Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Belated Labor Day!!

Just a quick gratitude list, spent the weekend kind of weird. First "A" had a friend come over and then she went over there for the rest of the weekend, So Wes and I had a romantic date on Saturday and spent a lot of quality time together, much needed. Then on Sunday we were going to go to his mothers but we didn't have the funds so we prepped the walls as best we could to paint, we needed to putty some areas and those needed 24 hours before we could do anything else. So on Monday i picked up "A" and called a friend to see about sending the girls over there while i painted the living room. I told her a few hours she heard 2. Oh well my gosh i was painting as fast as i could!! it took 8 hours and Wes finally stopped doing homework to help!! Bless his heart he has stuff to do too!! I could barely move this morning from all the climbing up and down step stools yesterday, my arthritic back was in over time!! Crippling pain I tell ya!! Boy sometimes getting old sucks!! But my living room looks fabulous, really i used a shade of beige and a shade of orange or peach depending on the time of day. earth tones. it was really bright at first, i told Wes I was channeling my Mexican ancestors and my father would be so proud!! it looks like a Miami cantina!!
Oh i love it, it is bright and beautiful and i won the argument over which brand of paint to buy, he was wanting to get the cheap 7 dollar paint, and his argument was "this is what is on the walls now." i said I don't want what is on the walls now i want something i can wash boogers off with that won't leave ugly streaks on the walls. I am opening a daycare and the kids will be touching the walls and I want them to be durable. So he said well get what you think will work. I got Valspar, it was 20 bucks a gallon, with 2 gallons came to about 50 but i still have over 3/4 a can left and i am going to do the girls room next!! OK gotta get to sleep here is my gratitude list;
1. today i am grateful i was not scared to use a bright paint on my walls.
2. today i am grateful i was able to stand up for myself without getting angry.
3. today i am grateful for step 7.
4. today i am grateful i can learn from my mistakes.
5. today i am grateful i went to the gym tonight and have gotten strong because of it.
I need to finish my newsletter and so much more, my little soldier girl niece has a birthday coming up so i spent 3 hours photo shopping her a couple of birthday cards today and got those in the mail, they came out so pretty. gosh how my time just flies by. i will get some before and after pictures posted, my walls still don't have pictures up but they still look fantastic!! for todays thought;"Success is relative. It is what we can make of the mess we have made
of things."
--T. S. Eliot


Angel said...

I love freshly painted walls! Glad you like the color you picked out, and way to go for standing up for yourself! Have a great week:)

Shadow said...

okay, where's the picture of this cantina of yours, hmmmmmmmm? you sound delightful, in the day, in the things you do, sending you lots of love!!!

G-Man said...

Does Aleve help?
Like in the commercial?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Sorry about the pain, but I bet the walls look awesome!!! Brave with color is a good thing.

Syd said...

It sounds really nice. Glad that you got the good paint. The garden here looks great.

Hua said...

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