Monday, June 22, 2009

Life on life's Terms

well we had a wonderful fathers day. we went to a friends and bbq's some chicken and beef fajita meat for fresh tacos!! there was so much food there we could have fed an army!! dad got some new birkenstocks for fathers day, he loves them!! i wanted to get him a new fire pit but we couldn't afford it. i think he really liked what he got though, we sent him an e-card from the world wildlife federation too. and we made him one with the girls picture on it.
my sister is in Mexico and the book we ordered back in the middle of May just got here today. a little angry i am. did i mention i spoke with my brother about his new medication? yes it seems the doctors have put him in full blown AIDS status, so he is considered terminal now, and if he doesn't take this medication, he only has 1 to 3 years left. then another frustration, i went to the storage unit and pulled most of the things out of there and was going to put some things in our crawl space and low and behold there is water down there. you might remember me blogging last year that we had to replace all the pipes in the house and put a new hot water heater in. so we took out a HELOC and then found out the plumbers were not going to go down in the dirt crawl space with standing black water. so we found a place that would install this "state of the art" liner, the damn thing cost more then re piping the entire house and new water heater. really it was expensive and had a 25 year warranty. it was just great, except it hasn't quite been a year and now there is water in there!!
so yes i am a little frustrated. i called immediately and they came out this morning and said they would have to drain it and see what the problem is.
then the guys said that the liner works in conjunction with a sump pump and we do not have one. i said yes they said a sump pump would be a good idea but they told me the liner would keep the water from coming in. so to make a long story longer we are going to get this taken care of and put the house on the market. the last few houses on the street sold rather quickly.

now i have a new set of stresses, people coming into my house and invading my life to see if they want to buy it, finding a place big enough for my family that is affordable. packing. god we just unpacked everything from the storage unit. so much for my garden, i hope to harvest some veggies before the house sells but only time will tell.
today is very stressful my life is full of responsibilities and i have several phone calls to make still.
today's gratitude list, and boy do i need one
1. i am grateful for the air conditioning in my house, it is so muggy outside some people don't have this luxury.
2. i am grateful my Haley learned the ABC song, i think it is awesome that she has it memorized at only 3 years old.
3. i am grateful for some financial stability to be able to say ok put in a sump pump, it is not going to break us.
4. i am grateful for tonight's meeting that will help me to better deal with life's little(big) curve balls of stress
5. i am grateful for my sponsor, whom i need to call and tell of my woes. i think i will do that now.

the awareness of my feelings today has made it so i did not act out in my usual fashion which makes it unusual for me. very unsettling and i am still full of stress, but handling it well. i need to call my sponsor now, though and tell her my thoughts as for todays thought; "Sometimes it seems your ever-increasing list of things to do can leave you feeling totally undone." ~Susan Mitchell and Catherine Christie, I'd Kill for a Cookie


mother of drug addict said...

I would say with all that stress if you get through you deserve a gold star, a pat on the back and a huge Atta Girl. So consider this given by me.. You are strong.

Syd said...

Yes, that is a lot to deal with all at once. But I like how you are dealing with it. I could feel my frustration about home projects just as I was reading. It is tough to have something that was installed not function the way I thought it would. But all in all, I always think that things could be a lot worse. Hang in there. I know how you love that vegetable garden though.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You have a lot going on and I am sorry to hear of your brothers illness...just take each blow as you can and deal as best as you can. You can't do more than that, so don't even try.
Take care, suz

Prayer Girl said...

Sometimes life can be a little overwhelming. Thank God those periods always PASS.

Sounds like you are handling things well. It is so wonderful to have a program that teaches us how to live life on life's terms. (Even when life's terms aren't to our liking.)


Femin Susan said...

What a fun the picture is..... Thanks for sharing.

Steve E. said...

Clean and Crazy...sometimes I believe you are not as crazy as your title admits. However, you are clean. I believe that!

Keep Up The Good Work (KUTGW)

Shadow said...

i feel like that picture today. pissed off. think murphy is up to something... got washing machine problems and water pressure problems, and feel a bit like you about it.... ah well, tomorrow's another day, right!