Friday, April 3, 2009

well i went to a meeting Wednesday and the topic was called "acting out". how appropriate. so it was a really good meeting and i feel a lot better, my cilantro finally sprouted and the green peppers are coming in. I started 30 more plants last night, mostly herbs and some insectary plants like marigolds, catnip and echinacea. i did start some more radishes though because it is recommended for a continual harvest to re sow seeds and i started some red lettuce and some new zealand spinach because the seeds were so different from the bloomsdale variety. Wes asked me to stop planting because we need to see if we will have enough room for everything and that there are already too many tomatoes, i said i didn't mind sharing there are enough people going through garbage cans in this economy just to eat. i also said i wanted there to be enough vegetables to cut our grocery bill by 500 bucks for the next 3 months, he said 1500 dollars!! i said if we save 1500 dollars between now and the first frost i will definitely be doing this even more next year. am i too lofty to think i can save that much money? so far we have only invested about 130 bucks and that includes the 80 bucks to rent the rototiller. we still need to get a load of compost and some landscape timber for the raised beds. so in total i have 200 seedlings started but like i said some of my tomatoes haven't come in but i think i will wait and see if they try to start soon anyway and when it comes time to transfer them i will know if i want to plant more or not.
boy it is taking me 2 days to post this we just got back from getting a load of compost and there is a hellacious wind outside. we just got it spread over the garden area and we are working on fixing the flower box right now. Tomorrow i will be 36 years old. wow i remember when i thought 30 was old. i will post about my day tomorrow i need to get this posted or before i know it it will be tomorrow again!! so for todays thought; "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."--Will Rogers


Noelle said...

Happy Birthday!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Happy late birthday. I suppose you got some compost for your 36th??? :)
The garden sounds delish!!!

Shadow said...

happy happy belated birthday!!!!! i hope you treated yourself to something totally sinful!