Friday, February 13, 2009

See ya in a Few!!!

Just a quick note in passing, I have managed to get by and say hi to a few of you out there. I love this extended blogging family. I have not seen a blog from Woody at Sobriety in a couple of days so I am a little worried about him, although I did not check out his second blog DEFCON 5. It is a beautiful blog where he shares a really touching part of his life, his little girl. I will say this if you click on the link and check out his second blog he has over there you will find a very touching story about his family and the daily life with a special needs child.
I also haven't seen anything from Enabling Love in a while and I really miss her insight with being a parent to someone like me. I have heard from Lou lately and I am so glad she is back on the Roll!!
I feel a special place for moms with kids like me. Anyway I will be gone for the weekend to McPherson for Regional Service Meetings. We are packing up the kids and getting a room and staying for the whole shindig!! We are still a little leery of leaving "A" with the girls alone all weekend. If you remember my blog in November the last time we went to Region she had the incident with Wes. You can look through my archives to catch up. So anyway I am so very happy about this weekend and seeing all my NA family. I called the gal from the photo studio and she loves my work and she sent me an assignment and I already got it back to her. So now we will need to meet and decide if I am going to be a member of her staff and or contract worker and I need to figure out about how to ask for pay. Being completely green to this scene I don't know what to ask for. I am just so excited for this opportunity!! I gotta go now we leave early in the morning. Todays thought;Just for today: I will strive to be of service to our fellowship. I will be unafraid to discover who I am. February 13th reading from my daily meditations.


Syd said...

Have a great time. See you back when you're ready.

Lou said...

I'm so happy about your photo shop job. Check around on the internet to see what you should charge. Don't go in too low! I visited Andrew today, and he is doing excellent in his classes. He says there is so much to learn about all the applications.
Have fun & no jumping on the beds!

Prayer Girl said...

I hope you have a really wonderful week.

I am excited for your new opportunity as well. I pray God will guide you in every way.


child is ill said...

I am so proud of you! You are such a lucky woman! I hope for you nothing but more wonderful things and I love you so much! I'm in Dallas so I can't come over and hug you at the moment but I'm there in spirit!