Tuesday, October 26, 2010

weekend update and random thoughts

ever notice when you change your plans, you remember you forgot something? we are getting ready for my "A's" sweet 17 on friday. we have been planning a dinner party and were hoping wes's mother would be willing to come for a visit and go trick or treating with us this weekend. well mom decided she is not coming. her birthday was two weeks ago and we were going to get her a gift and give it to her here.

so here was my well laid plan, friday night dinner, saturday pumpkin carving and a dance, sunday halloween!!! well i guess now here are the plans friday dinner party, saturday 3 hour drive to topeka gift and grocery shopping for mom and taking her out to eat then 3 hour ride back, sunday halloween. well i was planning to go to this dance that i forgot about. i also intended to make some artwork for it so they could raise funds. now we will have to carve pumpkins on thrusday, my capes are cut and pinned and one is complete, i need to go get some gifts and wrap, call mom and tell her we are coming and figure out how to get my fundraising things to eldorado before friday. they have a meeting tonight but we have therapy, they have a meeting on friday but we have a dinner party.

so now i am rushing to get things done and my sister was going to bring her boys over on saturday. shoot. i forgot!! oh and the girls have school on thursday so that will be a busy day.

well i am enjoying some fresh roasted sumatra and i have a minute i will check on my peeps before heading to the gym. i have been searching for an engagement ring, Wes is going to take me to the jewelers to get sized and find out what a good price for a ring is. they are all over the place and we want something reasonable but nice. my first choice was platinum but that is too expensive. i would like either a setting with side stones and about a 0.4 ct in the middle or a solitaire with a 0.5 ct stone and i would like to spend around 800 preferably for a matching set my first choice was 1,500 and it only had a 1/3 ct center stone but i have found some nicer sized stones in 14ct white gold for much less. another problem is we don't know my ring size, my mother had very large hands and so do i so i will need to go get sized but i think it will be fun. getting some bling bling baby!! by the way i don't have any jewelry so i am really, really, really excited!! i want this more than an ipad!! then an ipad!!

this is something i have wanted my whole life it feels surreal. it will be something i have never even been offered before and i am excited about it. i have 18 pounds left to go to get to my goal weight and even though it is coming off slow it is still coming off. i told wes if i lost the last 20 pounds i will go and buy me a dress. i don't own a dress. he said what do you want to get yourself if you make your goal weight? i had to think about it for about an hour then i thought i never had a dress, i will buy me a dress. something sassy.

i am being requested right now to go get some chocolate milk for my girls who just finished breakfast and they want to watch the cat in the hat. oh my gosh their new favorite show is this weird bbc show called ' shaun the sheep' it is from wallace and gromit, it is a claymation show. i don't think it is cool but i know it is better than barney!! it is against the law in this house to play that purple psychotic dinosaur!!! my children are plenty spoiled. wait till you see the capes. the first one is pretty botched!! you can tell i never sewed before!! but it is cute it has black silk like material with purple silk trim for haley she is going to be a witch and the beans is black with red trim because vampires have red trim!! i am excited about my first real stitch work. yesterday i sewed a pair of linen shorts for "A" that were ripped in the down under and you could not tell they were ripped!! i did great!!
today's thought; "If you never try something different, you will never know what you are truly capable of."- me


Mama Zen said...

You must post pictures of the capes!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Plans are made to be broken. Not fun though...I hope you are able to enjoy the weekend with all the running around.
Can't wait to see the Halloween costumes.
Bling Bling...YIPPEE!!!