Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Service and boats

Gosh I have been so busy with service. We had our ASC this weekend, and no I did not step up for any positions. I did however come up with the new name for our area campout. We had some controversy over the name our area chose for the last 2 years. I was the one who asked if we could name the campout, I was not the one who chose the name. I didn't even vote for the name. The old name was "Addicts on Grass" then the second year it was "Addicts on Grass Again". I promise it wasn't my idea, but I did think the members had a great sense of humor. The controversy, of course, came when one group announced at the ASC that if the area didn't change the name of the campout, then they would not participate. ... ... Yes this really upset me to say the least. Not only did that make me as the area activities chair feel bullied, but I know for a fact that the member that group sent to represent them when the committee, not the chair, voted the name in was actually present, he voted for the stupid name.
Anyway I digress, this weekend when they started the activities meeting and said we need a new name I shouted out "First Tradition Campout"!! Yes I was still sore about the stigma that I had chosen the old name, and I was still pissed that instead of coming to the committee to request a name change and actually help put the campout together that the cowards in that group would use the ASC to bully a subcommittee. In no way is an activity about anything other than unity and fellowship. And I wanted to let the area know it was a crock. So nobody voted, and someone said "you go girl" and there was just a general agreement. Then the room was a buzz with excitement we had about 12 members in attendance and talked about shirts and tye-dye workshop and it was just so much fun. Living in the solution "Rocks". Next weekend we will be in McPherson for the Regional Business Meetings. I love my service work, I have some of the best women in the region for friends and they are there when I need them. I wouldn't have that support if I didn't get involved at the regional level.
I was reading a couple of blogs last week about boat rides and I wanted to share a story from when the last time I was on a boat. I was 12 years old and lived with my grandma at the time. She lived of the Hood Canal in Hoodsport Washington and our neighbors had a shrimp boat called the "Woo- Woo Wiggly". Donna and I took our bikes after school to go out to the little row boat to take us to the "Woo- Woo Wiggly". I have never rowed a boat in my life, and wasn't much for the shrimping, I love to eat them I just didn't want to catch them. I was a girl and 12 give me a break. Anyway I was on the row boat with Donna and we got to the big boat. So she said she was going to radio her mom and let her know we got there. She jumps in the big boat leaving me in the row boat. I was minding my own business just sitting in the boat waiting for Donna to tell me what to do next. Next thing I know I am drifting away from the "Woo- Woo Wiggly". Mind you I have never rowed a boat, so I did what came naturally, I grabbed the rail of the "Woo- Woo Wiggly" and called for Donna's help. Apparently she did not tie the two boats together, later I found out that is what keeps the boats together not me, so I began to get pulled further away from the boat by the tide. So then I grabbed the big boat with both hands and with a little more urgency I called for Donna's help again. I really don't know what was taking her so long talking to her mother, I guess they were going over current events in politics at the time because she simply ignored my cries for help. At this time there was a small crowd of people that began to gather on the shore to watch the girl try use her body as the rope to tie the dingy to the "Woo- Woo Wiggly". At that point I was only outstretched from my torso up. Then I started to frantically called out Donna's name when my hips were pulled at the rim of the boat and I was holding on to the wiggly. At this point I looked into the dark, cold water and thought to myself, "Wow that looks cold!" and "Grandmas gonna kill me if my clothes get wet."
At that point the current began to pull even harder and I was dragged out to my knees. I was holding on to the big boat with my hands and my body stretched across the water trying to stop the dingy from going a drift. Hell and me as well, I didn't know how to row. By the time good old Donna came out of the boat after the long conversation with her mother I was stretched all the way to my toes. Holding on to the boat with my arms and my feet holding on to the dingy. I think the people at shore by this time were placing bets on how long I could hang on. Just when I was about to place my bet I fell in. Sploosh. You can imagine the aftermath, two pre- teen girls crying, laughing and yelling at each other. Like I said it was the last time I was in a boat, and when I read Syd share about going out on the boat the memories came flooding back and I thought I would share. Todays thought: Let your hook be always cast. In the stream where you least expect it, there will be a fish.—Ovid


Syd said...

Great story about the big boat and the dinghy. I can just picture this. I'm sure that it wasn't funny at the time though.

Shadow said...

oh you ARE a good story teller. loved reading that. and me? i love the 'addicts on grass' title. 'tis funny. surely one doesn't have to be serious all the time?!?!?!

LarryG said...

good to invoke the Ovid on that one!
quite a story for a young lady, no wonder you have no interest in boats - haha

yes please fwd 'to bless a caregiver' to your friend, via link, via cut and paste, or print a hard copy and mail it. It is good to know others have had similar experiences. Kinda like support group. In fact that is one of the ways a caregiver takes care of theirself, a counselor, or group support or what ever resource is available.
how i ramble on!
have a wonderful day CnC~!

steveroni said...

I love the "Addicts On Grass AGAIN" title. Is that like "Relapsers Anonymous"?

Good post, even the shrimp boat saga. I really love a good yarn, especially when well-told as your was/is.

Lou said...

A great story, but "woo-woo wiggly".Sheez, what a name!