Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday- Remembering Dad

Every Friday write a short story of 55 words
no more, no less and report to the G-man!!!

"You had a way of charming everyone Your smile and stature were hard to miss You loved and laughed and were lots of fun It's hard to believe you left us like this The doctors told you to take your meds You wouldn't listen you thought you had time You died quickly with plenty unsaid."

Candido Larry Estrada
April 8, 1936- November 15, 2003
Here is my daddy with "A" at a family reunion. She was about 7 at the time and loved her grandpa very much. He died on November 15, 2003, on his way to midnight bingo. I hate bingo. I will be off this weekend doing more service work in McPherson. It will be so good to see so many people in recovery. I was angry with my daddy for so long. I held his ashes in a box in storage, for fear my brother would come over and steal them, for 5 years. After mom passed, i bought some miniature urns, 5 sets, for my brothers and sisters, and my "A". I filled them with both mom and dad, then took the rest of the ashes and let them go over the Vermilion river where the Oregon trail crossed Kansas. it was a beautiful place filled with rich history and the river lead out to the Mississippi. Mom and Dad would have enjoyed going together so that is what I did. Here you go G-man a tribute to my dad, someone who never knew how to say ' I love you'. And sense i am posting early because I don't know if and when I will get a chance to post , here is an award I received from Chic Mama earlier this week, thank you so very much. I really appreciate the bonds we create here in cyber space.

The Dragons Loyalty Award!!

I will award this to the following bloggers, those who have been here from the beginning of my blog and some new faces who are tirelessly loyal to their blog posts. Feel free to click on the links and go give them a shout out, i know they will appreciate all your kind thoughts.

  1. Syd of 'I'm just Fine' fame. an amazing person who works a beautiful program and uses his insights to help so many. thanks for all the wonderful thoughts you have sent my way.
  2. The Dragons of 'Dragon Lair' Fame. of course we could not have a dragons award without giving a shout out to the original dragons of course, those who so cleverly use the quilly words to delight so many every week. you guys are amazing with your words.
  3. Shadow of '1 door away from heaven' fame. Shadow has been her from almost the very beginning following my blog and being so very, very insightful. her poems are so thought provoking and healing as i read them. i am truly grateful she has been here all along.
  4. Indigo of 'shattered prose' formerly of 'scream quietly fame'. she has always been such an amazing presence here and when she takes her breaks she is sorely missed by literally hundreds of readers. i am truly humbled that such a unique individual would take the time to read my thoughts.
  5. Lou of 'subdural flow' fame. the direct and open honesty from this lady says it all. thank you lou for always taking the time to stop by and see what i am up to.
  6. Cliff of 'WIXY' fame. Cliff is a wonderful person who always takes the time to use his blog to introduce us to so many new bloggers, he is a great piece in the blogger community as he connects so many people to each other. it is an amazing gift when he gives you a shout out. it was his shout out to me that got me some of my readers, so thank you Cliff for all you do.
I really have to cut this double post short now and leave with my daily thought; "The most beautiful things in the world are not seen or touched. They are felt with the heart."- Helen Keller


Susan at Stony River said...

I love your Dad just looking at him; he looks like a great guy. I know what it's like to have a black day on the calendar: today was my Dad's birthday and I posted about him. Twenty-three years after he died, I still cry.

Hurray for Dads; I wish they could live forever. I also wish I could send you a great big hug through this comment box, but believe me, I'm thinking it hard. Have fun this weekend in McPherson!

Nessa said...

Have a wonderful weekend. I began forgiving my parents when I really began to believe they did the best they could.

Thursday Thirteen - Me & Music

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is a beautiful tribute, and I think you did the right thing by them both and for your siblings. I miss my Dad terribly too...your post is tugging on my heart today.
Love your quote!!
Hugs, Suz

Brian Miller said...

a touching 55. my wife lost her mom two years ago. hard times.

mine is up!

Ms Hen said...

What a wonderful 55... !! (hugs) about your dad.. !!

Syd said...

Thanks for the award. I really appreciate it. I'm glad to have been here since the beginning. I'm so glad that you reconciled with your father.

Prayer Girl said...

Today seems to be a day of 55s about remembering the past. Including my own, this is the third.

Sad, but touching. This 55 said a lot. Thank you.


Janna said...

I like it.
This reminds me of how much I miss my grandfather, who passed away back in 1993.

Great 55.

Mine is all ready too.
here it is. :)

Monkey Man said...

Very nice tribute. Tomorrow would be my dad's 82nd birthday. He died 12 years ago. I miss him.

My 55 is here.

Chic Mama said...

Lovely post. xxxx

anthonynorth said...

A lovely tribute. Great words.

Shadow said...

a heartfelt 55. fortunately we will always have the memories...

and what a cool award! congratulations!!! and you thought of me, thank you so so very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Touching tribute to your dad. I'll call mine today ~ it has been too long. Have a nice weekend and enjoy your service work. It has become a big part of my own recovery, giving back. I never thought I had anything worth giving...such a shift.

I'm up:
Friday Flash 55 ~ DELETE

Hootin' Anni said...

I felt every emotion in the book on this poignant 55!!! You've managed to touch us all.

My is now posted today - just scroll down a bit, below my show n tell Click Here

Dr.John said...

A good use of a 55 to honor your dad. Congratulations on your award.
I have finished my 55.
You’ll find it

But it’s a groaner.

Dulce said...

What a beatiful tribute to your DAD.
Lovely 55

Congrats on the so very well deserved award

is mine UP?
HAve a nice weekend!

Lou said...

I always come to visit you because you have a true and pure heart that shines in the blog world. Your way of spreading the word about NA is a gift. I'm sure you help many.

And this 55 is astounding! Often we leave too much unsaid. Let this be a reminder to us.

Tall Kay said...

Thanks for sharing this touching tribute to your dad. You really said so much in that 55. Your example of forgiveness is inspiring. Have a great weekend of service!

Akelamalu said...

A nice tribute to your Dad in just 55 words. I'm glad you're not angry with him anymore. x

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father. It is so hard to lose our parents, leaving us feel abandoned, but also leaving us with such wonderful lessons of love and life. Truly lovely 55! Have a fantastic weekend.

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog through the 55 Friday and just wanted to say what a tower of strength you are. What an inspiration!

Larry said...

I lost my Dad just two years ago I was upset with him before He passed and I'm so glad we had a great conversation about our problems. I'm so sad he died right after our talk. Nice Flash 55
I hope you have a great time while your gone. You'll find my link below.
Drive In Movie

Fandango said...

Good 55.
Thank you for the award. We will post it on Monday.

G-Man said...

Always beauty from your Heart!
Excellent 55 CC...
You are an Island of Hope in a Sea of Doubt!
Please have a Wonderful Week-End!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

A beautiful, honest 55. ♥

Thank you.

I am so blessed that my dad is still alive, I know. He will be 89 in January and still substitute teaches in our schools.

boots said...

Such a heart and memory touching 55. Very well said. It is amazing how much it changes when your parents pass away. You have nothing to anchor you to this earth and feel vulnerable to mental float away at any moment

Find my Flash 55 for this week HERE

Mama Zen said...

Such a sweet tribute to your Dad!

Congratulations on the award. That's a cool one!

Mona said...

this made me remember my dad ! It is so true, whenever they go, its always too soon...

74WIXYgrad said...

I want to thank you for this honor. I've been too busy feeling sorry for myself the past few days to come over.

Just shows that we all need each other.

Indigo said...

Thanks for the award dear friend. Sorry it took me so long to stop by. I treasure your words and friendship. Wonderful tribute to your dad. (Hugs)Indigo