Monday, January 31, 2011

finally got my pictures scanned in!!

 4 years old!! i finally got them together for a photo shoot!!! haley turned 5 the day after these pictures were taken so technically they were both still twins at 4 years old. i only ordered the two poses plus one with all of us, for some reason blogger wouldn't load it. then when i went to pic up my pictures, the lady said they had printed some extras and if i wanted them they would only cost me an additional $20.00!! extortionist!! she was going to throw them away!! look below and tell me if you would let her throw these away!!!

Pictures speak a thousand words, and these sisters are forever. 

so we had a wonderful weekend, now we were promised snow and ice, the rest of kansas has been shut down but poor wichita, nothing. no ice, no snow and they were boasting 12 inches last night, yeah right maybe for the rest of the state, but as far as wichita is concerned, forget it. we will be lucky to make a snow ball!! my ring has been ordered and i am waiting very, very impatiently for it. my car was fixed it only cost 100 bucks so we decided to try to get another 10,000 miles out of her and trade her in next year for a new car. we will save for a good down payment and have it paid for in a couple of years. i like the corolla, 35mpg it is cute i told him i want a red or blue one and next year we can get this years model for under 15,000. they start at 19,000 now but they will clearance out all of this years stock to make room for new cars. so exciting the thought of a new car, i don't mind waiting.

today's thought; "Of course there is no formula for success except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings."- Arthur Rubinstein


Akelamalu said...

Oh those girls are just adorable!! Of course you had to have the extra photos, how dare the woman suggest she would throw then out!:0

Busy Bee Suz said...

The extortionist knew what she was doing. THEY are gorgeous girls...glad you got the photos.
Good news on the ring and car. This is your week girlfriend!

Eli said...

Your daughters are adorable. A good reminder to be thankful for the gifts that are my children! It was fun to hear a quote from one of my favorite pianists. In college my professor had me listen to lots of Rubenstein when I was playing Chopin. beautiful stuff.

Mama Zen said...

That is beyond worth an extra 20! They are beautiful girls.

Annette said...

They are so sweet! THAT is one of the pictures she was going to throw away??! That is mother could stand that!

Beautiful blessings...thanks for sharing.

Her Big Sad said...

your girls are just so cute.... what great pix!

We are on our second Corolla. Our first is in the driveway and refuses to die, 200,000+ miles later, despite being driven across medians by my youngest daughter during various escapades. It is embarrassingly beat up, cracked, torn, and tattered. It creaks, it groans, but dog-gone-it, it starts every day and gets my DH to work and back! What more could we want? My oldest daughter refused to look at anything else when she bought herself a car this year. Went straight to the Toyota dealership and got one just like it. Five years, 0 interest, 2 years free maintenance checks/oil changes, and her payment is about $200 and change a month. She went during the last three days of the month when they're trying to hit quotas, etc. She ADORES it.

You must be so excited that your ring is on the way!!!! :)

Noelle said...

so adorable!!!

Shadow said...

oh wow, that second picture is a keeper!!!!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Pictures certainly do speak a thousand words. These are beautiful.

CJ xx

Jannie Funster said...

Corollas are great cars! Hubby has sold quite a few in his day, now in the car business for over 40 years. Time to retire? He'd like to but can't quite yet.

SWEET sisters! Precious timeless pix.


Jingle said...

love the photos.

precious moments captured and saves and shared.

divine post.

Syd said...

Wonderful photos.