Tuesday, May 12, 2009

remember to laugh with you whole body

I can feel the cool breeze blowing in the window. there is a chill in the air. i haven't shut the windows all night so i can smell the yard inside. sitting here in my robe my feet cold on the hard floor.
we are going to McPherson this weekend for the RSC. my term as secretary is up and my dear friend, who was going to step into the position is no longer going to be able to commit to a two year term. i already took on another service position in anticipation of leaving the secretary job. i am a great secretary and every bit of knowledge that i have in computers is a direct result of my service work so for that i am very grateful. so i will turn in all my archives and data even if no one steps into the position.
i tried to watch a tutorial this morning and could barely keep my eyes open, not to mention that my Haley got on the entertainment center and tore apart my mothers day arrangement. so it is just a fact that i cannot complete my tutorials while i am watching my girls. i didn't like the stupid flowers anyway. they were a replacement arrangement. i got the most beautiful bouquet on Friday with bright orange, dark purple and deep yellow flowers in it, the vase had these smooth rocks in the bottom and some pretty twine around the edges, a very artistic vase that was just beautiful. well apparently, my Wes thought that the yellow roses were looking a little wilted so he called the florist at work and didn't tell me, but he called them to complain and ask them what were they going to do about this. the florist took down his number and said they would call him back. well yesterday they knocked on my door with this arrangement of very delicate tulips which were white and slightly pink, the vase has these tiny sea shells around the top with little pearl like beads and there are tiny white buttercups in it. then they asked for my pretty flowers back and left. i personally didn't notice the wilting on my roses and i really love the first bouquet i received. so when Wes called me yesterday, i told him they took my flowers away. he said "what?" so i told him what happened and he tried to call the florist but got no answer, imagine he is not their favorite customer. they never even returned his call they just came and took my flowers, so i lost my pretty flowers and these new ones are all brown now anyway so it is really ok that Haley got into it because i liked my other arrangement better. i told Wes i had not noticed anything wrong with the other bouquet and he said he knew i liked it so he was just going to let it go, except the florist came and took my pretty flowers and replaced them with not so pretty flowers.
so it is cloudy out, and I have some housework to do, i also need to work in the garage, i hope to get some of my tutorials out tonight after Wes and Adrianna get home. i think i am going to cook a pot of beans and make some tortillas to go with it. maybe bake some lime chicken tonight to go with my beans tomorrow is gratitude Wednesday and i really need a gratitude check, i cannot wait for my womens meeting and Friday is Flash Friday so at least i will get two more posts in and then maybe be able to catch up on how you all are faring. i really love all the wonderful comments i get from everyone, it is like getting outside affirmations and yesterday when i went and read up on everyone it was like my HP was showing me i was not alone in my mixed emotions and also gave me some wonderful answers for next year. for todays thought; I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou


Steve E. said...

Gosh, I've already forgotten what you wrote.

And I sure have forgotten what you did.

But I KNOW you made me 'feel good'"!

74WIXYgrad said...

Always good to come around here, as I enjoy the fact that you are very human. I just need to make the virtual trip to Kansas more often than I do.

Indigo said...

Those two little ones have the most endearing smiles! (Hugs)Indigo

Findon said...

Love the photos and the writing. You make me smile. Thanks for that

Shadow said...

wow, what a stupendous quote! so right!!!

74WIXYgrad said...

C'mon over. I have a surprise for you.