Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here is my garden 2 weeks ago. i was very proud of the zucchini plant above because i started those from seed. As you can see my garden looks more like a pile of dirt. The lower part was completely under water for a week and a half. The grey tarp is weed block. Never used it before. the only place it looks right is under the tomato and green pepper plants. the part where it is in strips is where we started my green beans and sugar snap peas. They never took, so I planted more last week. and today they are coming in beautifully.
So in recap i started over 200 seedlings and only about 35 of them actually survived to be transplanted to the garden. i replanted more lettuce and spinach seeds and i planted more radishes as well. So this morning i went out and took some pictures, I also took some the other day to show how much my garden has grown in just 2 weeks.

As you can see it is not just a blank space of dirt, my jalapenos are double in size and from the pics you can actually see the tomatoes blooming. There are over a dozen flowers on the tall ones, those we bought in the store, the little ones ares still coming in and they will give us tomatoes later in the summer.
My prize is look how BIG my zucchini plants are!! They are about 4 feet in diameter right now and they are going to keep growing!! They're huge!! And look we planted more snap peas and green beans and the little babies have made it!! It's official I am a gardener!!
I am extremely excited about my garden as you can see I have never grown any thing in my life, not even weed in my using days!!!
So I didn't give up I just kept on planting and look at my garden now. Trust and believe, we move, i am doing this again it is so worth it to see a garden grow. I am out there everyday for just a bit and I feed and I pray to mother earth and i give back it is a great feeling.

So I will keep growing my beautiful garden and i will plant more flowers for my insectary and i will get some more radishes growing. i can't wait for my watermelon and cantaloupe to come in. So I am feeling pretty good today. Todays thought; "We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities
of our real selves."
--Thomas Merton


Steve E. said...

This is a JOY to read, believe me!

Lou said...

I did not even peek at the pictures, because I can kill plants just by looking at them!

Shadow said...

i do believe you have green fingers!

LarryG said...

i love that you are quoting Merton!
too cool...