Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Gratitude Speaks!!

Wow, what a difference a day makes. There is so much going on I have to get some of it out of my head before it melts.
First off my wayward brother, now I know I was going to tell some of his story a few months ago. Ya got a minute? OK, OK so my baby brother has had several legal issues that have followed him for the last 12 years of his life. He has issues with taking responsibility for himself. He also has issues with honesty..
In my past postings I have shared how bad his health is today, and that he has been sent to jail. Well they sent him to jail on Nov. 1 and extradited him to California. Also in a previous posting. Well I get a call from my wayward brother tonight and not only has he been released from jail, he is in the hospital for heart problems, in California, and the cops lost his ID, he has no money and has no place to stay until his next court date. Now I spoke with him as directly as possible and through some cryptic conversation I found out that he has to produce paperwork to prove something I don't know. I just found it fascinating that the police would A. arrest my brother as a fugitive from justice, which they claim to have been looking for him for 5 years. and B. would then extradite him back to California for this. and C. this is real good, they simply OR'ed him until his next court date. They let him out on his own recognizance. I said so they haven't dropped the charges yet, and he said no they "ORed" him!!! Fascinating. No wonder he slips through their incompetent fingers!! So now I have no idea what the hell he was arrested for and why they bothered to spend tons of taxpayer money to send him back to Cali and then just let him go! OK
So now that I have that off my chest I feel a little better. I can't own his shit and I won't but I do love him and I do have a sense of family responsibility for him I just can't make it better. I am grateful today that I no longer live in that insanity filled lifestyle.
Now my really exciting news, I may be getting a JOB!!! I know people get jobs everyday, but this is different. This is not your average waitressing or cook job. My whole life I have done nothing but the latter. This is with a photographer. The owner of this company got my name from Wes's co-worker who had their wedding done by them. He said they had an assistant who did photoshop retouching and the assistant quit. So I gave her a call and we talked for an hour!! I sent her several emails with some of my work and now that the convention is almost here it is great to be able to say the "Mid America Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous will be held at the Airport hilton and I am responsible for all the artwork". Did I mention I did the 6 foot banner as well?!?! This is so exciting I can work from home, she told me to calibrate my monitor and she is going to send me a couple of Black and White pics to touch up for her store front window!! I will contact her tomorrow afternoon to see when we will be meeting, probably Friday mid morning, as it was tentatively set up. I haven't heard back from her about the samples I sent her of my work that I have done, so I don't know if she will like it yet, I am just chomping at the bit watching my email to look for a response. I know she is uuber busy without an assistant so I need to be patient but I am trying real hard and I don't think I am doing a good job of it. Do you know I have not held a job since 2005!! I have never been so long without work, but I have been busy what with making 2 babies and taking care of mom the last 3 years I really didn't have a choice. This past 2 and a half years I have been working with photoshop, I took a couple of classes and really found a passion for it. The prospect of this job is beyond my wildest expectations. Oh wow, I could even work from home!! How amazing is that!!
So what a roller coaster ride huh? OOh two emails hold on... false alarm, like I said chompin at the bit. Tomorrow is going to be busy, we have counseling, thank goodness because my "A" had 2 "D's" on her progress report from missing so much school from being sick and she just about had a nervous breakdown in front of her teacher!! I told her she could bring her grade up that it was OK. She is such a perfectionist I swear. You think she would die if she fell off the honor roll.
So for my Wednesday gratitude list:
I am grateful for my ability to learn new things, like photoshop!!!
I am grateful for my beautiful family who supports me through my adventures I have in life.
Oh I am grateful for today being our 3rd anniversary as a couple. This is the day we had our first kiss. I still get all tingly thinking about it. it was funny because I had to ask him when did he consider our anniversary, the first kiss, I remember that night because it was a Valentine's dance that we went to, or the "first time" which was on the 26th, which I also remember because we went to a friends father's funeral that night!! Because I told him I couldn't decide and he thought I was silly so I wanted to have two anniversaries and he said he considers today our anniversary. So, yay us!! 3 years and I am so grateful!! What are you grateful for today?
Oh I am so scatter brained I have such the perfect quote for today; "A preoccupation with the future not only prevents us from seeing the present as it is but often prompts us to rearrange the past."
--Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind, 1954
P.S. the picture is also a sample of my work!!


cw2smom said...
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g-man said...

Isn't blogging a great catharsis?
Thanks for visiting me today and commenting. You should try doing a Flash 55. It's easy, it's creative, it's fun!!....Galen

steveroni said...

Re: your comment on my blog. Ya know I really agree with you, God does not get burnt out, so if i'm doing His work I will not get burnt out.

And I gotta tell you...I was up until 1 AM, really trying to help an AA guy, and here I am, 3+ hrs later, rarin' to go (my early AA meetings are at 6 and 7 AM)

If I had stayed up doing my own shit, I'd be wiped out right now. Thank you God...thank you c and c for pointing this out to me.
{{{cc}}} (hugs)..Steve E.

clean and crazy said...

Hi Lisa,
I had trouble removing the link on your comment so I had to remove the whole thing-Q

Michelle Dawn said...

I have an award for you on my page.

Elle said...

Great news for you! Be proud!

Syd said...

That is great--about your anniversary. Good for you. I'm grateful for having a good meeting today on detachment. And that I know the location of a loved one who is on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico.

Frasypoo said...

Hi Clean and crazy
Thanks for dropping by
The reason I love blogging is that you get to open up and pour your heart out and it helps so much.

My in-laws worked with drug and alcoholic recovery groups for a long time and I want to say how proud I am of you.Its not easy to give up and get away from something that grips our lives and consumes it.
I hope you get the job and have a great time doing it.
My step daughter is 15 and helps out a photog and she takes the most amazing pictures.
Congratulations on the anniversary
Lets see...
I am grateful for my health and for having my mom stay with me for a while

Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Khaled KEM said...

Every time I visit your blog I can feel and tell how you are moving in the right direction. You should be proud of yourself.
Your posts always tell something..!

Lou said...

C & C..thanks for your comment on my post. People like you make this blogging thing a joy!
I say celebrate twice!! woohoo.