Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jimmy K.!!!

Today is Jimmy K.'s birthday, it is also my birthday, I apologize for any confusion on the last post. I started it on Friday and did not get it done until Saturday. Terribly busy the last few days, today however I did not do much but sit with my family who spoiled me rotten.
Happy Birthday Jimmy!!! Thank you for leaving this beautiful seed that you and your friends helped to sow so that a simple little addict like me could celebrate my belly button birthday clean, with love and fellowship. My gratitude to those who came before me, thank you.
So as the story goes on April 5, 1973 at 6:15pm I was born. After 36 hours of hard labor!!! Uphill both ways!!! No drugs to numb the pain!!!
This is the story that went down in our house my whole life every year. Except of course the uphill part, those were usually saved for when I was asking for some new sneakers, and mom or dad would tell their tale of woe growing up how life was so much harder. Barefoot. Do you have any of those old stories? I went to the storage unit yesterday and found an old, old picture of my great, great grandpa. It is really dark and is wrapped in paper. It is not on paper but some thick plastic or some other kind of material. He is standing outside a worn down looking wooden house, it looks like it is in the plains. I heard that a lot of my mothers people came from back this way, in fact i heard that back in the 1800's there was a family, by the name of Bender, that were a bunch of murderers. My grandfathers people were named Bender and my Uncle actually found a museum here in Kansas about them. He is not sure if we are related or not. The picture I found was my Grandmothers grandpa, so I think that would make it 3 greats I am not sure. I would like to preserve this picture some how and try to clean it up to see some clarity in the face. I feel very nostalgic today thinking about my family and history.
I also felt a little, no a lot guilty about the gifts and the money I received. I was given instruction to spend this only on something I wanted for myself, like getting my nails done or hair. You know it has been since my mother died, that was the last time I did my hair. I talked about getting it done but didn't because my hairdresser moved away. So this weekend my daughter went and got her hair done and the gal did a great job and her price is significantly less than what i paid before. Again I feel like a taker, and after watching Suze Orman tonight I expressed this to Wes, who told me that I needed to do something for myself. Like I said I am incredibly spoiled here. My sister and her family came over and brought a huge lunch and several presents plus an ungodly huge cake!! Did I mention the balloons!! Flowers, cards and the love was amazing. Truly a blessed day and thank you to everyone out there who takes precious time out of your day to think of me enough to read my thoughts.
G-Man you would love this for your retro post, I found an old Scripto lighter with a yellowed glass outer shell and a little medal airplane in it, it is dated 1960!! I guess my grandpa like the lighters so he collected them. I also found an award about my great grandpa, who was a captain in the fire department in Colorado. it was dated 1916. I think, my brother went online and looked it up and found an old newspaper article about a huge warehouse fire in a print shop and there were 3 firemen killed and a fourth not expected to live through the night who was in an iron lung. That was my great grandpa. He didn't pass away until 1936, black lung disease, all i remember grandma saying was her mother was a Christian Scientist and she killed her dad because she wouldn't take him to the hospital, she believed in prayer not medicine. It was my uncle who told me "the rest of the story..." I can still hear Paul Harvey's voice saying that. Can you believe he passed away!! I grew up listening to him, my grandma and my mother both listened to him.
I don't feel old today. I feel loved. I went to the gym on Friday and will go again in the morning. I have a lot of good thoughts in my head right now and can accept myself right where I am at today, this is good. It has been a beautiful day, I will take another 24... today's thought; "I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in Gods hands, that I still possess."- I do not know the author of this quote.


cw2smom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you Sweetie! I hope it was a wonderful day and that your upcoming year is filled with all of life's precious moments and all of God's goodness! Love, Lisa

Mike Golch said...

Happy Birthday Jimmy K,and to you as well.{hugs}

Syd said...

Happy birthday. The day sounds great. And I'm glad that you enjoyed it. A birthday is special and reason for feeling good.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your birthday sounds full of blessings...enjoy them, don't feel guilty about them!!!

You have a rich family history...preserve as much as you can for your kids too.

Lots of people have to walk uphill backwards during labor. :) too funny.

Findon said...

Happy Birthday and well done. Hope you had a great day.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Happy Birthday!

Lou said...

I hope I'm not too late--Happy Birthday!
I loved your exuberant post, even though I couldn't quite keep track of the grandpas!