Tuesday, November 17, 2009

why won't she go potty?

look at her, ain't she cute? why won't she go potty?!? we have been practicing for a long time now, a month. she absolutely refuses to go, i have to take her down there and sit her on the potty. we did good for the second week. she even did #2 twice, now it is like she is reverting or giving up.
i am not sure i have patience for this. i even went and bought her a new potty chair. we got stickers for when she goes. there is nothing i can do but try to be patient.
i know she is ready, she has all the signs, main one being she pulls those diapers off. she fights every time we need to diaper change and i mean fights. she knows when she goes and she can go all night and have a dry diaper. so what does it take to make a child go potty? well how about another perspective...

Why do we bother to potty train at all?

i mean dogs just go. your gonna go weather you want to or not and by the time a woman has had a child she needs to start wearing a diaper anyway because every time she sneezes she leaks a bit.
so i ask ya, why are we torturing our children and tampering with our sanity to make them go potty in a round tub that needs to be cleaned out every time any way? might as well be a diaper.

old people need diapers, why aren't they potty trained, or were they and they just forgot? we forget what we learn. if we had everyone go back to diapers, and i am talking about cloth diapers, we're going green here, then there would be way less unemployment!!

can you imagine the giant changing stations manned with people who were there to change you and then others to clean the diapers. a ton of jobs right there, and imagine how much water we would save on not flushing the toilets!! we wouldn't even need indoor plumbing, we would replenish the earth with more water because of no toilets. no more plunging over flowing toilets!!

landfills would shrink because we would not be wasting so much non biodegradable diapers and dumping them on the earth, welfare lines would be a thing of the past, if you need assistance you automatically have a job working at one of the massive changing facilities across the nation!!!

would this be a Utopian society out of some novel or what?!?people would be motivated to learn and get an education it would also cause more kids to go to college, because they would not want to work in diaper changing stations!! you know it is hard to talk them out of working at fast food, but a diaper changing station, i tell ya every teenager would have straight "A's" and dream of being rocket scientists!!!

So now that i have solved half of the worlds problems and started us on the path to world peace, how do i get her to go potty?!? back to reality i go. i need some serenity. i feel like a failure because she won't go. there is a place in town we go to. very peaceful, every night at nine the "Keeper of the Plains" lights up.

there are 5 or 6 of these round gas burners that light up every night for 15 minutes

here is a view from the bridge, you can see the keeper up top there

here he is about 50 feet tall, it is very peaceful and serene and calming, it calms the stresses of the day away, and since i pay taxes it costs no out of pocket until april. all cities should have such a place, it sits on the river and you can here the water flowing and warm your face by the flames. watching the night. very, very peaceful. i come up with my grandiose ideas sitting on the benches by the river, did i mention it is polluted? maybe why my ideas can get way out there. but hey it looks good on paper, just imagine the possibilities...

so here i sit praying for the willingness to give her time to learn something she is going to unlearn any way. which i guess leaves me with today's thought, very fitting for this post; "Be willing to be a beginner every single morning."

--Meister Eckhart


Ann said...

I think all kids do that revert back thing - my niece is doing the exact same thing - and she will even squat in a corner (on an imaginary potty) and go in her big girl pants and then come tell us. I guess all in due time hugh?? Has nothing to do with the mommy at all though! You sound liek an amazing mom making her way in recovery to me!!!!

Shadow said...

you gotta ask yourself this... have you seen a 10-year old in nappies? no??? so don't worry, she'll go potty. in her own time...

Nessa said...

I had an Aunt who potty trained her youngest from the time she was an infant. She never had diapers on her. She just held her over the toilet.

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Fractalmom said...

my mom told me early on..."you can either spend 18 months sitting on the edge of the tub cheering on a kid who isn't ready to learn...or you can just put up with the diapers till they are ready, then they simply do it themselves, in about two days."

I chose the latter option. fourteen kids later, I haven't regretted it one bit.

some things i have learned.

if they hate wearing diapers, tell them "its YOUR problem not mine. till you potty train yourself, you have the diapers on. if they take them off get a roll of duct tape and run it around the entire diaper (of course, making sure not to let it touch their skin) that way they cannot take the diapers off themselves. LOL

they HATE that.

put the potty chair right in the middle of the floor and let em run around all nakey butt. make it convenient to them, not hard to get to.

we pick up poop when the dog makes an accident...

but, when the KID makes an accident, I get rubber gloves out and make THEM pick it up and go put it in the toilet, telling them THAT is where poop belongs in our house.

after about the third time of having to clean it up themselves........

and like the previous poster said, no one starts school in nappies.

and they also do NOT put on your gravestone "here lies......she was potty trained at age 4 !!!

good luck

Busy Bee Suz said...

She will potty..eventually. I used M&M's with my kids. They got ONE m&m each time they pottied. It worked...but my 2nd one was a bit slower...she was FOUR years old. Yeah, and still lazy. :)
good luck and I hear you on the landfills...gaggggghhhhh!

Brian Miller said...

give her time...it will happen. my oldest just started doing it one day...we had tried coaching, reading, waiting...and them one day he got up off the couch and did it. it will happen.

Syd said...

I don't remember how I learned. Sorry that I'm no help with this. I guess it will happen when it happens.

Chic Mama said...

Hey!! Don't beat yourself up about it. She will do it when she is ready.How old is she?
I said before my toddler refuses to sit on the potty, I keep saying doesn't he want to be a big boy like his brother and wear big boys pants. No luck yet.
I bet she'll surprise you when you're not expecting it.

G-Man said...

Patience my Dear.....