Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hope and Giggles

Hi there, I came out of hiding today. I was going to sit in my pity pot and not go and get my sponsee for stepwork. I just didn't want to go through the "hassle" is what I was telling myself.
Then I went and got her anyway and I am glad I did. I did not call the photoshop lady because my addict was telling me she doesn't like my work or she would have called. Truth is the woman is so overworked I would have to be physically in front of her just to get her attention. And I don't know how to rate my worth. So I will think about it tomorrow and be OK in today. I like this moment right now. My "A" had a sit down family talk with us tonight and it was nice. I really mean she actually said more than "I dunno" or "whatever" and it was very intimate. I think we decided to allow her to go back to the drill team on the condition that she continues these family discussions once a week with us. Of course more will be revealed. I think I will go to my women's meeting tomorrow and share. I am going to pick up my artwork that I dropped off because this group is having a dance and they were supposedly doing a t-shirt design contest and i got a call tonight about helping a member finish a design they voted on and he does not have the software capability to do what needs to be done. I told him that I had a submission for that and I understood why it would not have been voted for, he actually told me that he didn't get the artwork. I giggled at this because my artwork for their dance was pretty brazen and I told him it was OK that I wanted to use it for another project if their group has no use for it, I do. Then he was all apologetic and saying no they would re vote since he wasn't presented with the artwork. My addict was telling me something fishy is a foot, you know how those "spidey senses" start to tingle and all. Really though let me tell you about the artwork, I found a cute picture of a cat and one of a rooster, do you see where I am going with this?, anyway I took the rounded NA symbol and oh also I found the Chinese characters for those two symbols as well and put them on the NA symbol and on the top I wrote in a China Font, "Give the Newcomers a Chance, Keep your (insert picture of rooster) or ( insert picture of cat) In your Pants!!! Anyway it looks really cool and I would gladly use it for my group after MARCNA hopefully the alternative shop will generate some revenue and we can host a dance or something to promote our little group, I would sell the shirts there. But there was something about him never even seeing the artwork that got my "spidey senses" tingling and you know I gave it to four general members of that group and personally watched one member put it in their books. If they threw it out I am even cool with that because I have it on my computer and really it would have been nice to have been there so I could bring my work back. So I will catch a good meeting there and retrieve my work and see my sponsor and all will be well.
I really feel a lot better now though sense I did go and get my sponsee to do some stepwork I kind of got the giggles(note the silly picture) I really would have liked to made people laugh with that entry. I think I just pissed them off. But I am OK with that today, I am going to get to do another bit of service for the convention, I get to help make the programs!! So I will get started on that tomorrow and check up and comment on all my blogging buddies. I haven't been by to see how everyone else is doing and everyone has so graciously been by to say hey to me. I really miss you guys you keep me out of my head. Has anyone stopped by to check on Woody? I need to go there first he has a beautiful little girl with special needs and his story is so inspiring and I worry he doesn't always eat well.
As for my regional work I think now I need to quit projecting the future and just stay into today. I know that my service venture as secretary will be over and that will leave a million other options for me to try so instead of being sad I need to be happy for the opportunity to learn new ways to serve. It really helps when I let go and let God. Ooh, I said the "G" word. And on a sad note that happened today, but something I dealt with very well the high and mighty Rev. Fred Phelps was in town. Need I say more? I did not go down and throw anything at his group or even sink to the level of screaming profanities. I simply did not participate and I feel good about that because what would it have changed in that situation? For me that is growth in the past I have done some down right silly shit to him and his group and it did no good then and it does no good now. So learning to let people have their misery is working out pretty well for me today, and my thought;"Hope is believing in spite of the evidence, then watching the evidence change. ... Simply put, faith makes hope possible. And hope is the single most important ingredient for changing the world."
--Jim Wallis ("Faith Works" in The Impossible Will Take a While )


steveroni said...

I was heading for bed, but like a true blogger, had to check one more time and there was you commenting on mine, so I wandered over here.

What a fast-moving blog you write. I got a whole lot of stuff in a very short time, speed reading. Andthen I had to start over again take it slower, because there IS so much going on there. Thanks for being here, and keeping me awake ten more minutes! I LOVE it!

My weekend was just GREAT. For a week I have been having a good old fashioned tooth problem, throbbing up through my nose and into my head, a real tooth ache....but I didn't tell anybody. I wanted to prove to myself that I could feel GREAT even while going through the pain like it was...and I could, and DID. Happy, serene, my enthusiastic self--and nobody knew the pain I was living under. It went away today (almost) so I WON Yippeee!

Well, you asked how was my weekend? So THERE! Played masses, went to meetings, shopping, etc...."took my sugar out to tea" (My father used to say that when he went out with my mother--he was deaf-blind. She was crippled They made quite a pair of lovers, I'll have to say.

Steve E.

Shadow said...

you sure are one busy girl. and i'm happy to hear you're feeling better. nothing like tomorrow dawning when one's feel bad...

g-man said...

C and C, Thanks for stopping by today. You seem to be doing quite well my dear. Congrats!!!
You are a marvelous writer....G

Syd said...

I have to not project also. It gets me into bad places when I do.
Glad that you are feeling better today.

clean and crazy said...

it is amazing you said that when you did Syd, we were on the phone when i checked my comments and I was being given encouragement to call Libby about the job and not project when I read what you said, thanks

Syd said...

I sent your Pay It Forward gift. You should get it in a few days. It's more like a box of surprises. I hope that you enjoy it.

LarryG said...

did you do that pic at the top of the post?
how cool is that!

I love your Jim Wallis quote.
Faith is His gift to you and it does make hope possible! :)

Hope this keeps getting better. Thanks for stopping by with so many wonderful comments :)