Monday, January 3, 2011


well i hope everyone survived the holiday weekend. we had very little happen here, i shared my story at an NA meeting and we came home and watched 'Inglorious Basterds' great movie. 

now i am troubled, i have money worries and every time i try to talk to wes he gives me cryptic answers. again my solution is to get a part time job. the things on my list are getting an engagement ring. i got the dress and it is fabulous. i tried looking up high yielding savings accounts but the highest out there are only at 1.09 percent which doesn't make much money, these damn primerica people keep telling me that your money will make you a millionaire and i need to put it into these accounts that make a lot of money, but i think those are off in the land of unicorns and princesses. seriously.

so wes tells me he has not saved anything for my ring. i know nothing of our money. i feel like he is afriad to include me as i have had trouble with talking about finances in the past, it is a trigger that makes me feel worthless. so we have therapy today. and that has me worried. i really don't want to hear that we can't afford this, when i think we can. really i do. i am not that in the dark on money and i know i am not spending money, i am scrimping every dime we got. then he says he wants to get a Wii!?!? excuse me, not until i get my ring thank you very much.

and really that is the nut of the wedding, because the cake is being made by a fabulous woman who loves us and is only charging me the cost of supplies for the cake, we still don't know where it is going to be and we may be moving to colorado, which really, really excites me!!

on to other developments, since i started this post this morning we went and bought me a new phone. similar to my daughters old phone but less expensive. now i feel guilty. we had therapy and i feel a lot better about our finances than earlier. wes and i are going to sit down and figure out a monthly budget, i am going to start, well i already do, tracking all my spending. it is easy since all i get are groceries. i went and added up the money spent on christmas and we were under budget. i am proud of that. i feel bad about getting a phone like my daughters. there is nothing i can do about it. my phone needed the speaker phone on to have a conversation so everyone could hear whoever i was talking to. we exchanged it 2 times and it never worked right. so wes tried to get t-mobile to unlock our razor phones and they spent three days giving him the run around then he was on the phone this morning with 3 different people who all told him they were not unlocking the phones. even though they are legally obligated to they won't. and they know nobody is going to go through the trouble of a lawsuit over a phone that is worth less than 30 bucks. that is what it would cost to unlock it by someone else. phone companies suck.

so it is off to bed with me, i am tired, long day. i guess that leaves me with today's thought or a few words of advise when chasing down green unicorns in the land of princesses; 
"Never play leap frog with a unicorn."- author unknown


Shadow said...

nice quote!

yes. the new year's begun. i for one am glad the holidays are over, and i can get back to the normal...

G-Man said...

Beautiful State, filled with Ex-Hippies and people from Michigan

G-Man said...

Sound advice on the Unicorn thing!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Good and honest issues are always husband and I work on a budget and we do everything from that budget, it's not always easy or pleasant but it works...:-)

Hugs and Happy New Year!!!

Keith said...

here... no money, no issue.Butamazing how many parts of my life fight to claim priority when money is available.

I typed a web addy wrong, and found yer blog.

I stayed to read this post.

One day at a time it all falls into place. May the day happen I can worry about paying for a wedding! I don't have a bride yet.

Thank you, and happy new year!

Syd said...

I hope that things will improve on the finances. It sounds as if a budget will definitely help.