it and capture it with your camera because you're right, it won't last forever. I miss mine being that little.