Tuesday, September 22, 2009

just some rantings

Gosh it has been such a busy weekend, we are quarantined right now. just found out my Haley has mrsa!! Scary stuff i have been reading. been sanitizing the house down and now my girls cannot take their baths together.
what looked like a rash on her bottom a couple of weeks ago and it still does, not like any of those hideous pictures i have seen online. well at first i though it was a yeast infection but i put nystatin on it and nothing then i tried the A&D ointment, then the benadryl thinking it might be an allergic reaction then some desityn i took like 5 different bottles of ointment to the doctor with me on Friday. i didn't want to go to another doctors appointment if it was something i could fix on my own, ya know we have just been hammered with doctor bills and we are going broke because of it. but i showed Wes and asked for a suggestion and he told me to take her to the doctor, reluctantly i did, and i am glad i did, my doctor thought it was a staff infection. she said it was nothing to worry about and she was going to take a sample to have tested just to be sure, in the mean time she gave us an oral anti biotic and instructed me to let air get on her bottom and if she was at home and wanted to run naked let her, it was not contagious. then i get a phone call yesterday afternoon and they tell me it is contageous and the girls cannot bathe together and to be careful it is mrsa!! so here we are unable to go to the gym who i called and they had to close down the daycare to sanitize it!!
then yesterday morning we had a dentist appointment for Haley as she broke one of her $1000 dollar caps. all 4 cost $1000 total plus the $850 for the anesthesiologist. like i said we are getting hammered with out of pocket costs. don't you just love insurance companies?!? I mean what do they do? they are a middle man who make money off sick people. really why can't i just negotiate with the doctors offices myself why do i need insurance?!? these insurance companies are going around telling me how much my health is worth. because my annual benefit coverage is $2000 and for the family it is $6000, which makes it less than the actual $2000 for myself with a family of five. now everything else is out of pocket and they still get their premiums. plus they tell me weather or not something is going to be covered!! They mandate to my doctors what will or will not be covered, weather i need it or not!! And some people are dumb enough to listen to the lies of fox news and believe that a government option would be bad!! They say that the government is going to tell me what i can or cannot have as a procedure!! What the hell do you think the f&^*ing insurance companies are doing right now!!!! Case point Quinine. a wonderful little pill given to my mother for Charley horses. this little 2 dollar prescription has worked for elderly patients for years, like 50 years and it is cheap!!! Well not any more, if you have leg cramps you are going to need a narcotic like lortab!! Yummy for this little addict, but why when the Quinine worked so well? I will tell you why, because some big shot at the pharmaceutical company found out about this little gem of a pill being what they called "grandfathered in" from WWII and realized they had not made enough money off of it. So now it can only be prescribed for Malaria!! And where would you find an outbreak of malaria in this day and age?! why a third world country of course. Where they can sell this lovely little pill to the highest paying guerrilla army to keep their children soldiers healthy enough to kill innocent people!! Why is it we live in a country where you can get rich off of sick people!! The insurance companies are not the doctors!! They do nothing but make money off sick people i say get rid of insurance companies and work with doctors one on one and pay them what they need we would probably save a bucket of money not paying a middle man and the doctors would not get any loss in pay because they would not have to pay the insurance companies for collecting their fees!!! why is it so hard for this health care reform bill. it is not socialist medicine. and you know what else we do not have the best medical in the world, in fact we rate no. 37 in countries, with Sweden in front of us. And you know what else sucks ask any person with leg cramps, someone on dialysis, and they will tell you lortabs don't work, the medicine that worked was quinine. the restless leg syndrome pill, that doesn't work either and has some awful side affects for people who used to take quinine. but what do i know i am just a hopeful idiot who thinks she can change a tea baggers mind. i mean did they really think Obama a nazi? are we really this ignorant of a country?!? really.

Gosh where did I go what a tirade!! Thanks to those of you who have the patience to listen to me, sorry about the rant. it is just so difficult to pick and choose what ailment is important enough to go to the doctors for. i need to stand in my own truth and i believe in President Obamas health care bill, not the BJ to the insurance companies the congressmen came up with. with all this fighting it just goes to show you, exactly which congressmen have lobbyists in their back pockets and why the President chose to not take donations from those people, he took mine and he is doing the job i asked him to do, that is to try to reform our health care system. did you know that President Bush's cousin owns fox news, ever wonder why they are so hard up to bring down the President? things that make you go HHMMmmmm.

