Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life and my new beginnings

Every Friday write a poem, story or limerick of 55 words, no more, no less
And then report to the G-man!!

"Bad decisions make great stories
Ever come to, under a table in a house
You don't remember going to the night before?
Have you ever called a freind up the next day
to find out what happened last night?
It is such a good feeling to wake up today
grateful I remember the last 1,706 nights!!"

Here you go G-man!! Clean time calculators, aren't they great so that actually totals to 4 years, 8 months and 2 days, but by the time you read this it will be 3 days!!

OK sorry I have been soooooooo busy, just got to show you this pictures I promised, before and after, well I have the girls room here, the before pictures, I have not finished it yet but when it is done you will have to go back to this post to compare but here is what I had painted on their walls 2 years ago...

The vines i did by hand the leaves with a stencil first then hand painted in, I am not that good of a free hand drawer, and the fairies I bought these stickers from Micheal's I think and the flowers too but they just danced on the walls.

See the cloud, my "A" painted that one, and the girls thought it was amazing so now i have taken stock in those mr. clean magic erasers, because it is the only thing that gets crayons off the walls, they always want to paint like mommy did!! Oh in this picture you can see in the corner the border I put up around the room, or what is left of it, my girls made short work of ripping the top layer that had fairies swinging in trees and flower gardens!! So that really needed to come down.

Here is the before of my living room with my announcement board for the day care. Oh and i came up with a great name and just designed the business cards. We have some of the locks up and the fire alarms will be up soon.

What a big change HUH!!! It is awesome, like i said and i couldn't get it on camera but sometimes it turns a share of peach and sometimes more orangy the name of the color on the earth tones color swatch is flaming desire!! So hot and Miami ya think?!?

Sorry like i said I tried to capture it at different times today and my little camera cannot seem to get the color and the walls are a little bare right now i have tons of pictures to put up still.

So this is the second wall tone i picked, i think I could have gone a bit darker in color but as you can see here it tones the orange way down and really compliments it. this shade is called western haze, but it is really just a beige. I like it a lot. These next pictures are for my poor drowning garden, you would think God had started another flood!! It has been pouring for 2 days straight!!

As you can see though my pepper plants love the tropics!! Isn't it just beautiful I mean last week it was half that size !! See the puddles behind it, I tried to take pictures through the window to show you the lake that was forming, but they didn't come out at all i had to wade out in the sludge to get this for ya!!

That is the last dead zucchini plant, i haven't been able to pull it out. My watermelon here, all this green is looking OK but it hates this much water, so I doubt i will get any melons this year.

Eh Tu Brute? Yes someone came and stole my last cantaloupe. It was here, beautiful and now it is gone and the vine is dead as well. So now that I caught you all up on my lovely end of the bloggo-sphere I need to check out you all. I was going to post pictures up yesterday but my computer was fighting with me about loading them up.
Well it is official we have 2 college students in the house!! Wes is going for his masters at WSU and my "A" at 15 is attending Newman University!! She got an Hispanic scholarship for science!! She will take all honors classes this semester in high school and a class on Wednesdays at NU!!!
So gratitude list 5 things;
1. today i am grateful everything went wrong!!
2. today i am grateful i accidentally spilled a glass of nails in the garbage disposal!!
3. today I am grateful I crashed the computer!!
4. today I am grateful I broke my carrots in the garden and got mud in my face!!
5. today I am grateful I went to a meeting and there was a big hole in my jeans right on my butt!!
6. today I am grateful I never once got upset over my day, I turned it all over and was able to laugh at my self.
7. today I am grateful for the miracles in my life and the faith I have found.

you know i have an anger issue, I also have an issue with capitol letters, I am ok with imperfection today. i am OK that I am an angry person, today those demons don't control my every moment. My recovery in Narcotics Anonymous has given me a life i never dreamed of, and i am grateful today so for todays thought;"Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the big, worthwhile things. It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out - it'sthe grain of sand in your shoe."--Robert Service


g-man said...

You should have injected the cantelope with Ex-Lax!!
Thats just very low brow...
Excellent 55 though...
I loved your paint job WOW!!!
You are one talented, creative, beautiful, and grateful human being.
have a Wonderful and theft free week-end..,..G

pheromone girl said...

