Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy grateful life

Hey all just a quickie here. I am going to be working in Lightroom2 and taking tutorials online. My new "boss" has a ton of stuff I need to study up on and familiarize myself with. Most of her retouches are done in light room and I am going to be busy for a bit. Also I need to finish off my regional minutes and put my newsletter together and I am designing recovery birthday cards to sell. I hear my two girls giggling in the bedroom, their laugh is the infectious kind. It just makes me giggle. Anyway I did not do a gratitude list yesterday as I didn't get a chance to blog what with downloading tons of software to my little computer so here goes;
1. I am so very grateful for my life today,
2. I am grateful for Syd who sent me some wonderful gifts in the pay it forward. And for showing that family survivors of addicts/alcoholics can recover too.
3. I am grateful for sKILLs for signing up to get a pay it forward. I need to contact her and get her address for that.
4. I am grateful for Cliff who does a wonderful job introducing bloggers to the greater community and his wonderful tributes.
5. I am grateful for shadow and her beautiful poetry that she writes about describing her beautiful life.
6. I am grateful for Larry G and Khaled for the romantic poets inside of them that shows men have feelings too.
7. I am grateful for Lou and Lisa and Dad and Mom, and all the other parents of addicts that I follow for giving me the humility I need to remember why I stay clean. Through the eyes of our parents I see the pain my addiction has caused and I am reminded why we give it away.
8. I am grateful for Findon and steveroni for showing such a beautiful side of AA. I have never been to the other fellowship, but through their eyes I know it works.
9. I am grateful for Angel, Blind Faith and Indigo these three beautiful women share some of the most courageous stories about the trials of life that women go through and it really helps me to see that the honest sharing is what gets us through it.
10. I am grateful to have so many new friends to reach out to in this blogging community as well as my real world that there are just too many to mention.
11. I am grateful for my sleepover coming up this weekend, I won't be around for a couple of days but I will be back.
To any new or old readers please feel free to click on any of the links and visit the sites I mentioned.
What are you grateful for today? Todays thought; "What I see convinces me that God exists; what I cannot see, confirms it." Albert Einstein


Shadow said...

oh, thank you so much.... this was an unexpected delight... you have a bunch of goodie listed here, lemme tell you. enjoy the new challenges, sounds kinda exciting, so most importantly, go now and learn and have fun doing it!!!

Mike Golch said...

I'm greatful for you message today.Mike G. said that (It's an A.A. thing)

74WIXYgrad said...

I am grateful for you and the rest of the recovery bloggers who have welcomed me on your blogs with open arms.

I'm also grateful for the blogging community as a whole for giving all of us a vehicle in which to communicate.

Syd said...

Thanks so much. You are a delight to read. There is so much hope in what you write. Have a great time with the sleepover. I'll be looking forward to seeing you soon.

Lou said...

Hey, I wanted to pay it forward to Skillz! Just kidding, I'm looking forward to doing one of those though.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for you and your encouragement. Bless you my friend.