Anyway thank you if you are still reading this, that means you have an open mind and are willing to look at different perspectives. good for you. i am still working on getting my side of the street clean, and i hope. i just hope this country would be less divided and see our diversity as a strength we can build on. and i hope someone puts Rush Limbaugh into a good treatment facility for his nasty little addiction and i hope they don't choose the one Glenn Becks crazy a@# went to. that man is absolutely insane!! and he blows the 12th tradition right out of the water on camera!! he has no shame!! OK, ok I will stop now. so i am going to do some more service work and here is my gratitude list;
1. today i am grateful to live in this wonderful country where i am aloud to speak my mind and i can even agree to disagree with members of society and not take it personally.
2. today i am grateful i chose to stay off the government run medicaid program even though it would cost me less to have my kids on it, the taxpayers do not need more taxes, including me.
3. today i am grateful there is government run medical for those in need.
4. today i am grateful my family is healthy and it is worth the cost.
5. today i am grateful for my recovery that blesses me with the ability to be responsible for my family and not expect someone else to pick up the tab.

i am truly blessed today as i look at my actions and the responsibility i choose to take in my life today. i am grateful it is showing my children to be responsible for themselves as they get older. i hope this post did not offend anyone, it has always been my venue to vent what i need and get something off my chest so i may continue to take care of my family and not vent my frustrations out on them. you know this really does help me get through my day as i don't worry so much about these little things after i get them out of my head. that is what works for me so for today's thought; "I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention."- Diane Sawyer
"Many people may listen, but few people actually hear."- Harvey Mackay


Syd said...

I am with you on this. I think that Rush and his ilk are making big bucks from whipping the populace up to a frenzy with fear as a motivator. It is very sad. I wish that people would think for themselves.

Chic Mama said...

Oh I'm sorry your daughter has MRSA, what a worry. I can't believe you have to pick and choose whether they are ill enough to justify seeing the doctor or not. Scary, I see how lucky we are in the UK for a National Health Service.
I always enjoy reading your gratitude list and try and adapt it to my life.....I'm still not there. I will be one day.
Take care.

Mike Golch said...

sorry to hear the you daughter has mrsa.
as far as flush limbaugh.what I just said says it all.

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

I agree with you on the health care issue. I lived in Canada for a year and the health care system worked wonderfully. I am so sick of listening to Rush and his followers talk about "government run" health care. I have been there and it WORKS! I mean, the European countries are older than we are, been there and done it with health care, addiction and homelessness. Why don't we model after senior countries on these type of issues? I hope you daughter is well soon. My son had MRSA and it was scary but he pulled through it fine and none of us contracted it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

My nephew has had mrsa a few times...it is hard to get rid of. You are going to have to keep up on it. Hope all gets better soon..

Tall Kay said...

I am so sorry to hear your daughter is sick. You have really had your share of sh*t this year girl! Trust God to get you through this...you have done so MUCH footwork! Your new business should make everything a little easier. God bless you and keep on...keeping on :o)

Shadow said...

what is mrsa??? but whatever it is, i hope it clears up soon. and what IS it with medical care. it's outrageous no matter what part of the world you're in it seems...

Chic Mama said...

There is an award for you at mine. X

Ms Hen said...

Hugs to your little one. I never heard of that............ make time for you to relax too.

Good to vent too.. I'm with you on the Health Care issue.

Susan at Stony River said...

Well, I read the whole thing (and laughed where you said 'if you're still reading'), I *LOVED* the whole thing, and your #1 on the gratitude list IS THE BEST! Yes, the insurance companies have killed and bankrupted enough Americans, and its time things were changed. But many people are just so afraid of change. Good luck with that situation, and with all those bills.

Here in Ireland, children, the elderly, and the poor have free health care. Those caps of Haley's would have been free. We complain a lot about our health care, but EVERYONE does, all over the world!

Meanwhile, have fun in lockdown, you poor things, and I hope your daughter recovers quickly and comfortably quickly from the MRSA---what a scare; it was a good call going to the doctor. Good luck with the rest of the week. What stress!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I hope that the doctor's visits and such ease up for you, and so get it, last week the trip to the ER, the CT scan and such, that will be a fortune even with insurance...so I get what you're saying.

I hope that your baby gets well and the MRSA gets better and goes away.

Hugs to you

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

My mind is not so open, but God's helping me with my dis-ease every single day... I SO don't want to end up like the retired business man lolling and complaining about ... well you know.

I'm so glad that the Doctor did find the ailment and that your daughter is now on the mend...

Praying for a quick recovery and for continued blessings to you!