I am grateful for all the wins you feel, for the good energy you spread, and that you shared.

Find peace and spread it!

Tall Kay said...

I don't know what kind of vitamins you're taking girl, but I want some! No wonder you were stressed out! What an amzaing job you have done on everything. Including your 55. Thanks for the pictures!

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

Great 55 and I LOVE the new paint job, it looks awesome!

Chic Mama said...

The walls are beautiful, you are very talented. Stunning.
I can't believe someone stole your last cantaloupe.
Thank you for your gratitude have inspired me to do one.

Prayer Girl said...

Love your 55.
I too find it such a good feeling that I could wake up today grateful to remember the last 8,835 nights. :)


anthonynorth said...

You're certainly getting there. Great.

Madison said...

Big victories in a day that would have unraveled your average woman! Love what you're doing with your walls, your plants and your life. You go, girl!

Chef Kar said...

Oh boy ~ drink and dial...the memories (or lack thereof) of those days. Thank you for the gentle reminder of just one of the reasons I need to stay away from that dangerous first drink. Thank you for sharing your gratitude with us.

Mine is here.

Chef Kar

Hootin' Anni said...

Great 55. Tho, I'm happy to say I've never been there, I do know others who have...but YOU GO GIRL!!! That's a great feat. Keep up the good work.

Your room makeover is just super.

Mine's posted too. As always, scroll down beyond my show n tell for Friday!

Shadow said...

great 55! i'm so glad too i no longer need to do that....

the colour is lovely, so warm and inviting. and them faeries... wow...

Dr.John said...

Great 55. It carries a powerful message of new freedom.

Mine is posted


But it’s a groaner.

clean and crazy said...

when i said someone stole my cantaloupe, i mean like a squirrel or cat, sorry for the confusion my little nocturnal critters are again stealing tomatoes as the rain washed away all the blood meal

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love the fairies and cloud too!! The living room looks amamzing.
This is one of the best 55's I have read yet.

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Your 55 is awesome!!! ♥
Boomer's FLASH 55

Ms Hen said...

What an amazing post...

I love the fairy and vines... and the cute cloud..

I love the color peach..

I love how you can take your trait of Anger and not it does NOT control you.. (very powerful).

Anger sometimes is to cover up depression and sometimes it is just reacting too fast (to me that how it was at least).

I'm learning when I'm angry to find solutions... and not let it go from depression to than anger to get out of depression (like a vicious cycle).

I know NOW when that is happening and not a year later..

Solutions are helpful to me.

Thank you for this post.. it touched me on many levels..

You have a lot to be happy about and grateful about..

Cat said...

Great 55! COngrats on your success and I love the wall colors you chose!

Syd said...

So much here to be happy about. I like the colors and the girls' room. I like the garden photos. The peppers look great. Time to get those fall/winter crops in. I'll have to post some photos of the garden here. Have a great day.

Dad and Mom said...

For some reason, probably in a post long ago I got the impression you are in Wichita KS. If you are send me your e-mail I have something for you. We are in the KC area.

Monkey Man said...

Love the 55. Blackouts were the worst. I like the day count, too. Keep up the good work.

Patrick said...

That was a remarkeable 55, I know the feeling well. I loved your new colors, and the unexpected things on your gratitude list :-))

Mona said...

I guess you are ready to rewrite the Arabian Nights :D

love the paintings on the wall! Shows how much you love your girls.

Great attitude of gratitude there!

Fandango said...

Great 55.
We had a cave that looked like that once.
You sure are grateful for the strangest things.

Vicki said...

Love your 55!!

I also love the color you used to paint!

Cheri said...

I praise God for your recovery in Narcotics Anonymous! You have some beautiful pictures in this post. And I love the things you are grateful for!


sarah said...

love the fairies. My youngest would be so jealous. you are one creative lady.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

WOW the rooms are sooooo cool! I love the fairies and vines... I actually have some of those fairies (I have no idea why I just bought them years ago because I love fairies and couldn't resist) they're in a box somewhere ...

The color of the living room is warm and inviting!

And I'm glad you talked about anger... cause I sure was there yesterday.

Mama Zen said...

I love that color! It makes you feel good just looking at it!