Sunday, December 7, 2008

The cards we are dealt

Here's the rules:
List 10 honest things about myself
Pass the award on to 7 bloggers
10 random honest things about ME and it is all about ME:OK this is from Fireman John, here goes:
1. My clean date is January 8th, 2005 (Elvis's birthday!!)
2. I love learning to work in photoshop.
3. I am only on my first go round of the steps and I am on step 6.
4. I have extreme stage fright so I have only shared my whole story twice since I've been clean.
5. I have trouble placing principles before personalities when mean people are around me.
6. I have had mean people break my anonymity and I still share intimately at every meeting I attend.
7. I have pride in my work I do for Narcotics Anonymous and it scares me that it is ego based.
8. I am procrastinating doing stepwork right now.
9. I really love my children and I am proud of learning to be a great parent through the work I am doing in my recovery.
10. I love the friendships I have made in this program. I am not afraid to make friends and be myself anymore. I have friends all over the world today thanks to my program.
Fireman John sent this to me and I am supposed to pass this on to 7 more bloggers, I didn't know this would be the topic of my next blog so I am not sure how to pass it on, you all have way cooler blog sights than I do because I don't even know how to load up cool pictures and stuff but I am learning. I hope to get this out to some of you who inspire me to keep going. Thank you to everyone who takes precious time out of your day to read my thoughts. Hopefully I will get this passed out to some of you. Thanks John for making this blog easier for me to write tonight. I will quote one of the people who inspire me most today; "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."- the late, great, Professor Randy Pauch- John, I hope I played well.


Shadow said...

great honesty here!

J-Online said...

I love Randy Pauch! He is so inspirational. Stop selling yourself short, your blog is great! Jen

LarryG said...

your Pausch is showing ;)